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Kolotucha O.V. Sport tourism: correlation of concepts

The article is devoted to the definition of subject fields nature-oriented, active, sports-recreation, sports, extreme and adventure tourism. The definition of sports tourism.

Doan P.V. Conceptual ground for local tourist system study

There are analyzed scientific theories of territorial organization of production that are being a basis for new tourist local systems (LTS) concept, there is given a definition of LTS and formulated its main characteristics.

Parzych Krzysztof. The influence of the european founds on the tourist development of the coastal resorts (using the example of the Łeba resort

In this article was made an analysis of the influence of the European Founds for the tourist development in the coastal resort. As an example was used Łeba town-one of the most visited and popular polish coastal resort in the middle part of Pomeranian region. In this work was made an characteristic of the using subsidies and its role for the development of infrastructure of Łeba taking into consideration investments directly and indirectly connected with the tourism.

Islamova A.G., Gaparova N.S. GIS-based analysis of tourist and recreational resources of the southern part of the Issyk-Kul Basin

Analysis of tourist and recreational resources is based on an assessment of the relief morphometric analysis using GIS software. Preconditions for the development of recreation are considered. Particular attention is paid to the physical and geographical factors contributing to the development of the tourism potential.

Mechkovskaya O.A. Strategy of the development of ecological tourism in the Republic of Belarus

Smirnov I.G., Obozniyu V.V. Necropolises of the First World War in Poland, tourism, history, logistics

Revealed importance of cemeteries of World War I as a tourist resource for the development of "sentimental" tourism on example of Poland, at whose territory in the years 1914-1915 there were two major battles of the Eastern Front Tannenberg’s and Łódź’s with a total death toll of more than 200 thousand each.

Keywords: Necropolis of the First World War, the Polish experience, sentimental tourism, Lodz region.

Sergiyko V.F. Turkey: experience of the strategic tourism development

In this article the question of the contemporary situation of tourism in Turkey was analyzed, the question of organizing, functional and law preconditions of adopting the Strategy of tourism development in the country till 2023 year. The author emphasizes the necessity of forming tourism policy in Ukraine taking in to account the progressive experience in tourism development of word leading countries, Turkey in particular, in the context of the elaboration of the Government programmer having a special purpose of tourism and resort development for the period till 2023 year.

Key words: tourism, tourism policy , government control, strategy, programmer, recreation and tourism complex.

Fokina A.A., Smirnov I.G. Principal destinations of safari tourism in Kenya

The article deals with tourism and recreational potential of Kenya as a basis for developing safari tourism in the national park, leisure, recreation on the coast, and describes the main destination and the country's place in the global tourism on the basis of an integrated approach.

Malinovska O.Yu., Chikalovets K.O Enterprises activity in the tourist market of Ukraine

There were looked the activities of enterprises in the tourist market of Ukraine. There were analysed the statistical data of tourist flows of tourists, sales, number of firms in different regions of Ukraine, the number of employed workers and the concentration of tourism enterprises in Ukraine.

Molodetskyy A.E., Yevtushenko O.V. Promising (future–oriented) aspects of sport tourism in the regions of Ukraine

In the article the updated and expanded taxonomy of types and kinds of sports tourism. A system to include sports tourism activities tourists - fans of mass sports events. Considered the most promising areas of certain types and kinds of sports tourism in the regions of Ukraine .

Keywords: sports tourism , tourism systematics promising regions , tourist resources.

Kotsyuba A.I. Spelestology phenomenon in tourism

In the article given determining features of new science of spelestology. Distinguishes basic typological terms of anthropogenic landscape spelesytology for development as a recreational activity. We analyze urban and industrial landscapes as territorial basis for the study of natural and man-made features and future development of recreation on the territory of Ukraine and Kiev.

Ichenko T.I., Shidlovska O.B., Stoyan I.M. Prospects of wellness-industry development in the hotel industry of Ukraine

In the article the concept of «wellness-hotel», considers the current state of the industry recovery in the world and in Ukraine. The experience of European countries in the field of recreation and health, which for Ukraine could be very useful. Studied natural conditions, challenges and opportunities of wellness-hotel industry in the Ukrainian economy. The urgency and the prospect of building in our country wellness-hotels.

Alistratova K.E. Mystical Tourism: international experience and prospects in Ukraine

A central issue in the article is organization of mystical tourism in the world. This paper focuses on the experience that may be used by Ukraine to develop this type of tourism. Mystical resources of Ukraine are examined as well as their potential to attract tourists. Based on the conducted research an online map of mystical resources of Ukraine was created.

Key words: mystical tourism, mystical resources, ghosts, paranormal.

Pishna G.O. Balneological and balneomud recreational system of Ukraine: resources, their use and conservation areas

Mud-bath spa and recreational resources are an important component of recovery, treatment and rehabilitation of many groups of patients. The most powerful and equipped with spas can significantly increase their participation in improving the quality of life. The article deals with the leading spa and recreation system balneomud profile, resources, their use and conservation areas

Keywords: mud-bath spa and wellness, medical rehabilitation, resorts.

