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Smyrnov I.G. Psychology of tourism and commercial activity

Shown essence of psychology of commercial activity in tourism as integral part of tourism psychology – the newest scientific and practical direction and important component in the touristic sciences complex. Laid out psychological basics of investigation on commercial activity in tourism and people’s behavior in commercial sphere. Disclosed main approaches for understanding of commercial activity in tourism psychology.

Key words: psychology of commercial activity, tourism psychology, commercial sphere.

Bozuk T.I. Theoretical model of the recreation-touristic destination for active winter recreation

The paper considers organization and functioning of mountain recreation centers for active winter recreation. The model of a respective recreation-touristic destination is proposed and the analysis of its structural elements is done: resource and infrastructure provisions, additional services, management activities, attractiveness (as an integral index based on the above listed elements), and the consumer.

Key words: recreation-touristic destination, mountain tourist center, active winter recreation, infrastructure provisions.

Parzych K. The influence of tourist’s education and material status on the evaluation of tourist space of a seaside resort on example of Łeba resort

This article includes an issue of the analysis of the influence of the tourist education and material status on the evaluation process of tourist polish seaside resort. As an example was used example of Łeba – one of the main polish coastal resorts situated in the middle part of the pomorskie coastal region. For the analysis was used the results of the questionnaire survey which was carried out over the group of the tourists visiting Łeba during the summer holiday of 2008 year.

Antonenko V.S., Orlova O.V. Region aspect of caltural tourizm in Ukraine is given in context of global processes

The problems of co-operation of tourist activity, cultural|gracious| tourism and mass culture in differents regions of Ukraine are analysed|assaid| in the article. Description of communicative functions of cultural|gracious| tourism in regions is given|provide| in the context of global|worldwide| processes|Carbro|.

Key words: cultural|gracious| tourism, region aspect of tourizm, mass culture, communication.

Basuyk D.I. Scientific and theoretical basis for the development of wine tourism

The article revealed the role, principles and main directions of wine tourism, the conditions of formation of wine tourism destinations.

Keywords: wine tourism, principles, forms, conditions, Wine Tourism Destinations

Penderetskiy O.V. Social aspects of industrial tourism

Based on the analysis of industrial tourism and methodology SWOT-analysis of the Carpathian region set the priority development of its recreational potential, combined with a new kind of tourism - industry. Determined the favorable prospects for its development.

Keywords: human pressure, tourist resources, pollution, tourism, environmental, sustainable, environment.

Zerdov A.E., Pritkov V.Y. Extreme tourism is in Ukraine: modern state and prospect of development

In the article extreme tourism is examined in Ukraine. Classification of extreme tourism is done, the modern state and prospects of his development is analyzed.

Key words: extreme tourism, classification of extreme tourism.

Grinyuk O.Y., Burtnik A.M. Functioning of sanatorium-resort industry of recreation-tourist region of Carpathians

Balneological potential of recreation-tourist region of Carpathians as bases of forming and functioning of sanatorium-resort industry of region is exposed in the article. The indexes of functioning of sanatorium-resort industry of this region are analysed for the last 10 years.

Key words: balneological potential, recreation-tourist region of Carpathians, sanatorium-resort industry.

Mityuk O.V. Estimation of Tourist Attractiveness of Objects and Territories of Stolychny Region

The necessity of estimation of tourist attractiveness was analyzed. The methods of estimation of attractiveness of tourist objects were shown, and results of estimation of attractiveness Kyiv region and Zhitomyr region were given.

Keywords: tourist attractiveness, the methods of estimation of tourist attractiveness, touristic objects of Kyiv region, Zhytomyr region

Yavkin V. G., Kyrpushko Y. V., Morar A.V. Attractiveness of recreational resources for price offers in the Chernivtsi region                                                        

Devision price offers on the land market are determined by three main factors: the attractiveness for residential building, opportunities of recreation and tourism business and transportation accessibility. The features of these processes were analyzed in the Chernivtsi region.

Boyko O.E. Rumina A.V. Trans-regional cooperation of Lugansk region with the boundary regions of the Russian Federation in the tourism industry

This article discusses the conditions of trans-regional cooperation of Lugansk region with the boundary regions of the Russian Federation in the tourism industry in the creation of the Euroregion «Donbass».

Key words: trans-regional cooperation, Lugansk region, euroregion «Donbass».

