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Dovgan A.I. Current international tourism: trends and prospects of development

The article discusses the current state of the global tourism industry, analyzes the main trends and prospects of international tourism. The basic conditions and peculiarities of international tourism and its most priorities in the regional aspect.

Beydick O.O., Syrovets S.Yu. Comparative description of the recreational and tourist mezoregions «Canada and the United States» and «Australia and New Zealand»

A comparative description of the recreational and tourist mezoregion «Canada and the United States» and «Australia and New Zealand» suggested a number of basic monitoring of structural and logical valuation factors for the development of recreational and tourist facilities.

Keywords: World Heritage sites, specific resource and tourist area, geopolitical perspective, structural and logical model, the factors of recreation.

Enrico Nicosia, Carmelo Maria Porto Wine tourism route as a factor of regional enhancement and development: the case of Sicily wine region

While the paper is the result of common reflections, Enrico Nicosia wrote Introduction, Wine tourism routes as a tool for sustainable development, Segmentation of wine tourist and Wine tourism and typical products between globalization and local roots; Carmelo Maria Porto wrote The culture of hospitality and the role of sicilian wine tourism routes and Conclusions. Language-editing was done by Thomas J. Puleo, Assistant Professor and Honors Faculty School of Politics and Global Studies, Arizona State University.

Panyukov A.I., Panyukova Y.G. «Agritourism» and «rural tourism»: the question of the similarities and differences between concepts

Zarya I.V., Borisyuk O.A. Analysis of current trends in innovation activity in tourism

The article deals with the concept of innovation and innovation in tourism, defines the main directions of innovative activity in the Ukrainian tourism and obstacles in their way.

Keywords: innovation, innovation in tourism areas of innovation activity in tourism

Malinovska O.Y., Isakova A.I. Innovative forms of tourism

There were looked out the innovative forms of tourism as unconventional option of leisure; the conditions, tendencies, problems and perspectives of development of such kinds of tourism in different countries and in Ukraine.

Key words: innovative forms of tourism, CouchSurfing, hitchhiking, tourism of human weaknesses, geocaching, virtual tourism, jailoo tourism, beggarly tourism, space tourism, dark tourism and industrial tourism.

Kornilova N.V. Global airlines strategic alliances

Processes of globalization in international tourism on the example of air transport, airlines cooperation in strategic airline alliances are revised. Activity of the biggest global airline alliances is characterized.

Key words: airline alliance, global airline alliances, code-share, frequent flyer programs, interline agreement.

Smirnov I.G. Logistics of inventory and warehousing in the hotel industry

Shown essence and characteristics of logistics of inventories and warehousing of hotel complexes, described classification of inventory in the hotel industry, inventories management phases of material resources, highlighted logistics warehousing in the hotel industry, including types of warehouses and their main warehouse technology operations, as well as determination of storage costs.

Keywords: hospitality logistics, hotel complex, material resources, inventory, optimal order size, inventory management system, the warehouses classification, technology of warehousing operations, inventory costs.

Docenko V.F., Arpul O.V., Ryabokon T.Y. Recreational hotel with dolphins therapy

The paper argued the actuality and importance of healthful trend of hotel industry that is based on communication with dolphins in the world and in Ukraine. The current state of dolphinarium hotels in Ukraine has been analysed. The basic features, challenges and development opportunities have been found.

Keywords: recreation, recreational facility, dolphin, hotel.

Rotanova I.N., Karavaeva A.S. Approaches to organization of ecological and educational hiking in special protected natural areas (the case of protective zone of the Katun reserve, republic of Altai)

The article discusses the issues of environmentally oriented tourism in protected areas by the example of hiking. A number of advantages of hiking with relation to the environmental impact and the organization of ecological and educational tourism are considered. The coast of Lake Nizhneye Mul’tinskoye, located in the protective zone of the Katun reserve (Russia, Republic of Altai) and characterized by high recreational load and degradation of coastal natural systems, is taken as a model area for the arrangement of hiking paths.

Kulnazarov K.U. Climbing, ethnohistorical types of tourism Issyk- Kul

Kozlovskiy E.V. Problems of the visa regime facilition between Ukraine and the EU

The article defined the range of visa problems, solution of which will significantly reinforce the international cooperation between Ukraine and the EU. Considerable attention is also paid to the changes in the EU Visa Code, which contemporaneously simplify and complicate the process of visas obtaining for Ukrainian citizens. Keywords: visa, consulate, tourism, Schengen countries.

