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Lubitseva O.O., Tretyakov O.V. Types of destinations

The formation of terminological apparatus theory of tourism, particularly the type and kind destinations were approached.

Keywords: theory of tourism, destinations, types of destinations, elements of the territorial structure of tourism.

Antonenko V.S., Boychenko S.G. On the possible consequences for the tourism industry of climate change

This article analyzes the modern lines in change of a global and regional climat, and possible ecologic and social and economic consequences from these changes in Ukraine, influence of changes on zones of recreation and the tourism industry.

Keywords: global climat, regional climat, recreation, tourism industry.

Ustimenko L.M., Cegelnik Y.A. Geography of tourist centers and videoecology

The article is devoted research of intercommunication of tourism and videoecology. The problem of the state of tourist centers and their videos is considered ecological descriptions. Classification of accordance of tourist centers of video ecological criteria is offered.

Key words: videoecology, tourism, tourist centers.

Voronina G.B. Animation in the ethnographic tourism

In this article we demonstrate the use of animation programs for the development of tourism. The animation in the ethnographic tourism is seen as a factor contributing to competitiveness and regional development.

Key words: animation, ethnographic tourism, culture.

Kornilova V.V. PR-communication of museum and tourist firm: common and distinct

In the article, common and distinct features of PR-communication of museums and tourist firms have been revealed. To draw effectively museums to tourist business it is necessary for them to reach a mutually beneficial cooperation with tourist firms at level of PR-technologies. Combination of research component of museums’ activity and modern tourist PR-communication may advance the Ukrainian museums to qualitatively new level of activity and development.

Key words: PR-communication, PR-technologies, communication channel, museum, tourist firm, mutually beneficial cooperation, cultural motives, accommodation service, museum tourism.

Bugriy O.V. World market of analysis LGBT – tourism

The modern state and progress of trends are analysed in this article LGBT – tourism in the world. On the basis of comparison of rating of rating “Gay-friendly” centers and regions are distinguished. The factors of development are certain hey - tourism in the countries of the world.

Keywords : tourism, sexual minorities, «gay-friendly», rating.

Kiptenko V.K., Doan P.V. Model of sustainable tourism development: experience of China

This article gives general characteristics of projects, which already took place or just being initiated, and also pointes the role of international institutions, which influenced on the implementation of the sustainable tourism development in China. There are stipulated directions of positive experience implementation in Ukraine.

Key words: sustainable tourism development, international institutions, experience of China

Mechkovskaya O.A. Assessment of recreational resources of Central and Eastern Europe and basic efficiency of their use in tourism

We conducted a comparative geographical analysis of recreational resources of Central and Eastern European countries in the context of territorial complexes of recreation and tourism. The possibilities of the use of regional recreational resources for international tourism, taking into account recent changes in the structure of tourist demand and supply in the international market of tourist services are shown. The main directions of improving the efficiency of the use of recreational resources of Central and Eastern European countries in tourism are revealed.

Brik S.D. Dynamics of foreign tourism in Ukraine and Austria behind the data. 2000-2010 years

The statistics of tourists’ flow (arrivals), and statistics of tourist’s receipts and expenditures of the international tourism in the Ukraine and Austria in 2000–2010 are described in this article. Balance of the international tourism in the Ukraine is estimated.

Key words: international tourism, inbound tourism, outbound tourism, tourist arrivals.

Ganzga O.M. Hotel industry in Ukraine: before and after Euro 2012

The article is devoted to the very important and actual problem of the current state and prospects of the hotel industry in Ukraine. After giving a detailed analysis of its characteristics, the author draws attention to important deficiencies that impede the advancement of the hotel sector to the European standards. The article also reveals the concept of modern principles of hotel business and compares the attitude to it in Ukraine and abroad. Much attention is given to the problems of hotels’ preparations for the 2012 European Football Championship and prospects for their further development after the Championship.

Key words: hotel business, domestic hotel market, hotel service standarts, hotels profitability, investment attractiveness, apartments, hostel.

Kornilova N.V. The modern stage of development of internal tour operating in Ukraine

In this article the modern stage of development of internal tour operating in Ukraine, its problems and prospects have been analyzed.

Key words: tour operator, tour operating, internal tour operating, internal tourism, national tourist market, internal tour product, tourism development.

Pacuk V.S. Seven industrial wonders of Ukraine

We have to opportunity to expand the tourism offer and attraction of foreign tourists through the development of industrial tourism. An attempt to allocate seven industrial wonders of Ukraine describes the data objects.

