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Smyrnov I.G. Promotion and marketing as the important part of the preparation of Ukraine to Euro-2012

The article covers the features of modern promotion and marketing activities in Ukraine as a country that will host (along with Poland) the final part of the European football championship Euro-2012. Promotion and marketing activities for Euro-2012 is considered in the context of the tourism policy of Ukraine as a European state.

Key words: promotion activity, marketing activity, Euro-2012.

Prihodko A.I. Terms in in tourismology: tourist center or tourist destination

The author deals with the issue of timing in tourism. In particular, attention is paid to the definition used to determine the tourist areas

Keywords: tourist space, tourist area, destination, tourist area, tourist area, the tourist center, a tourist recreation system.

Vishnevskiy V.I. Resoursrs of ecotourism: main concepts and definitions

It was described the matter of ecotouristic resources: their potential, aspects, value and use. It was considered the correlation of these concepts.

Key words: ecotourism, potential, resources.

Bilenkina K.K. Ecotourism in Russia: current state and prospects

Belan L.N., Bogdan E.A. Ecological tourism in strictly protected natural territories of the republic of Bashkortostan: prospects and problems of the development

The perspectives of the development of the ecological tourism on the base of the natural parks of the Republic of Bashkortostan are considered in the article. Analysis of the current economic situation in the country was conducted. It was rated as favorable for the development of the tourism industry. Recreational load on natural systems of natural parks were rated. Approaches to tourism development, taking into account the environmental and economic aspects have been proposed.

Panyukov A.I. Rural tourism history of development and modern situation

The article is devote to the some problems of rural tourism: history of development and modern situation.

Chornenka N.V. The characteristic features of the stationary types of tourism

The characteristic variations of steady tourism. Generalized approach of previous research and suggested features of the author's vision of a stationary tourism.

Key words: steady tourism, stationary tourism, author's vision.

Kolotuha O.V., Kolotuha I.O. Tourist and sporting activity as the object of public-geographical researches

The article is devoted determination of maintenance and directions of research tourist-sporting activity from positions of social-economic geography.

Key words: tourist-sporting activity, social-economic geography.

Vishnevskaya G.G., Cegelnik A.O. Gastronomic holidays and festivals as a kind of tourist attraction

This article lights up the value of gastronomic holidays, festivals, culinary programs, in all countries of the world as popular tourist atrakciy.

Key words: gastronomic holidays, festivals, tourist attraction.

Malinovskay O.Y. Tretyakov O.V. The development of business tourism in the world

There were looked out the peculiarities of development of MICE-tourism. It was analyzed the historical conditions of development of MICE-tourism and peculiarities in organization of business travels. There were looked out the definitions, forms, problems and perspectives of development of MICE-tourism.

Key words: business tourism, MICE-tourism

Kozlovskiy E.V. Cegelnik Y.A The legal status and principal activities of international organizations in the field of tourism

The article considers the problems of international cooperation in the sphere of tourism, the role, value, legal status and main directions of activities of international organizations in order to promote the development of tourist exchange between the countries.

Key words: international tourism, international organizations, international conference, legal status, development of tourism.

Kiptenko V.K., Verhoturova O.A. Tourism development management : the innovative experience of Mexico

The article analyzes the experience of tourist activities management in Mexico, there are stipulated directions of innovative experience implementation in Ukraine.

Key words: tourism development management, innovative experience, Mexico.

Kiptenko V.K., Rubalchenko M.A. Steady development: experience of the strategic planning of tourism development in Malaysia

Institutional framework and policy planning initiatives based on sustainability principle are studied through the national programs, codes of sustainable tourism development, basic sustainability criteria and state initiatives preventing the destructive impact of tourism on ecosystem are analyzing in context of the possibility of using the Malaysian experience in Ukraine.

