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Lubitseva O.O. Stages of formation of tourism education in Ukraine

The process of formation of education for the tourism industry in Ukraine in accordance with the development and transformation of the national market of tourist services.

Keywords: education, tourism education, tourism, national tourism market.

Didenko K.D. The role of geography in the formation and development of «turismology»

In many countries, serious academic study of tourism and training in this field of activity originated in geographical education. Geography of tourism - an area of geographical knowledge about the spatial patterns of hourly operation of tourism as a social phenomenon, has a special place in the integration of scientific knowledge about tourism and, therefore, is an integral part tourismology. The article deals with the methodological foundations of geography of tourism, as the science of geospatial organization of tourism

Key words: geography of tourism, recreation geography, recreation, tourism, recreation territorial system

Stepanets N.P. The experience of developed countries in training for tourism: competence approach

The article analyzes the experience of developed countries in the application of competence approach for training in the tourism industry, emphasizing positive features in various international systems of tourism education.

Keywords: competence, competence approach, professional competence, training, tourism education system.

Brunets B.R. Experience of a professional training in the sphere of hospitableness and tourism by the example of the Netherlands

In article stand a technique of training and a professional training of sphere of hospitableness and tourism in Holland by the example of known «University of Professional Education «Zuyd» in which structure enters known Maastricht Hotel Management School without which experts does not manage any diplomatic reception, the international congress, management of conducting hotel and tourist establishments of the world.

Key words: tourism, tourist formation{education}, preparation of experts, the program, sphere of hospitableness, training.

Basyuk D.I. Features of training for wine tourism

The article explores the relevance of training for wine tourism, based on the competency approach outlined cognitive content, activity and emotional - value components in the structure of the Bachelor of Tourism with a specialization in «wine tourism»

Keywords: wine tourism, bachelor of tourism, professional competence.

Antonenko V.S., Krupa I.P. Cultural Heritage as a historical and cultural, scientific and cognitive tourism resource: issues

The article is dedicated to the examination of notion «cultural heritage» applying the analysis of the same as scientific procedures of the leading scientists in different fields of science and international and national standard legal acts.

Keywords: cultural heritage, historical and cultural heritage, cultural values, cultural heritage, cultural wealth.

Zyma O.G., Kudelko V.E., Pidgayna V.O. Significance of branding for increasing tourist destination competitiveness

In the article the main definitions of countries branding, components of brand and factors influencing its formation have been considered.

Keywords: brand, unique country brand, service brand, country image.

Penderetskyy O.V. Crafts wine as objects of industrial tourism

Analyzed wine industries across Europe. On the basis of proposed establishment of industrial tourism, business and scientific areas. Determined the favorable factors for its implementation in the Carpathian tourist area.

Keywords: industrial tourism, market, country, production of wine, vine, amphorae and trade.

Kozlovskiy E.V. Social and cultural aspects of tourism development in terms of globalization

In article the basic approaches to concept of tourism are considered, the social and cultural interests and personal leisure requirement in sphere of tourism, the influence of tourism on social and cultural integration of ukrainians in international socium are determined.

Keywords: tourism, social and cultural interests, social and cultural values, leisure requirement, organization of leisure, interaction of cultures.

Chornenka N.V. Recent trends in youth tourism

The article deals with the needs and opportunities for youth tourism, analyzed the main components of the tourism industry, adapted for youth tourism, the basic trends of the analyzed segment of the tourism market, and provides suggestions for optimizing its development.

Key words: youth tourism, accommodation facilities, market segment, and social orientation.

Antonenko V.S., Kozlovskiy E.V. Particularity a tourism product of rural green tourism at this stage

In article the basic concepts of rural green tourism, goals and objectives of its government policy are determined. Exploiting the European experience, the concept of rural green tourism development is proposed and the development models of this form of tourism in Ukraine are considered in the light of national and regional specificities.

Keywords: rural green tourism, model development, tourism product.