Tkachenko T.I., Klyapko T.V. National tourist product: character, image, brand (recreational-tourist aspect)

In modern conditions the growth of tourist interest in the different countries, forming the image of the tourism product of the country belongs to the most important factors that influence the choice of tourist destinations. The main issues of concern to tourists in the determination of certain states are those that can be attributed to the national image of the tourism products of the state ( the cultural level , the ecological situation of ethnic and religious tolerance, political and economic stability), and the actual development of the tourism industry (presence tourist resources, comfortable vacation , matching the level of service to the level of prices, travel safety, etc.). It was established that the overall image of the country has a significant impact on the formation of tourist image, although there are cases when it is a tourist country image becomes crucial as the country became known worldwide through tourism.

Keywords : national tourist product, image, character, brand, standard of culture, tourism

Yacenko A.D. Natural conditions and resources of the territorial system of recreation and silviculture of the Northwest Priazov

In the article discusses the basic natural conditions and resources of the region of North-Western Azov, namely territorial recreation silvicultural systems. Describes the territorial boundaries of the study area, the tectonic and geomorphic structure, hydrographic network and the region's climate, soils, vegetation and wildlife. Shows the main natural factors that contribute to the development of recreation and tourism, namely the impact of forest plantations on the atmosphere, reducing the speed of the wind, creating a special microclimate and the allocation of volatile production.

Keywords: regіon North Western Azov, the dominant species, ecotones, afforestation.

Holoshin V.V., Paranko I.S. New approach to the organization of training geological excursions using geoinformation technologies (the example of the Krivoy rog region)

The article presents an example of the organization of training geological excursions involving geoinformation technologies. Using satellite navigation in combination with GIS, it is possible to create interactive multimedia tours, governing the movement route with simultaneous automatic playback of audio and video, images, text and other information materials. As an example, the authors developed a training presented geological excursion «Geological Monuments Kryvorizhzhya - chronicle of geological and geographical developments in the region in the Precambrian time», implemented as a multimedia platform for GPS guide program M-Guide.

Koval L.N., Tserkelevich V.S., Goryn M.V. Sacral and religious tourism in Khmelnytsky: achievements of historical and architectural heritage

The article consideration prospects of development sacral and religions tourism in Kmelnytskiy region were devoted. Architectural particular qualities, historical aspects, functioning orthodoxy, catholic churches,Judaic sanctity were analysed.

Keywords:pilgrime, sacral tourism, architectural style, temple, church,Roman Catholic Church, monastery.

Michalenko N.M. Analysis of bioclimatic factors as the conditions of recreational activities

The results of long-term researches of the thermal state of man`s organism and separate bioclimatical factors are presented that influence on efficiency of different types of recreation.

Key words: recreation, bioclimatical factor, the thermal state of organism of man

Romaniv P.V. Aspects of the organization of tourism and recreational activities at Vinkivtsi recreational areas

The article discusses the features of the natural geographical, historical and cultural potential Vinkivtsi recreational area, that is presented in the аdministrative interface Vinkivtsi, Derazhniansky, Novoushitsky, Yarmolinetsky districts, Khmelnytsky region. The main attention is paid to aspects of tourism in Vinkivtsi and Novoushitsky areas as the central and most promising areal elements investigated recreational area. Served main types of tourism and recreational activities, which it is advisable to develop at the area.

Key words: tourism and recreational activities, natural geographic potential, historical and cultural tourism resources.

Kadnichanska M.Ya. Features travel resource potential of the national nature park «North Podillya»

The peculiarities of the tourism resource potential national natural park "Northern skirts." We describe the natural, historical and cultural tourism resources of the park. Attention is paid to the peculiarities of the development of tourism infrastructure in the area. The problems and prospects of development of tourism in the National Park "Northern skirts."

Keywords: national park, tourism and resource potential, tourism, recreation and tourism resources, tourism infrastructure.