Gileckiy Y.R. Waterfalls of Ukrainian Carpathians as an object of cognitive tourism

The article describes the common features and the current state of the waterfalls of the Ukrainian Carpathians, approaches to their typing. Based on the processing of different sources, but mostly their own field investigations, summarized information about the parameters of geographical features, accessories and typological names of actual today waterfalls on natural geographic areas of the Ukrainian Carpathians.

Key words: waterfalls, waterfalls typing, GIS data waterfalls natural geographic regions.

Atamanyuk Ya.D. Social and economic prerequisites of recreational and touristic industrial development in the Ivano-Frankivsk region

In this article analysis of pre-conditions and factors of recreational and touristic industrial development in Ivano-Frankivsk region is made. The role of social and economical component in the functioning of recreational facilities is revealed. The peculiarities and prospective possibility of using the social and economical potential of Ivano-Frankivsk region are analyzed, general recommendatory principles of optimization in the development of recreational and touristic industry have been established.

Docenko V.F.,Gykalova T.V., Bondar N.P., Arpul O.V. Status and prospects of hotel industry in the Ivano-Frankivsk region

The article considers the prospects for the development of the hotel industry in Ukraine and in particular the Ivano-Frankivsk region, assess the workload of hotel complexes

Keywords: hotels, hotel, recreation potential, tourism prospects of tourism development.

Grynyuk O.Yu.,, Tolybaeva G.B. Estimation of the favorability climatic conditions for the development of recreation and tourism activity in the warm period in Podilsky region

This work is apply to the study of climatic conditions and their impact on the development of recreation and tourism activity in the warm period in Podilsky region. The favorable climatic conditions was estimated by analyzing the performance of air temperature.

Keywords: recreation, climatic resources, Podilsky region.

Blinova O.A. Development of the environmental component of sustainable development indicator of the Crimea coastal zone

The article discusses the environmental problems of Crimea, as well as a brief analysis of environmental indicators to assess the environmental component in the coastal zone of the Crimea. A clear finding is the ranking scheme of ecological conditions of the Crimea coastal zone.

Zadvorniy.S.I. Institutions of cultural and art areas in the Ternopil region and its role in the tourism development

In the article presents the institutions of cultural and artistic areas that are involved in the development of tourism in the region. In the context multifaceted impact on the industry of tourism sphere of culture and art considered five levels of cultural tourism. Attention is focused on indicator level of the population cultural and art institutions in Ternopil region and its districts compared with the Ukrainian. Analyzed population figures visiting the main institutions of social and cultural services, which are determinative indicators of the prospects for their future use and investing in these funds. Detailed focus on component-functional and territorial structure of cultural and artistic areas in Ternopil region. In terms of involvement in the tourism business are considered cultural institutions clubs, leisure centers, recreation and entertainment, theatres, concert organizations, cinematography, art galleries, museums, historical and architectural reserves, universities, which train specialists for the area of culture and art, libraries, parks of culture and recreation, institutions of trade of cultural goods, art café. Identified the main problems in the functioning of institutions and the ways to overcome them. Outlined the basic perspective directions of development of cultural institutions and the arts as a part of tourism resources in Ternopil region. The conclusions about the feasibility and effectiveness of the interaction field of tourism and cultural areas in the region.

Keywords: institution, cultural and artistic areas, tourism, resource potential, chain, geospatial organization.

Volovik L.M. Features of the development of the recreational and tourist complex in the capital region (evidence from Kyiv region)

The value of recreational and tourism complex is exposed, the basic groups of factors, their composition and degree of influence on development and organization of recreational tourism complex of the Capital region (on the example the Kyiv Region Oblast) are considered.

Key words: recreation, tourism, factors, natural resources, ecological situation, Capital region.

Uliganets S.I., Melnick L.V., Khomenko K.A. Analysis of the significance of the lost landmarks in the tourism industry in the city of Kiev

Every day in the Ukraine and in particular the city of Kyiv is destroyed and disappears abundance of authentic cultural heritage sites , explore the problems of preservation and restoration of monuments are lost will help assess the true importance of the tourist sites and attractions to keep a large number of . Also taking into account the newly reconstructed Andrew's descent, which led to a radical transformation of the area and started working in the Guest yard.


LavrinenkoS.I., Logvin M.M. Depopulation as a resultsocial and spiritual problems of society

The article deals with analysis of the causes of depopulation in Ukraine and other countries. Particular attention is paid to the number of abortions. Suggested suggest a classification of countries in relation to abortion. Characterized by the demographic situation in the developed countries of Europe, America and Japan, as well as in post-Soviet countries. Highlights the importance of spiritual factors on demographic behaviour of the population.