Key words: sustainable development, destructive impact of tourism on ecosystem, sustainability criteria, strategic planning of tourism development

Kiptenko V.K., Kuzmenko K.P. Travel policy and development of tourism programmes in Israel

This article analyses the tourism policy and tourism development programmes of regional, national and international levels, as well as innovative experience of Israel, which is advisable to be implemented  in Ukraine.

Key words: tourism policy, tourism development programmes, innovative experience of Israel

Matviyenko N.M., Matviyenko V.M., Ignatenko A.V. The balneological|balneal| resorts of Hungary in the world tourist market

The place|seat| of balneological|balneal| resorts of Hungary in the world tourist market and the prospects of their development are investigational is analysed.

Keywords: balneological|balneal| resorts, Hungary, health-related tourism, wellness-туризм |.|

Zacepin S.V. Tourism as one of the communicative practices of modern world

The article describes main features of tourism as one of the communicative practices of modernity. The definition of such communicative practices is also given in the article.

Zaray I.V. Management features by tourist activity in the conditions of intensifying of global economic crisis

The article is sanctified to the study of processes of influence of global economic crisis on by tourist activity in Ukraine and to define measures in relation to the improvement of processes of management, strengthening of their positions, tourist companies on national and international markets.

Key words: economic crisis, tourist activity, tourist company.

Vilchynskyi A.О. Recreation and tourism cluster as the innovative model of the successful functioning of the territorial tourism system

The article is dedicated to creation of recreation and tourism cluster as a progressive form of territorial and industrial association. There are also considered conditions of its creation, purpose and objectives, advantages and prospects of implementation of this innovative model.

Key words: recreation and tourism cluster, innovative model of cooperation, association, cluster members, competitiveness.

Denisova D.O. The territorial organization of ski-resorts system of Ukraine

The present stage of development of touristic sphere in Ukraine demonstrate that ski tourism is becoming one of the most popular forms of recreation. Grounded on the rich resource base, the new ski resorts appear and the current ones are being improved every year. And the number of potential ski-tourists is rising dramatically.

Key words: mountain-skiing tourism, winter resort, skiing zone, skiing season, touristic infrastructure

Pleshivcova M.V. The role of the hotel industry in the development of tourism in the Eastern region of Ukraine

The article describes the features of the hotel industry in the Eastern region of Ukraine. The activity of accommodation facilities in the region was analyzed. The interrelation of the dynamics of change in the number of tourists and the dynamics of change in the number of accommodation facilities in the region was investigated. The variants of the further development of the hotel industry in the region were offered.

Key words: a hotel industry, the region of Eastern Ukraine, an utilization ratio of hotel capacity, a tourist industry.

Yacenko A.D. The history of creation recreational dendrosystemy the northwest Priazovye

The article analyzes the historical process and the primary cause of creation, formation and development of forest plantations in anthropogenic Northwest Priazovye as components of modern recreational dendrosystemy.

Keywords: recreation dendrosystem, forest steppe, shelterbelts.

Kibycz A.D., Parzych K. The perception of the main determinants of tourist attractiveness of Hutsulshchyna in the opinion of its inhabitants

This article deals with the issue of the perception of the tourist space of Hutsulshchyna and its tourist infrastructure in the aspect of tourism development opportunities on the examined territory taking into consideration ethnoturism. The results of the survey which was carried out over a group of people - inhabitants of 15 places of Hutsulshchyna were used as a research material.

Syrovets S.Y. Organizational and managerial aspects of the hospitality in the Capital human and geographic region

The organizational and managerial aspects of hospitality in the capital, social and geographical area in the article were analyzed. European standards of classification of hotels were analyzed. The legislative base of recreational and tourist activities to the requirements and standards of Europe were considered

Key words: recreation and tourist activity, the territorial organization of the recreation and tourist activity, hospitality economy, Capital human and geographic region.

Gaydaenko K.D. Dmitruk O.Y. Main recommendations for the development of the ecotourism based on total world experience exemplified by Kherson region

Kherson region has considerable potential for ecotourism development based on the natural resources of the area. In article is revealed legal issues regulation of concept of ecological tourism in Ukraine. Describe the overall experience of ecotourism development in the world, on which formulated the basic recommendations for future development of ecotourism in the Kherson region.