Key words: industrial facilities, seven industrial wonders.

Syrovets S.Y. Territorial organization of clusters of recreation and tourism activity in the Capital human and geographic region

The article deals with the development of scientific bases of socio-geographical study of the territorial organization of recreation and tourism activity in the sample clusters.

Key words: recreation and tourism activitiy, cluster, territorial organization.

Malska M.P. Tourism clusters in Lviv region

The article deals with the tourist clusters of Lviv region. The development of spatial tourist system of Ukraine is described. Four typological groups of clusters are selected and the ways of their development are recommended.

Keywords: tourism cluster, space travel system, Lviv region.

Kiptenko V.K., Bezpalko Y.V. The assortment of tourism product of Cherkasy region

The assortment of tourism product of Cherkasy region is analyzed in the context of the potential directions of tourism development management improvement.

Key words: tourism product of the territory, Cherkasy region, management of tourism development.

Zuraeva K.A. Assessment of regional efficiency of innovative technologies in tourism as an example of the Crimea

This article discusses the evaluation of regional effectiveness of innovative technologies in tourism for example the Crimea.

Keywords: innovative Technologies in Tourism, regional efficiency of innovative technologies in tourism, assessment of regional effectiveness of innovative technologies in tourism for example Crimea, the use of innovative technologies in tourism on the example of Crimea, the development of the Crimea, the effectiveness of innovative technologies in tourism, innovative technologies in tourism for example Crimea, the use of innovative technologies in Crimea, the effectiveness of innovative technologies in Crimea

Gaydaenko K.D. Dmitruk O.Y. Using the international experience of regulation ecotourism in Ukraine (by example of Kherson region)

Kherson region has considerable potential for ecotourism based on natural resources of the territory. The article is analyzed the international documents on sustainable development and management of ecological tourism in the world: the Berlin Declaration. Biodiversity and Sustainable Tourism; Global Code of Ethics for Tourism; Osaka Declaration; Guidance on planning and management "Sustainable tourism in protected natural areas" - and offer practical application of received ideas and experience in the development of ecotourism in the Kherson region.

Key words: ecological tourism, ecotourism, sustainable development, ecological paths.

Karkalova P.I. Assessing the potential of the Kharkiv region for the development of rural green tourism by the methods of cluster analysis

The analyzes of tourism potential for the development of green tourism in the Kharkiv region using the methods of cluster analysis was given in this article. Areas of Kharkiv region were clustered into five clusters in terms of development potential of green tourism. The potential of each cluster was characterized.

Keywords: rural green tourism, recreation, leisure, cluster analysis.

Ermakov V.V. Territorial aspects of rural tourism (grassroots administrative districts)

The article deals with the territorial aspects of rural tourism on the example of grassroots administrative districts of Poltava region was determined by the appropriate methodological tools of research.

Key words: rural green tourism, grassroots administrative district, Poltava region.

Zavarika G.M. Ethnic factors of population in Luhansk region and its significance for the development of tourism

The article talks about the resettlement of ethnic factors in the Luhansk region and its significance for the development of tourism in this area. Describes the process of settlement of the territory, in which the settlement area may develop ethnic tourism, taking into account the historical past of the region.

Keywords: ethnic factors, accommodation, tourism, settlement, settlements, national warehouse

Staroguk A.O., Dmitriev S.V. Structural and functional analysis of the tourist infrastructure of Kirovohrad

This paper discusses the problem of the tourism infrastructure of the city of Kirovohrad and possible ways of improvement and creation on its base the new one, to increase the number of tourists, improve service quality and revenues to the city budget.

Key words. Tourism, tourism infrastructure, Kirovohrad.

Rutyns’kyi M.Y. Recreation resource background and historical-geographical periods of development Burkut – ancient mountain resort of Galichina

Conducted retrospective analysis of the specific geographical formation Burkut spa resort in the Ukrainian Carpathians. According to the theory of "life cycle TRS" traced the history and evolution of the resort from a single private institution to the most popular type of seasonal balneoklimatic resort center of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Reveals the causes of decline and outlined prospects for the revival of mountain resort.

Key words: spa, a health profile, historical and geographical factors, recreational potential.

Dmitruk O.Y., Kulinich M.T. Еcotrail «With the present into the past in Kyiv»

The article proposed the project of environmental pathways "With the present into the past" in the Pechersk landscape park and the memorial complex "Museum of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945." This trail is recommended for students of secondary schools, students and others who are interested in Kyiv and appreciate nature.