Zinko Y.V., Brusak V.P., Maydanskiy M.A. «Hutsulshchyna» national natural park: sustainable tourism development program  

Based on the “Hutsulshchyna” national natural park example, the paper reviews the program for modernizing tourist and recreational economy, expanding the range of offers for visitors and developing tourist infrastructure within the context of sustainable tourism requirements. The paper justifies the major directions for providing the balanced nature of touristic use of natural, historical and cultural, ethnographic, and infrastructural park resources in a ten year perspective. It also presents recommendations for developing the major forms of ecotourism: educational, qualified, recreational and ethnographic tourism.

Key words: national park, sustainable tourism, tourist resources, tourist infrastructure, ecotourism, recreational and tourist product.

Bordun O.Y., Khovalko A.B. Providing of karst caves of Podollya a rekreational and transport infrastructure

Analysed naturally rekreational potential of karst caves of Podillya in the aspect of organization of speleoturizm. Analysed degree of providing of karst caves of Podollya, which are used with tourist aims, a rekreational and transport infrastructure,. Certain problems of organization of many days tours of karstovikh caves of region and ways of their decision.

Keywords: speleoturizm, karst caves, rekreational and transport infrastructure.

Bezruchko L.S., Kosak G. Ya. Estimation of historical-cultural resources of the Turkivskogo district of the Lvov region for the necessities of tourism

The historical-cultural resources of the Turkivskogo district of the Lvov region are explored. It is appraised attraction village soviets a city and after the index of fitness of historical-cultural resources for tourism.

Keywords: historical-cultural resources, tourism, Turkivskiy district, attraction.

Dmitriev S.V. Touristic and recreational potentialof Aleshkovsky desert

Aleshkovsky desert, - the unique phenomenon, the way of it’s exploitation for tourism and recreation, and also for nontraditional are observed in this article.

Key words:recreation, tourism, jeeping, sandboarding, national park.

Kimlik K.K. Impact oftourismon the environmentby the example of the Crimea an Autonomous Republic

Cosider the impact of the development of tourism on the ecological state of the Crimea an Autonomous Republic, indentified positive and negative influences.

Key words: ecological state, influences, AR Crimea.

Gayday S.V., Drevinskaya Y.G., Homenko R.I. Touristic and recreational infrastructure of the highway Kyiv-Odessa

The article analyzed the tourist infrastructure of the highway M 05. It deals with the tourist objects providing. It investigates accommodation means end tourist catering in population center along the highway.

Key words: tourist infrastructure, tourist destination, the highway M 05.

Dmitruk O.Y., Staroguk A.O., Mishalova K.M. The possibility of industrial tourism by organizing excursions in the food industry on the example of Kyiv

In this work the essence of industrial tourism and the possibility of its development through excursions to the working industry.

Key words: industrial tourism, food processing, Kyiv.

Bila T.P. Suburban tourism of Lviv

The definition of suburban tourism and his development factors was considered. Separately was analyzing a territorial structure, recreational resources and infrastructure of Lviv suburban zone terms of infrastructural supply and touristic activities in suburban zone. Thesuburban zonetouristic potential in context of long term tourism development programs in Lviv and region including realization of EURO-2012 was estimating.

Key words: territorial structure, recreational resources, infrastructure of suburban zone.

Nechit O.M. Resolution of tourism infrastructure in Lviv

The article analyzes the changes that have recently occurred during the last years in  the tourism infrastructure of the city, and assessed the prospects of its development.

Key words: tourism infrastructure, Euro-2012, Lviv.

Dudarchuk. K.D. Combination of historical and cultural potential of ancient cettlement with other tourist attractions as enhancement effect of tourism development of Ternopil region

The aim of the investigation is to estimate an ammount of historic and coulture objects of ancient cettlements of Ternopil region. Тhe process of using of historic and cultural resources of separate cities and the problems connected with their expluatation are depicted in this work. On the base of estimation of separate settlements as the areas of placing of historic resources, that are close to basic roadways, there were marked some villages that are perspective for development of different types of tourism. In the article there are offererd some vays of popularisation of not popular historic and cultural objects among tourists.

Key words: tourism, castles, historical memories, tourism of mutual development, sacral tourism, archeological tourism, homohenic tourist resources.

Zerdov A.E., Pritkov V.Y. Fortifications in the system of objects of tourism and recreational activities

This article reviews question of classification of tourism and recreational resources. Is identified and justified: the place of fortifications in this classification, their role and importance in tourism and recreational activities.