Key words: ecological tourism, ecotourism, sustainable development, ecological paths.

Dunaevskaya O.F., Kozlovskiy O.Y. The prospects of the development of thereligious tourism on Zhitomirschine

The prospects of development of religious tourism are considered in Andrushivka, Baranivka, Berdichiv, Brusiliv and Volodarsk-Volinsk districts of the Zhitomir area. It is expedient to combine the routes of pilgrim with the review of unique archaeological sights. The programs of religious routes are presented by districts areas, outlined prospects of collaboration with tourist, regional and public organizations, religious societies.

Keywords: religious tourism, sakral'ni buildings, tourist route.

Bondarec D.S. Calculation of road capacity and the number of seats in catering establishments through the example of Zaporizhia region

The article deals with the quantitative indicators of infrastructure development of recreational areas on the example of the Zaporizhya region, which are formed at the present stage of development of recreation and tourism industry. The methods for calculating road capacity and the number of seats in catering establishments are described.

Keywords: recreational landscapes, infrastructure, quantitative indicators.

Voloshin I.M., Chikaylo Y.I. Historical and archaeological potential within The eurocorrіdor Lviv-Krakovets

Analyzed and characterized the major historical and archaeological sites within the existing and projected roads Lviv-Krakovets. The location of archaeological sites is marked on the map.

Key words: archaeological sites, eurocorridor, highway.

Shatkovskiy K.Y. Ukrainian-russian consumers’ attitudes towards eco-friendly tourism in Feodosiya

Dmitruk O.Y., Kustenko L.M. Ecotrail to the «Park of Partisan Slavi»

In the article the presented development of didactical ecotrail on the territory of «Park of Partisan Slavi», that is in the Darnytsia borough of Kyiv.

Key word: Ecotourism, ecological education, ecotrail.

Dmitruk O.Y., Liskina V.I. Еcotrail «Nivky quest»

In the article the possibility of using of the park «Nivky» territory with a tourist-recreational aim’s analyzed. Also there is information about possible obstacles for development of tourist activity within the territory of park.

Key word: Ecotourism, ecological education, ecotrail.

Dmitruk O.Y., Lyashuk Y.V. Ecotrail «Inscrutability»

The article proposed the project of environmental pathways «Inscrutability» in the park monument of landscape architecture «Feofaniya». This route carries a mysterious and romantic spirit of the park. It is recommended for students, schoolchildren, and for everyone who appreciates and loves nature.

Key word: Ecotourism, ecological education, ecotrail.

Olishevska Y.A. The importance of the discipline «fundamentals of local lore» for the training of the specialists in of recreational geography

The definition of regional studies for training specialist of recreational geography. Designed a basic directions study of recreational regions of Ukraine in the educational course on professions «Tourism and recreation».

Keywords: local lore, recreational geography, tourist-regional activity, tourism.


Shukanov P.V., Logvin M.M. Globalizational processes and the development of postindustrial society

The complex universal are considered and regionally spatial approaches for determination of globalization. Civilization-historical conformities to the law and pre-conditions of global transformation of antroposphere are taken into account. Intercommunication is certain between globalizational processes and postindustrial stage of development of society.

Keywords: globalization, standardization, economization, civilization, postindustrial society, antroposphere.

Kurach T.M. Determination of the complex of signs of the classification of the geographical maps

One of component staples of classification is classification signs. A selection and research of signs of classification of the maps based on components determine the future classification groups of maps on different signs.

Keywords: signs of classification, component of map, classification of geographical maps.

Tkachenko G.V. Map support in tourist activities

In this article under discussion to practicability of the cartographic accompaniment of tourist activity, as well as existing types of the maps and modern technology of cartographic presentations of information.