Key word: Ecotourism, ecological education, ecotrail.

Dmitruk O.Y. Bikman O.O. Еcotrail «Whirlpool worlds»

The article proposes the project of ecological trail «Whirlpool worlds» in the Lysa Gora Park. This trail is recommended for students of secondary schools, students and others interested in nature, history, military architecture and walking.

Key word: Ecotourism, ecological education, ecotrail.

Dmitruk O.Y. Ecotrail to the Feofaniya «Forest song»

The article describes the development of environmental pathways "Forest Song," which runs through the park-monument of landscape architecture "Feofaniya." Submitted route-oriented high school students of secondary schools and students, and those who love walking, interested natural features of the land appreciates aesthetic pleasure.

Key word: Ecotourism, ecological education, ecotrail.

Dmitruk O.Y., Kononenko T.V. Ecotrail «Historical placs of resorttown Boyarka»

The article reveals the contents of the authors' eco-cognitive path «Historical places of resort Boyarka». It motivates the choice of explored area, its tourist and recreational potential, and the importance of ecotourism activities among the urban population.

Key word: Ecotourism, ecological education, ecotrail.


Hanmagomedov H.L., Gebekova A.N. Structure and the maintenance of dictionaries of place names and toponymic

Work is devoted the analysis of structure and the maintenance of dictionaries of place names and toponymic, published in our country before disintegration of the USSR.

Baranovska O.V., Ryabokon O.V. Geographical Investigation of the Sumy Region's Oikonyms

The origin of settlements' names of Sumy region is investigated. The classification is completed and geographical regularities of spread of Sumy region's oikonyms are revealed.

Key words: toponym; oikonym; antroponym.

Afanasiev O.Е. Historical types of nature-use as a scientific geographical category

The article considers to the concept of the historical types of nature-use as a category of geography, one of the objects of study of historical geography. Understanding of the bifurcation identified, the bifurcation in human history of nature-use marked. The approaches to the allocation of the historical types of nature-use studied.

Keywords: historical type of nature-use, a bifurcation in the history of nature-use, the history of nature-use.

Zarahovskiy O.E. The system of UNESCO World Heritage site: geographical aspect

The geography of distribution of UNESCO's objects has been investigated in this research. The research presents a mapping model of UNESCO's objects and examines their current state. The research deepens and refines knowledge about the system of UNESCO's objects.

Key words: World heritage, UNESCO's objects, cultural objects, natural objects, mixed objects, mapping model.

Kiptenko V.K., Kirilenko S.S. World biocultural diversity

Examines the relationship of cultural and biological diversity as a basis for sustainable development, carried out the distribution of countries in terms of biocultutral diversification, described the impact of globalization on the biocultural diversity and the negative consequences associated with its decline.

Key words: globalization, biodiversity, biocultural diversity.

 Dobish M.P., Yacenko B.P. Geography of the international natural gas trade

The territorial aspects of the world natural gas trade are highlighted in this paper. The formation of new lines of supply and trends in the change of territorial structure of international natural gas trade based on the impact of geographical, economical, geopolitical, technological and socio-ecological factors are analyzed.  

Key words: world trade, natural gas, territorial structure, geographical, economical, geopolitical, technological and socio-ecological factors.

Slivka R.R., Slivka L.V. Influence of border conflicts on the transformation of population’s life style in the disputable territories

«Life style» approach in Geography has proved efficiency in the social processes investigations, which are characterized by spatial nature. The conception of “life style” is used in the paper for explanation of conflict situations in relations between border communities. «Life style» is a complex concept, which inserts such components of population’s activity as reproduction, working, settling, consuming, cultural and spiritual, ecological, warfare and political constituents. These types of life activity very tightly connected. A swift change of at least one of them can cause life style transformation in the disputable region and sharpen conflicts, or inversely resolve them.

Key words: «Life style», conflict, border communities.

Stafiychuk V.I. Ukrainian nation in a globalizing world: internal aspect

Highlight the major domestic problems of the Ukrainian political nation in the process of political globalization of the World-System and possible solutions.

Key words: political globalization, the political nation, ethnic nation, Identity.

Covalevsch L.V. Smyrnov I.G. Ukraine's usage of  transit potential in the Black Sea Euroregion context

In matters of building a united Europe the problems of border cooperation remain, particularly it is important in the context of Ukraine’s accession and implementation of good neighborhood policy. In this regard the southern vector of European integration of Ukraine had been analyzed in connection with the Black Sea Basin and the Association «Black Sea Euroregion»which was established in 2008.