Key words: classification of tourism and recreational resources, fortifications, tourism and recreational activitiy.

Vodyanik L.Y. The skansens of  Ukraine: geography and touristic, recreational values

The analysis of geography and modern values of the  skansens of  Ukraine in tourism and recreation is given. The process of  inclusion of the skansens to creation a national touristic product is described.

Key words: skansens, national touristic product.

Mironova O.S. Ukrainian information policy in the tourism sphere

The state of information awareness about Ukraine was explored. Determined wiknesses of the country and made an analogy to other countries, suppliers of tourism services. Basic positions of the measures used to improve the level of informations about country’s tourist resources. Concrete examples of the foreign tourist’s vision about Ukraine.

Key words: information awareness, tourism services, tourist resources.

Fedchuk A.P. The issues of the inland tourism development in Antarctica (to the anniversary of the 100-years of reaching the South pole)

The development of land-based tourist activities is described. The article identifies the main issues of the tourism regulation, such as compliance with the current international low regime, co-operation with national Antarctic programs, safety, and environmental protection. A checklist to assist with the assessment of these activities is proposed.

Key words: Antarctic, land-based tourist activitiy, tourist activitiy.

Kiptenko V.K., Tretyakov O.V. Tourism development management: Experience of South Africa

The features of managerial structure, partnership between state and major tourist organizations in South Africa are studied to stipulate the directions of positive experience implementation in to tourism policy of Ukraine.

Key words: managerial structure of tourism, experience of South Africa, tourism policy of Ukraine.

Kiptenko V.K., Melihova A.O. Tourism policy: experience of sustainable tourism development in the Republic of Chile

There are studied the bases of tourism policy and experience of sustainable tourism development in the Republic of Chile through decentralization of governance and certain regional programmes implementation.

Key words: tourism policy, sustainable tourism development, governance decentralization, Republic of Chile.

Greshnyakova T.V. Resource and recreational attractiveness of India

The spatial distribution of India's cultural and natural UNESCO World Heritage Sites is analyzed. The grouping of Indian states on the basis of provision of cultural  resources is provided. The dynamics of international and domestic tourist arrivals to this sites for the years 2008-2011 is revealed.

Keywords: cultural and natural heritage, recreational and tourist dominants, UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Pochinok P.M. Disadvantages of logistic tourism in Algeria

The article runs about analyzed disadvantages of logistic of tourism in Algeria. The author talks about discussions of the ways to improve the management of tourism– recreational sphere. The article covers the aspects, those say that the basis of study and generalization of logistic capacity of the resource base of tourism the prospects subsequent researches and development of logistic strategy for sustainable development of tourism in Algeria.

Key words: logistic of tourism, tourism–recreational sphere, logistic capacity/

Didenko K.D. Bayazitova A.L. Features and geography tourists transport by road in Europe

The purpose of the article to analyze the using of the road transport in tourism in Europe and Ukraine. In particular a study of such parameters as the passenger kilometers, the volume transported by buses of tourists, length of automobile trips.

Key words: tourism, transportation of tourists, bus, coach, passenger turnover, travel distance.

Glubovec V.L. The evaluation of the conditions of realization tourist activity in European capitals before crisis (2007 year)

This article deals with the issue of evaluation of European capitals by the conditions of realization of tourist activity for 2007 pre-crisis year.

Key words: the evaluation of the conditions of realization of tourist activity, European capitals.

Kaplanets M.M. The comparative characteristics of recreation and tourism industry Carpathian Mountains in the example of three countries: Ukraine, Slovakia, Poland

The article is devoted to the development of recreational and tourist potential of the Carpathian mountains as an example of three countries: Ukraine, Slovakia and Poland. We consider their historical and cultural, natural potential and infrastructure development.

Uliganets S.I., Kulinich M.T. Recreation and leisure in the lives of modern citizens of Kiev (for example, residents of Goloseevo district of Kyiv)

In the article analyses the leisure and recreation residents of Goloseevo district of Kyiv. Also represented the most visited places and wishes of citizens of Kiev on their improvement.