Gapchak N.F. Natural and geographical conditions as a factor in the location of tourist and recreational complexes «Belle Royale» and «products Sour Mlaky» Transcarpathian region

The resource recreational potential of tourist recreational complexes as «Bel Royal» and «Soleni Mlaky» in Mukachevo district Transcarpatia region were characterized. On the basis of the analysis about processes of spatiotemporal dynamics the perspectives of their further development and usage in tourist goals were estimated.

Key words: tourist recreational complexes, resort and recreational zones, mineral waters, natural resource potential.

Korol T.O., Lesnova Y.V. Problems and possibilities of bicicle evolution in Moscow region (town Stupino for instance)

2013 is the year of great progress in cycling in Russia. Moscow became a flagship in this process, but Moscow region must take new trends from the capital. Growth of bicyclists require new approach on different levels of society development: bicycle culture forming, bicycle infrastructure creating, bike trails elaboration. Also we need establishing contacts between authorities and cyclists.

Russian society have complication on each stage of cycle development, but other countries such as Germany, Netherlands, Denmark have already overcome most of them. In this article has suggested concrete practical steps, organizational and planning solutions for towns in Moscow region. For example has taken town called Stupino. All suggestions have made on European experience.


Oliynik Ya.B., Nich T.V. Problems of the establishment of Ukranian geography

The features of development of geographical science of Ukraine as a part of Russian geography are considered. The basic directions of the formation of geographical science in Ukraine in the late XIX and early XX century are allocated.

Keywords: geographical science of Ukraine, geographical science of Russian.

Kiptenko V.K., Lyashenko M.Yu. Genetic Typology of Micronations (Virtual States)

Micronations (Virtual states) phenomenon gains attention both from media and sicentists of different domains, geography in informational transformation in particular. Systematization and generalization of empirical data provided the analytic grounds of spatial patterns and typology features of virtual states genesis to be the step towards geographical interpretations of social development virtualization.

Key words: micronation, virtual state, typology

Stafiychuk V.I. Territorial structure authorship political and geographical publications in Ukraine in 1990-2012 years

The article presents an analysis of the territorial structure of authorship political and geographical publications in leading journals geographic Ukraine for 1990-2012 years.

Keywords: political geography, political and geographic publication, special edition, the territorial structure of the authorship of articles

Shparaga T.I., Mikhaliuk M.M. Ukrainians in Estonia: assimilation and integration problems

The analysis of development preconditions as well as current status of Ukrainian diaspora in Estonia is observed. The problems concerning the process of assimilation and necessity for Ukrainians` integration into the Estonian society are revealed. The activities of the Ukrainian national and cultural organizations in the country are investigated. The role of Ukraine in support of the diaspora in Estonia is emphasized.

Key words: Ukrainian diaspora, assimilation and integration of the Ukrainians, National cultural organizations in Estonia.

Zubik A.I. Ethnogeographical processes among the ukrainians in Russia

On the basis of censuses the population, in Russia 2002 and is analyzed 2010 dynamics of number of Ukrainians. It is made calculation of a share of Ukrainians in a cut of administrative units, territorial features of their moving are revealed.

Keywords: diasporas, Ukrainians of abroad, ethnic lands, ethnic Ukrainians, area’s of compact living.

Kilimchuk A.A. The development of Chinese Special economic zones in accordance with the establishment of the policy of openness

The article is devoted to the political and geographical preconditions of the special economic zones implementation in China. The main features and the role of special economic zones in the country's economy are described.

Sokolov S.N. Economic and geographical assessment of mineral resources of the regions of the Khanty-mansiysk autonomous district – Ugra

Currently of great importance is the study of the natural resource potential of individual regions and the country as a whole, the analysis of systems of their economic use. But the view that in addition to the hydrocarbon fields in the district nothing should be dropped because the Urals were discovered rich deposits of various minerals, most of which are not used yet. According to the obtained results shows that the greatest potential reserves of minerals have Nizhnevartovsk, Surgut, Nefteyugansk, Khanty-Mansiysk and Berezovo regions.

Gavrilenko A.P., Gavrilenko V.M. Constructive and geographical bases of the Fuel and Energy Complex of Ukraine

Current state and trends of the new energy resource component of Ukraine development as one of the main preconditions for successful society in the greening of the power various branches are revealed. The causes of the excessive use of primary energy resources and their significant import (more than 50% of the requirement) are considered. The ways of implementing constructive and geographical approach to greening energetics to reduce the integrated eco destructive impact of production and energy consumption per unit of gross domestic product are proposed.