Key words: cartographic support, tourist activities, tourist information

Ridevsky G.V. The territorial structure of the settlement, economy and management of natural resources in modern Belarus

Territorial structures of settlement, economy and management of natural resources of modern Belarus namely social-ecological-economic regions are considered. Basic processes of transformation of the regions such as regionopolisation and its particular manifestations including metropolisation and agropolisation are described. The regionopolisation processes are noted to transform the territorial structure on both a subnational level and the intraregional one resulting in space stratification by socio-economic, demographic and ecological parameters.

Oliynik Y.B. Golub G.S. The urbanization of Volyn region: historical analysis and contemporary features in terms of the population´s activity

The article based on the process of the population of Volyn region – urbanization is the example, as the main indicator of quality of life. Made a historical analysis of the formation of the urban population, and this assessment of modern processes of urbanization in the region. Highlighted urban lifestyle, as a special type of the population and the conditions of humancomfort. Reviewed and analyzed the performance of household equipment of the population of Volyn region amenities.

Keywords: urbanization, vital functions of population, urban lifestyle, housing and utilities.

Shmatok O.V. Agrologistics in Ukraine

Agrologistik - one of the industries most dynamic in Western Europe. In Ukraine, agrologistik, in contrast to the overall transport logistics, the initial stage of its development, but it is a very promising direction. Development of agrologistik will bring the country's agriculture to a new level.

Key words: аgrologistics, transportat, agricultural holdings, logistics experience, agriculture.

Oliinyk S.L. The theoretical bases of the self-organizing of the population in Ukraine

Theoretical bases of self-organizing of the population in Ukraine are considered as socially – geographical concepts that promote improvement of a level of development of region and granting of base social services. Process of self-organizing of the population is defined as a new direction of development of territorial communities with attraction of the newest technologies, techniques and foreign experience.                                              

Keywords: self-organizing of the population, social self-organizing of the population, territorial communities, interaction.

Oliynik Y.B., Lukyanchuk O.M. The level of the housing fund of Zhytomyr region

The features of housing fund in Zhytomyr region are disclosed. The analysis of its quantitative and qualitative indicators are conducted.  The grouping of regions based on indicators of housing fund using cluster analysis are carried out.

Keywords: housing fund, housing, commissioning of housing, level of housing fund.

Sheglov O.V. Conception of the Guide Scheme of the Historical Monuments of Kyiv

In this article are analyzed different kinds of tourist guides. Also were viewed principles, methods and ways which are important for cartographers in the process of making of such works. This article is devoted to working out of interactive electronic guide scheme which is created first of all for Internet users and should show monuments and historical places of Kiev in a different way.

Key words: historical monuments, tourist guide scheme, electronic guide.


Vorovka V.P. Windenergetic potential evaluation of north-western Azov sea territories

The issue discusses windenergetic potential valuation of north-western near Azov sea territories based on common long standing data about predominating directions and speed of wind during the year, seasons and the day. The conclusion about opportunity and necessity of windenergetic potential using is made.

Martyanova I.A., Lazarev O.E. The regularities of temperature mode changes according to the data of the meteorological station Vishny Volochek

The analysis of the intra-and inter-annual temperature mode changes according to data meteorological station Vishny Volochek Tver region for the entire observation period from the end of the XIX century to the present is presented in the article. Clarifying information on annual and monthly values of temperature was made. Particular attention was given to the allocation of a trend component, its mathematical description and explanation. It is presented the comparative analysis with the temperature mode in Russia, the Northern Hemisphere and the Globe as a whole.

Tuz Y.V. Long-term seasonal changes i then air temperatures in Ukraine

Changes in air temperature during 1951 – 2009, according to individual stations in Ukraine in the context of global climate change are analyzed in this paper. The dynamics of change in average temperatures over the period 1951-2009 was described. The basic patterns of distribution of average temperature trends in Ukraine were revealed.

Key words: climate of Ukraine, global warming, average temperatures.