Keywords: recreation, rest, leisure, conservation areas, parks-memorials of landscape art

Dmitruk O.Y., Rudaya M.A. Еcotrail «Expocentre of Ukraine: deep into the forest and time»

The article presents an environmental pathways «Expocentre of Ukraine: deep into the forest and time» that runs the National Complex «Expocentre of Ukraine» and national park «Goloseevskiy». Trail is recommended for students of secondary schools, high schools and others who want to enjoy the atmosphere of the past and meet a mysterious world of Goloseevskiy forest.

Key word: Ecotourism, ecological education, ecotrail.

Dmitruk O.Y., Sergienko M.O. Еcotrail «Visiting of Prince»

Considered main problems of use the territory of park Volodymyrska Hill and showed the ways to solve them. This article proposed the project of environmental path on territory of this park, placed information about flora and fauna of this region, most attractive places and rules of conduct on the path.

Key word: Ecotourism, ecological education, ecotrail.

Dmitruk O.Y., Tunanova I.A. Ecotrail «The territory of silence»

The article proposes an ecotrail «Territory of Silence» on the territory of the National natural park Holoseievskiy and the National set of «Expocenter Ukraine». This trail is designed for students of secondary school age (9-11 years), university students and all interested persons. Key word: Ecotourism, ecological education, ecotrail.

Dmitruk O.Y., Chucva E.O. Еcotrail «Silently city»

Considered main problems of uncontrolled recreational use the territory of The Holosyyv park named by M. Rylskyi and showed the ways to solve them. This article proposed the project of environmental path on territory of national park Holosyyvskyi, placed information about flora and fauna of this region, most attractive places and rules of conduct on the path.

Key word: Ecotourism, ecological education, ecotrail.

Sando L.V. Walking Tour «Walk on the Nova Budova»

History excursion business in Ukraine has more than 200 years. Excursion is based on use pre-selected objects that are in vivo, and is led by a qualified guide, according to predetermined topics. Create a new tour this is always very difficult and stressful process that can last from several months to a year. Kyiv has great historical and cultural, natural - resource potential to create interesting and exciting excursions.

Key words: tourism and recreation, historic and cultural potential of Kyiv, Metro, «Walk on the Nova Budova»


Oliynik Y.B., Krasnopolska N.V. The origin of geographical science in Ukraine

The features of the geographical origin of science in Ukraine were presented. The period of geographical science in Ukraine were analyzed.

Keywords: geography, geographic knowledge, periods.

Zapotockiy S.P. Economic mechanism of ensure competitiveness

The approaches and the structure of the economic mechanism of ensuring competitiveness in the region are defined. The national and regional components of the economic mechanism are revealed.

Keywords: competitiveness, economic mechanism, a national strategy, government regulation, competitive assessment, organizational elements, production elements, regional policy.

Zima O. G., Lisitsina I.I., Pidgayna V.O. Community of Latin American and Caribbean States as a new regional bloc in the world economy

In the article a lot of eсonomіс problems of Latin America and the Caribbean countries over the past ten years have been considered, some reasons of these problems have been analyzed and countries economic activity has been predicted. Also the reasons for CELAC organization creation, the sphere and principles of its participants’ cooperation have been studied.

Key words: integration, financial collapse, regional organization, global economy.

Kurnakova A.Y., Yacenko B.P. Corporate group in functional structure of Japan economy

The typology of corporate groups in the functional structure of Japanese economy and role of corporations in operation of modern corporate complex of Japan are analyzed.

Key words: typology of corporate groups, functional structure of economy.

Rudneva M.G. Present-day world's viticulture, wine industry and wine market – socio-geographical aspects

The article analyzes the current status and recent trends in world viticulture, winemaking and wine trade, based on international statistics over the past 50 years. Also have identified basic features of the territorial and the component structures of the world wine market.

Key words: viticulture, winemaking, wine market.

Adomovich Z.M. Theory of postindustrial society as methodological basis of the knowledge economy

This article presents the ideological sources and theoretical contents of the postindustrial society. The role of information, knowledge and technologies are specified in the modern society and knowledge economy.

Key words: postindustrial society, knowledge economy, information.

Dyakova E.O. Ukraine and Shanghai Cooperation Organization, prospects of collaboration

The article analyzes the main objectives and specifying the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, study the issue of Ukraine's cooperation with the SCO, also examine the current state of bilateral cooperation between Ukraine and countries of the SCO, in particular with China and Russian Federation.

Key words: Shanghai Cooperation Organization, cooperation between Ukraine.