Beydik O.O., Syrovets S.Y. Comparative characteristics of the Black Sea and the Apennines, Malta recreational and tourist mezoregion

The comparative characteristics of the Black Sea and the Apennines, Malta recreational and tourist mezorayoniv European makrorayonu, proposed heopolitychnoaktsentovanu geographic characteristics of the territory and the principal monitoring of structural and logical model estimates of factors of recreational and tourist facilities.

Keywords: World Heritage sites, specific resource and tourist area, geopolitical perspective, structural and logical model, the factors of recreation.

Smyrnov I.G., Nagorna M.M. The dynamic development of Asian airlines and tourism

Shown the dynamic development of the Asian airlines which are beginning to overсome world airgiants U.S. and European airlines by impeccable service, new planes and a variety of additional services for passengers.

Keywords: airline, airlines, service, international tourism.

Dudnic I.N., Borisyuk O.A. Air transport system of Ukraine as part of tourism infrastructure

The role air transport system of Ukraine as part of tourism infrastructure, problems and prospects of further cooperation of aviation and tourism. Considerable attention is paid to regional air transport system of Ukraine with its inherent factors, functions, laws of the territorial structure and organization.

Keywords: air transport system, a regional air transport system, hierarchical level aviation centers, tourism, air transportation market, tourist market.

Smyrnov I.G., Smatok O.V. Hotel and restaurant facilities on the ways of the Roman state

Presented logistics features of the development of hospitality in the ancient Roman state, i.e. the development of hotel and restaurant facilities on its ways. Given division and characteristics of inns on the roads of ancient Rome, revealed the impact of the transport factor in the emergence of hotels. Showed the development of taverns and pubs, as well as recipes from the ancient Roman gastronomy are given.

Keywords: field of hospitality, ancient Roman state, inn.

Uvarova G.SH. The ways of optimization of cooperation between Ukraine and Italy in the sphere of tourism

The author analyses some peculiarities of cooperation between Ukraine and Italy in the sphere of tourism and outlines the ways of its optimization.

Key words: tourist market, tourist supply and demand, tourist flow, visa, transfer, tours, tourism programmes.

Romanenko O.V. Hospitality research of the modern european country of Spain

At use of theoretical methods of research there was an attempt to analyse cause and effect interaction at modern Spain hospitality, the hotel industry and professionalism, as possible model of tourist business in Ukraine.

Keywords: hospitality, tourism business, Spain.

Kaplanets M.M. Tourism and recreation resources of Austria

The article is devoted to the development of recreational and tourist potential of the Austria. Consided historical and cultural, natural potential and infrastructure development.

Keywords: Austria, tourism and recreation resources, infrastructure.

Yavkin V.G., Fostiy V.V., Kirpusko Y.V. The potential of domestic tourism and hospitality structural changes in the Carpathians

The features of the distribution of income and expenses for travel services for the regions of Ukraine, which indirectly determines the purchasing power and consumer potential of Ukrainian recreation-tourism market in the Carpathian region. Revealed the specific processes of investment in recreation-tourism industry in the Carpathians and are especially restructuring of hospitality in the region.

Keywords: income, purchasing power, investment, market recreation - tourism, hospitality structure.

Didenko K.D., Drozdovska O.V. Current status and prospects of youth tourism in Ukraine

The paper considers the place, role, territorial aspects and structure of   the youth tourism. The contemporary state of perspectives and development of this type of tourism in Ukraine.

Keywords: youth tourism, national tourism market, territorial aspects.

Mazoha K.A. Cruise tourism and its conditions in Ukraine

The article reveals the essence of the concept of cruise tourism. Defined classification of cruise tourism, the main cruise regions of the world. Outlined the state of cruise tourism in Ukraine.

Keywords: cruise tourism, cruise regions, cruise tourism in Ukraine.

Vodyanik L.Y. The museums of regional ethnography of Ukraine and their inclusion to tourist activity

The peculiarities of functioning the museums of regional ethnography and their network in Ukraine are analysed. The question of inclusion of the museums of regional ethnography to tourist activity is considered. The priorities directions of museums of regional ethnography development on the way their usage in tourism and recreation are proposed. 