Galik O.I., Yakovishina M.S. The analysis of the homogeneity of the rows of annual flow in connection with the changes of climate examplified by the rivers of the Polisksy and Western hydrological area of Ukraine

Homogeneity of rows of annual flow was estimated after self-reactance and non-parametric statistical criteria with the use of different integral mass curves.

Key words: annual flow, self-reactance and non-parametric statistical criteria.

Penderetskyy O.V.   Environmental management and environmental risk management in Carpathian social and geographical area

Substantiated and proposed solution to the problem of forming an effective organizational and economic mechanism of nature management and environmental risk in the Carpathian social and geographic area. The main causes of environmental risks is a manufacturing activity. As a subsystem of environmental risk management proposed to use methods and tools of environmental management and environmental insurance.

Keywords: production, ecology, nature, risks, tourism, insurance and evaluation.

 Enikova V.F. The monitoring of the ecological conditions of the rivers of Slutsk region by the method of biological indication

The «School Academy of Science», which unites all interested persons with the purpose of improving skills in certain branches of knowledge and forms the research skills and abilities, operates in the oldest educational establishment of the Republic of Belarus - Gymnasium № 1 in Slutsk since 1999. Within the framework of SAoS a monitoring research of environmental condition of surface waters in Slutsk region has been carried out. The conclusions on the hydrochemical and hydrobiological characteristics of the river Sluch and its side streams were made and changes in the ecological state of water bodies of Slutsk region during the period of observation were assessed.

It was revealed that the river Sluch and its side streams within the study area are in different ecological conditions. The rivers Sluch and Bychok are most polluted within the city, Veseyka and Lokneya rivers are cleaner. Monitoring researches of ecological state of rivers in Slutsk region are going on.

Basyuk T.O. The prognostication of the reforming of the banks of Braclavske storage pool is under the conditions of the increase of water level

An estimation and prognostication of development processes of re-forming of banks Braclavskogo of storage pool the hydroenergetic setting is executed on condition of his reconstruction and raising of water level to the project mark. Offered to recommendation in relation to defence of separate areas storage pool from podtopleniya of off-shore territories.

Key words: re-forming of banks, Braclavskogo of storage pool, off-shore territories.

Gromyk O.M. The content of radionuclides in the soils of Western Polesia

(examplified by Manevychi and Lyubeshiv administrative districts)

The content of radionuclides in soils of Western Polesie . It is shown the density of contamination of soils and plants in the towns of Volyn region. Found that the maximum contamination soils were sod-podzolic sandy in the Manevychi area and peat-bog and peat in the Lubeshiv area.

Keywords: contamination, soil, vegetation, settlement.

Mazibora O.V. The geochemical characteristics of the floodplain soils of some stages of the subboreal period of the holocene in the basin of the Southern Bug

The features of floodplain soil formations of different stages of pedogenesis in subboreal period of Holocene in the forest-steppe zone of the Southern Bug basin were considered. The content of carbonates and organic compounds in soils, which belong to different stages of soil formation, was investigated. The regularities of the allocation of heavy metals in humus horizons were reviewed, also correlation of this index with the concentration of humus and carbonate compounds was revealed. The conclusions about the features of pedogenesis in some stages of subboreal period of Holocene were made.

Key words: Holocene, soils, evolution, heavy metals, humus.

Plaskalnyi V.V. The creation and usage of the elements of the spatial database «Black Sea Biosphere Reserve»

The article presents important arguments for the necessity of use of geographical information systems and technologies in environmental affairs and highlights for the main methodological aspects of the designing and use of spatial database elements of Black Sea Biosphere Reserve.

Timofiychuk N.M. The structural and geographical principles of the research of the usage of nature within mountainous areals

The article analyzes the approaches to the interpretation of the term «natural» aspects of hisstudy of various disciplines, and the main tasks that need to explore during the design and geographicalstudy of the mountainous territory in order to optimize natural resources.

Key words: nature, natural resources, optimization of natural resources.