Keywords: energy capacity, energy conservation, energy efficiency, fuel and energy resources, energy security, alternative and renewable energetics, energetics greening, preventive principle.

Nomer O.V. The perfomance potential of the region as an object of socio-geographical study

In the article the problem of labour actualized potential of the region as an object of human-geographical study the essence of the concepts of «potential», «employment potential», «employment potential in the region».

Keywords: potential, employment potential, employment potential in the region.

Smatok O.V. Prospects of Ukrainian agricultural logistics integration into the international trade logistics

World experience of agricultural logistics indicates its great potential. Nowadays agricultural logistics sector is under development in Ukraine. A comprehensive, balanced development of agricultural logistics, is possible in case of taking into account international experience and follow the current trends of the international logistics market. That is why Ukraine has great potential for integration national agrilogistics system of international trade logistics.

Keywords: logistics, Agrilogistics, transportation, agricultural holdings, logistics expertise, and agriculture.

Mayster A.A. Factors of settlement development of territory in the Volyn Region

A factor analysis of the settlement development of territory in the Volyn region is made. The appraisal of the factors influence on the settlement development of territory is realized. The factor scales for the each administrative unit are calculated. Areas and municipalities of regional subordination cities according to the total influence of the settlement development factors аre grouped.


Teslenok S.A., Teslenok K.S., Yutaeva D.N., Vasilkovskaya E.A. Methodology of creation and current status of the digital elevation maps of the republic of Mordovia

The method of creating and showing the results of the analysis of current status currently most widely used digital map of the terrain of the Republic of Mordovia. Examples of the most typical mistakes and inaccuracies of the first phase of its work, the method of their correction, as well as the results obtained to date.

Chepurnaya A.A., Lavrentiev N.V. GIS «Mikulino» as a tool of paleogeographical research of vegetation cover dynamics of Mikulino (Eemian) interglacial

Pollen data base for Mikulino (Eemian) interglacial for East-European Plain created using ArcGis and GeoMixer was published at the web-site http://mikulino.info/. Data Base includes more than one hundred sections. Using this data base was made the chrono-correlation of pollen data and the calculation of the broadleaf species migration rate during Mikulino interglacial. This is necessary to reconstruct the woody cover dynamics during this period.

Abdulasimov R.A. Geo-ecological features of the Apsheron Peninsula

The present article on explaration of geo – environmental state of Absheron peninsula and influence of the some natural and anthropogenic factors on formation of groundwater is dedicated. It is given the quantitative and qualitative content of pollutants, entered in aeration zone, where the groundwaters are formed.

Kadirkulov A.K. Criteria for evaluation of natural-anthropogenic landscapes (providing the example of the At-Bashi-Kara-Koyunskoy Valley)

Gumabekova N.K., Kulmatov T.N. Surface topography of the Talas Valley and its influence on the formation of landscapes

Savostina O.A., Salichova E.V., Stachenko L.Y. Formation stages of the major knot of the Konigsberg-Kaliningrad hydrological net (1255-present days)

The article contains the historical and geographical review of the formation and evolution of the largest hydrological knot of the Verhniy pond.

Ismailov R.A. The role of the Kura River tributaries in its pollution

This article to analyzes of pollutants, entered in Kura river and the role of tributaries on its pollutions dedicated. The composition and amount of pollutants in the river were explored. The anthropogenic changes of annual runoff of the pollutants, entered by drain of the tributaries in Kura river was analyzed.

Mambetova M.N. Changes the mass and surface balance of glaciers of the northern slope of the Kyrgyz Ala-Too

Kholodenko V.S. The human impact on the river water users of Ikva river and its environmental aspect

The paper explores the human impact on water users and the state was granted Ikva EA. Particular attention is given to the water quality of the river Ikva.

Key words: water users, water intake, water content of river discharges, check water quality, the environmental condition of the river.

Kushniruk Y.S. Nosogeographical aspects of air pollution in the Rivne region

The article deals with the problems of investigating medical and ecological risk of the area taking into account natural environment. The impact of geographical features on human health. The actuality of medical geography in Rivne region is determined.

Key words: medical and ecological risk, environmental state, medical geography, medico-demographical assessment, health of people, correlation analysis.