Keywords: museums of regional ethnography, tourist activity.

Bordun O.Y., Kadnichanckiy D.A. The analysis of tourist flow from Italy to Ukraine ( by the example of the Lviv region)

In the article disclosed the modern state of tourism flows from Italy to Lviv region of Ukraine, which is one of the most attractive regions of Ukraine for Italian tourists. Found out the priorities of intra-regional tourism specialization on the basis of statistical processing of the Main Statistical Office in Lviv region and reasonable prospects of further development of Ukraine-Italian cooperation in tourism.

Keywords: tourist flow, resorts and hotels.

Grinyuk O.Y., Piltya M.A. The analysis of the development of tourism in Zaporozhye region based on historical and cultural resources

The role of historical and cultural resources in tourism formation is defined in the article. The level of attractiveness of the tourist sights in the region is also researched. The indicators of tourism functioning in Zaporozhye region are analiyzed during the last 10 years.

Key words: historical and cultural resources, tourist area, Zaporizhia region.

Kadnichanskyy D.A., Gritsuk I.M. Condition and prospects of eventful tourism in Lviv region

The features of event driven tourism in Lviv region. We consider the types of events, features of their organization. Highlights the problems and prospects.

Keywords: event, festival, arts and sports events, event driven tourism, eventful tour.

Sheglov A.V. Working Up of the Tourist Guide Scheme of the Historical Monuments of Kyiv «Ahead to the Past»

The article is devoted to describing of process of making out of the interactive electronic guide scheme of the historical monuments of Kiev «Ahead to the Past». It was viewed computer software which was used during working out of the guide. Possibilities and functions which can be used in such works in the future were given too. Some attention was devoted to different projects of such kind which were created earlier and used for Internet.

Key words: historical monuments, tourist guide scheme, electronic guide.

Gorun M.V. Infrastructure development in Gusyatyn recreation center

The article analyses the current state of the existing tourist infrastructure Husyatyn recreational center Husyatyn-Sataniv recreation region; highlight possible ways of creating new tourist infrastructure according to the requirements of the modern world; revealed current trends and prospects of the development of tourist infrastructure as a factor in the development of the tourist industry.

Keywords: tourist infrastructure, recreational site, recreation area, tourist services.


Dgaman V.O., Vladiychuk K.V. Pseudotourist flows of Ukrainian migration to Italy. Structure and features of propagation

In the article the role of Ukrainian labor migrants in contemporary economic-integration processes in Europe is considered. The main reasons of labor migrations to the Italy as one of the forms of economic refugee phenomena and participation of workers from Ukraine in it are revealed. Basic problems of Ukrainian labor migrants in Italy are analyzed.

Keywords: migrant workers, economic integration processes, Italy.

Smirnov I.G., Prosvirnina E.A. Logistics and international terrorism: the plane of the confrontation

Reveals the problem of protection against terrorist acts, which is now an important issue in the system of logistics management. Clarifies the nature of the measures that were taken by the Administration of the USA human transport security (TSA) and Customs and Border Agency U.S. (SVR) within the newly created federal Department of Homeland Security USA (DHS) to counter the threat of international terrorism in the period after 11.09.2001.

Keywords: terrorist attack, the system of logistics, logistics.

Novykova V.I. Country studies for the needs of tourism and tourist country studies: different approaches to study of the disciplines

The goals of studying «Country studies» and «Tourist country studies» disciplines are considered. The plans of the disciplines teaching are proposed. They substantially differ one from the other and this proves the necessity of studying both of the disciplines by the students of «Tourism» speciality. The detailed plans of a country description in «Country studies» and «Tourist country studies» disciplines are given.

Keywords: country studies, country studies for the needs of tourism, tourist country studies.

Biletskiy M.I., Kotik L.I. The geography of social ills: the formation of science in Ukraine

History of standing geography of social problems in Ukraine is regarded. The most important works at this discipline during state independency years are summarized. Input of Ukrainian scientists at beginning of XX century in geography of social problems is analyzed.