Sagach O.V., Ydenkova K.V. Processes of integration in the Black Sea region

This article presents the question of interaction between organizations at different levels in the area of the Black Sea. Particular attention was paid to political, economic and energy dimensions of cooperation, security cooperation and others.

Keywords: The Black Sea region, integration, EU, BSEC

Arzablyik M.Y. Regional assessment and prospects of small business in Vasylkivsky district of the Kiev region

The role of small enterprise is exposed in the structure of economy and in life of society. Provided basic principles of development of small enterprise of Vasylkivsky district, analyzed trades activity of possibilities and problems of development of this district.

Keywords:small business, the entities,the entrepreneurs, market environment,business environment.

Lozinskiy R.M. Geographical education in higher educational institutions of Ukraine

In the article the modern structure of geographical education in higher educational institutions of Ukraine is analysed. Main geographical educational centres, geographical faculties and departments are described. Some major pre-conditions, factors and local features of becoming and development of geographical education are distinguished.

Key words: geographical education, higher educational institution, geographical educational centres

Romanenko O.V. The organisation an expert of students on the basis of scientifically-educational centre «Sinevir» of Mezigirskiy area of the Zakarpatye area

In work problems of pedagogical conditions educational and an industrial practice of students of 1-3 courses as the integral part of the educational process directed on deepening and fastening of theoretical knowledge extracted by students of is professional-focused disciplines provided by a cycle of preparation of the expert in tourism are discussed.

Key words: educational practice, industrial practice, educational process.

Torushanko V.R. The influence of urbanization on forming youth subcultures

In the article the globalization of information flows and planting crops. Analyzed the basic instincts in the context of the traditional way of life of many peoples.

Keywords: Urbanization, Subculture, information flows


Volkova L.A.,Kushniruk Y.S. Quality of drinking-water as index of mediko-ecological risk of teritorii

The analysis of quality is conducted drinkable lead districts of Rivenskoy of area on an integral index. Connection is set with mediko-demographic indexes. The cartographic districting of territory is conducted.

Key words: drinkable lead, Rivenskoy region, mediko-demographic indexe.

Bobrishev O.Y., Krivobok A.A., Popil I.V. Retrieval of UV radiation on the earth surface using satellite data and radiative transfer model

It is proposed to use the radiative transfer model and satellite data for calculation of UV radiation level. In order to get cloud cover information (optical thickness) it is proposed to use satellite data from MSG (every 15 minutes) of spatial resolution 10 km over Ukraine. The calculation of total ozone is based on METOP data at 12:00 UTC each day of spatial resolution 10 km. In the end the map of UV spatial distribution will be generated.

Key words: ultraviolet radiation, solar radiation, satellite measurements.

Dudun T.V. Theoretical aspects of cartographic toponymy

The questions of generalizacii of toponimov are considered on toponymy maps. Factors which influence on the degree of generalizacii are certain. Influence of the toponymy system is certain on direction and degree of generalization.

Keywords: cartographic toponymy, map, Toponymy, generalization, scale, toponymic system.

Shevchuk O.V. To a question of graphic and cartographical models of speleokarst landscapes

In article the basic approaches to modelling of speleokarstic landscapes are covered. Experience of domestic and foreign scientists in the field of graphic and cartographical modelling of a karst and karstic processes is analysed and generalised. Use of three-dimensional models speleokarstic landscapes for requirements of their rational use is proved.

Key words: modelling, model, a karst, a karstic landscape, a cave.

Kochetkova I.V. The method of periodization recreational landscapes of Kiev

The features of the method in the study of diachronic analysis of recreational landscapes Kiev described, conducted periodization recreational landscapes and describes the factors that influence the dynamics of recreational landscapes of the city.

Key words: method, diachronic analysis, recreational landscape.

Vovk I.I., Sherban I.M. Temperature in Sumy

Comparison of the course of air temperature at standard climatic period (1961-1990 years) and the last two decades (1991-2009 years) in Sumy (Sumy region). Schedules grafics of air temperature, the tendencies of future temperature changes in individual seasons.

Keywords: climate, temperature regime, air temperature, mean monthly temperature, climatic seasons.

Tretyak I.V. National parks in Ukraine: regional and natural analysis

A complex of natural conditions and features determined the formation of natural landscapes of Ukraine, however human’s actions led to the decreasing of the landscape variety consequently there is a need in conservation. This article analyzes the location of national parks of Ukraine depending to the natural regions.

Key words: national park, physical-geographical zoning, natural landscape.