Key words: Black Sea Euroregion, transit potential, transport corridor, transport system.

Voronin I.N. Determining the level of informatization processes in Ukraine: socio-geographical aspect                      

In the article analyzes the level of informatization process in Ukraine on the basis of
-indicators developed by the most prominent organizations in the IT-sphere.

Keywords: informatization, e-indicator, IT-sphere.

PelehYu.V., Romaniv A.S., Romaniv O.Ya. Territorial organization of agrologistic systems at the meso and macrolevels: factors and problems of forming

The most important factors of territorial organization of agricultural logistics systems at the meso- and macrolevel is described in this article. Clustering model of agriculture of Ukraine for the agrologistic needs is proposed.

Keywords: agrologistic, territorial organization, cluster

Zakutinska I.I., Slivka R.R. Development of passenger transport in the residential suburb of Ivano-Frankivsk

In the article peculiarities of transport   development in the suburban area of Ivano-Frankivsk are examined. Spatial characteristics of it’s motion is investigated according to proposed mapscheme.

Key words: transport, the suburban area of Ivano-Frankivsk, mapscheme.

Krechoveckay I.V.The problem of sustainable rural development

The paper summarizes the features of the current state of rural areas, processes and phenomena that occur in them are highlighted and analyzed the essence of the main problems to be addressed in the transition to sustainable rural development, the basic preconditions for the implementation of such a transition.

Keywords: sustainable development of rural areas, the demographic situation, socio-economic and socio-cultural issues, the natural environment.


Volovik V.M. Landscaping factor formation ethnoculturally environment region

The article analyzed the concept of interaction between landscape and ethnicity in the formation of ethno-cultural region. Emphasized the superiority of an interdisciplinary approach, taking into account the achievements of physical geography, history, ethnology, geopolitics, social and economic geography. The notion of the main cultural and civilizational turn Europe.

Keywords: culture, ethnic culture, landscape, region.

Gavrelenko O.P. Technogenic influence on landscapes in the conditions of technogenesis

The changes of basic natural processes which take a place as a result of man economic activity are considered. Complication of technogenic influence on a natural environment research is conditioned the variety of human activity forms. Every type of activity is characterized one or other influence on natural landscapes type or certain connection of influences. Negative consequences to which these changes lead or can lead are analyzed.

Keywords: nature using, technogenesis, natural geosystems destruction, technogenic evolution of geosystems, landscapes anthropogenic modifications.

Shevchuk O.V. About of the quastion of recreational speleokarst landscapes

The value of notions of speleolandscape, speleokarst landscape, spelestolandscape and recreational spelestokarst landscape were revealed and characterized. The main stages of karst landscapes evolution are described. The nature of concepts speleokarst and spelestokarst recreational resources in accordance with their proper application in the context of recreational use of karst caves were considered.

Keywords: speleolandscape, cave, recreation, karst.

Kosyak D.S. Urgency of ecological certification of water and water aquicultural objects in Ukraine

Concepts of certification, the basic natural resources and objects which are subject to certification are defined. The urgency of carrying out of ecological certification of water and water economic objects, urgency of its introduction in Ukraine is proved today.

Keywords: certification, ecological certification, the passport of water object, the passport of water economic object, the ecological passport.

Holodenko V.S. Determination ecologically admissible volumes of selection of water from the river Stir near s. Gromada

Determination ecologically of possible minimum charges of water as bases for determination ecologically of possible volumes of selection of water from the river.

Key words: water consumption, water intake, water content of rivers, flood, water flow speed, self-restoration.

Yosupova N.I. The structure of land territory of river pools of north-eastern mega slope of Ukrainian Carpathian mountains

The existing structure of land territory of river pools of north-eastern mega slope of Ukrainian Carpathian mountains has been analyzed (within Ivano-Frankivsk region). Changes of rates of agricultural occupancy of the investigated territory have been estimated in comparison with average height of the territory. Three height zones of agricultural changing of nature conditions have been separated.

Keywords: land territory, river pool, agricultural occupancy.

 Kal’co A.D., Bobliakh S.R. Rare earth metals as a component of the national safety in mineral resources

In this article the analysis of use and extraction technologies of rear earth metals are presented. Examples of the impact of those metals on the world economy and politics are showed. In addition, the environmental impacts of the mining industry and questionі of the national safety of Ukraine in those raw materials were observed.

Key words: rare earth metals, environmental aspects, recycled materials, solution mining, pollution.