Keywords: geography of social problems, criminality, narcoticality, poverty.

Sagach O.V., Yudenkova K.V. Ukraine in the system of international relations

This article presents the question of modern Ukraine's foreign policy and law principles on which the cooperation with other states is based. Particular attention was paid to the place of Ukraine in international relations, the future prospects of integration.

Keywords: foreign policy, international relations, international organizations.

Kushniruk Y.S., Volkova L.A. Ranking of the territory of the Rivne region for medical and demographic situation

The impact of geographical features on human health, as well as regularities of disease spreading depending on geo-ecological and anthropogenic factors is studied. The methods for a territorial unit rate determination according to the degree of eco-medical risk are suggested. The skale of the area renging accounting for medical environmental risk has been suggested.

Key words: medical and ecological risk, environmental state, medical geography, medico-demographical assessment, health of people, correlation analysis.    

Chipko T.M. Analysis of illegal migration in Ukraine

The main channels, the direction of entry and exit of foreigners, factors of illegal immigration to Ukraine. The analysis of the implications of this migration.

Keywords: migration, immigration, foreigners.

Sagach O.V., Yudenkova K.V. Processes of transnationalization of banking activities and prospects of their development in the world and Ukraine

This article presents the processes of transnationalization of the world's banks, with particular attention paid to these processes in Central and Eastern Europe and Ukraine, their prospects.        

Keywords: TNB, TNC, Ukraine, Central and Eastern Europe

Tsigura V.V. Rural Areas as object of public and geographical research

The present state of research on rural territories Ukraine theoretical and methodological, resource-functional and management levels.

Keywords: rural, rural area.


Volovik V.M. Concept of ethnocultural landscape as the region

The article analyzes the concept of ethnocultural landscape as a selection region. Ethnocultural landscape is seen as an object of study of regional ethnocultural Landscape. Emphasized the superiority of an interdisciplinary approach, taking into account the achievements of physical geography, history, ethnology, geopolitics, social and economic geographers.

Key words: cultural landscape, ethnocultural landscape, region.

Savitskay A.V., Kulinich Y.A. Landscape Planning in Ukraine

Landscape planning as specific territorial planning form and its main goals and territorial levels are considered in this paper. Creation of Cherkaska region landscape program as example of landscape planning development in Ukraine is analyzed.

Keywords: sustainable development, landscape planning.

Bondarets D.S. Prospects for recreational landscapes of Zaporozhye region

The article considers the prospects of development of recreational landscapes, recreational existing problems are described. The list of measures to optimize recreational, areas of development, including development of new recreation and tourism, recreation areas involving not recreational use are proposed.

Keywords: recreation, nature, conservation, anthropogenic stress.

Riabokon O.V. Rational use of naturally-anthropogenic landscapes

A place and value of naturally-anthropogenic landscapes are considered in the structure of modern landscapes, role of man in stimulation of processes that result in forming and development of naturally-anthropogenic landscape complexes. Their types that can also unite in the original regional groups of naturally-anthropogenic landscapes are distinguished in the structure of naturally-anthropogenic landscapes. secondary or derivative forest landscapes, badlands.

Keywords: landscape; naturally-anthropogenic landscape; anthropogenic landscape; types.

Palamaryuk M.Y. Determination of priority development of tourism in Bukovina Carpathians

The territories of priority development of tourism in Bukovina Carpathians defined in the article. Areas of tourism in Bukovina Carpathian areas for each level of priority based.

Keywords: Bukovina Carpathians, hiking, mountain region.

Kizyun A.G. Optimization of structure of rural landscapes of Podillia in the context of the development of tourist in Ukraine

The ways of structure improvement, rationalization development, the protection of rural landscapes and the possibility of their utilization as tourist resources are analyzed in this article.

Keywords: rural landscapes, ecological reconstruction, ecologization, rural revival, Ukrainian culture.