GlybovetsV.L., Stepanets’ I.O. Academic mobility as a new kind of seasonal migration of population

The essence of academic mobility of students is disclosed. This is a key aspect of the Bologna Process in Ukraine. Major factors in the formation of academic mobility in Ukraine as an example of metropolitan universities are analyzed. Priority prospects of this phenomenon in Ukrainian universities are showed.

Key words: academic mobility of Bologna process, migration, international cooperation.

Torushanko V.R. Social and cultural aspects of poliethnic society development in the region

The role of poliethnical society in the long term transition region into a model of sustainable development is considered. The place of the local community as ethnic and cultural forms of social organization is defined. Definition of poliethnical communities from the perspective of social geography is presentation. The features of the regional community and its regional components are basic. The key role of ethnocultural relations towards a "social justice" is proved.

Keywords: еthnicity, multi-ethnic society, socio-cultural landscape, ethnic interaction, multi-region.

Shelemekha D.О. Dynamics of structural transformations of the service sector of the population of Kyiv (evidence from the Podil)

The dynamics of structural change services by the example of the historic core of the city of Kyiv are analyzed. A sectoral classification service territory of Podol are condacted. The main pattern placement service establishments is investigated. Territorial location of the main service industries within the territory of Podol are explored. The basic services streets, places of concentration of kinds of services, the territory of the future development are displayed. Superior features that performs territory of Podol are analyzed.

Keywords: service sector, historical core, territorial structure, basic services streets, Podil.

Lukyanchuk O.M. Factors of development and efficient operation of housing and public services

Posted approaches to the allocation of factors of development and efficient operation of housing and communal services. An own system based on factors PAST-analysis. Posted rationale for studying factors in the development complex.

Keywords: factor, housing and communal services, PAST-analysis.

Chipko T.M. The prospects of ukrainian agroindustrial complex development against the backdroup of world food crisis

The Ukrainian agricultural potential and prospects of increasing agricultural production in the country through the introduction of modern technology and foreign investment are considered. The possibilities of export increasing of agricultural products and its potential sales markets are investigated.

Key words: agricultural sector, food security, agriculture, potential of agricultural development of Ukraine, export, import, food, cereals, flour, modern technology, agriholding, foreign investment, investors, private farms.

Mashko A.O. Influence of the environmental and geographical factors in development agroindustrial complex Cherkasy region

Considers the environmental situation in the agricultural production of Cherkasy region. The reasons of pollution of air, soil and water resources. The measures to improve the environmental status of the region.

Keywords: environmental situation, pollution, Cherkasy region.

Sopov D.S. Urban land in the structure of land use (evidence from Luhansk region)

The structure and the stage of the land found of the towns of the Luhansk region are analyzed. Common and different lines in urban land using on its territory are discovered. It is accented on the deficit and irrational land using, particularly, on inadmissible spreading of the rubbish heaps that has an unfavourable influence to the environment. Ways of the optimization of land using in urban landscapes are lined.



 Kadirkulov A.K. Natural landscapes of the Atbashy-Karakoyunskoy Valley and anthropogenic modifications

Vorovka V.P., Demchenko V.O. Paradynamic connections in Eastern Syvash-Utluk estuary landscape complex of Azov Sea

The given article discusses the paradynamic peculiarities of hydrological, hydrochemical, hydrothermal and hydrobiological interaction between Eastern Syvash and Azov Sea Utluk estuary water areas, which result the acquisition by each water area its own specific features.

Keywords: paradynamics, landscape complex, interaction, hydrology, hydrochemistry, hydrobiology.

Kosyak D.S. Justification of development to the passport of water objects in Ukraine

Is Certain concept of the passport system, basic natural resources and objects that is subject to the passport system. Actuality of development to the passport of water objects is reasonable, a form is given to the passport and urgency of her introduction today in Ukraine

Keywords: passport system, ecological passport system, passport of water object

 Sitnik O.I. Adverse meteorological phenomena in the Cherkasy region at the beginning of XXI century

The adverse and abnormal meteorological phenomena in the Cherkassy region in the period of 2000-2012 are investigated. The intensity and duration of events, area of distribution, losses are considered. The synoptic conditions of drought, storms, ice, storms and squalls are analyzed.

Key words: natural meteorological phenomenon, rain, hail, storm, climatic norm.

Ryabokon O.V. Biotic types of natural and anthropogenic landscapes      

 Natural-anthropogenic landscapes - a special category of anthropogenic landscapes that need proper attention and protection today. Researched the, types of biotic natural - anthropogenic landscapes, proved that they are a special category of anthropogenic rather than natural landscapes, considered their general characteristics and further ways of knowing.

Keywords: natural - anthropogenic landscape, concepts, terms.

Dunaevska O.V., Koslovskiy O.Yu. Study of ecosystem digression city parks to the increase of recreational load

The park consists of various ecosystems and includes conservation, exhibition, administrative zone. Considered digression ecological systems urban park due to recreational activities. Shown to increase with increasing degree of digression recreational activity.

Keywords: digression, recreational activities, recreational load, park, ecosystem landscape.