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Uvarova G.Sh. Direction and trends of world recreation and tourism development at the present stage

The article analyses trends in of recreation and tourism in the world and tourism offers of certain countries that compete successfully on the international recreational-tourist market at the present stage.

Key words: trends, growth drivers of recreation and tourism, destinations, globalization, sustainable development, innovation in tourism.

Gladkevich G.I. Factors of forming of tourist market

Zarya I.V. Modern being of competitiveness of tourism in makro- and microlevels

In the article exposed essence of competitiveness of tourist sphere, the pyramid of competitive edges is certain from position of hierarchy of constituents of economy and terms and factors are analysed mikro- and macrolevels of competitive edges. Measures are offered on optimization of process of work in a competition environment.

Yurchenko O.E. Social infrastructure as factor of region sustainable development

In this article social infrastructure is examined as complex of sectors providing normal conditions of life support for population of region. The functions and principles of its formation as factor of sustainable development of region or country are shown.

Kiptenko V.K., Glasunova T.V. Information Provisions for Tourism: the Role of Social Internet Media

The main modern domains and trends of Social media usage as an instrument of marketing in tourism are systematized and generalized.

Key words: tourism, information provisions, Internet-communications, social media, marketing instrument.

Sergiyko V.F. A value of animation services is in modern tourist activity

Considered is an animation activity typology, the range of the main notions has been defined as well as aspects affecting its enhancing aimed at attracting more tourists.

Key words: аnimation, leisure centres, globalization, urbanization, recreation affect, recreational animation, touristan animation.

Kish G.V. Geo-tourism as an opportunity for understanding the unique destination

The article deals with the essence of the concept of "geo-tourism," its basic principles and characteristics defined by its object and purpose. The author defines the maintypes of tourism that are based on the uniqueness of the territory, and are the basis of formation of geo-tourism.

Kornilova V.V. The features of corporate advertising in tourist business

In the article, basic changes and trends of development of corporate advertising in tourist business have been researched. To make an effective corporate advertising firstly it is essential to define vital interests and life style of potential customers, as people fall under authority of different social groups, in which they find an example for imitation in purchasing and life style.

Krzysztof Parzych The spatial differentiation of the tourism in the european countries

The aim of this article was the spatial analysis of the tourist arrivals in Europe. The analysis was made basing on the statistic data of the UNWTO contains of the distribution of the tourism movement in the European region. In the analysis was taken into account not only the main factors as tourist attractiveness and tourist development. Besides these determinants was taken into account the wide context of the politic and social and economical changes in European region especially in the middle-east European countries.

The analysis of the statistic data show the countries of west and medditteranean and south European regions have been staying the most visited in the Europe and constitute the most visited tourist region in the world. Besides it in the last years has been rising the position of the middle east European countries thanks to the economical and political transformation and economic growth in these countries.

Smirnov I.G. Achievement of Turkish from application of the system of hospitality «all inclusive» in tourism and possibility of their use in Ukraine (logistic aspect)

Represented pecularities, advantages and problems of modern effective technology of hotel-restaurant service in touristic branch. Shown logistics side of all inclusive system, especially in sphere of coordination of raw materials and ready-made goods purchases with touristic flow’s volume and structure. Given attention to Turkish hotels successful experience in «all inclusive» system development. Proposed directions of incalculation of all inclusive system in Ukraine, especially in Crimea and Karpaty regions.

Kornilova N.V. The modern stage of international tourism development on the island of Ireland

The modern stage of tourism development on the island of Ireland, main preferences and tourist attractions for visitors, possibility to travel to the island of Ireland for Ukrainian tourists have been analyzed.

Rassypnov V.A., Maksimova N.B. Eco- and educational tourism in the altai special protected areas

Eco- and educational tourism development in the Altai Krai bases on the special protected   natural and rural areas. There is an opportunity to arrange recreation on the one side and to get some glimpses of unique natural objects on the other and to impact ecological knowledge to tourists of any age. The article offers some methodical guidelines and software for managers and guides which could improve the arranging of eco- and educational tourism.

Bagomedov M.A. The tourist and recreational complex as a new «old» specialization of the Dagestan

The strategic prospects of the tourist-and-recreational complex in the direction of inter-regional specialization of Dagestan, assesses the possibilities and obstacles.

Key words: tourism, recreational services, long-term strategy, the quality of life of trade-union health resorts, the social and transport infrastructure.

Grigoryeva V.V. Importance of the assessment of recreational potential for strategic planning regional sutainable development on the example of the Pskov region

Article is devoted to a background of importance of a complex assessment of recreational potential for strategic planning regional sustainable development on an example of transboundary Pskov region. Among subjects of Northwest Russian Federation the Pskov region which territory exceeds the area of such states as Estonia, Switzerland, the Netherlands is especially allocated, but both on economic, and on demographic and social aspects is one of the most depressive areas of Northwest RF and has no scientifically-proved program and scenarios of sustainable development.

In recent years comprehensive researches have been carried out which have allowed to open a problem situation of irrational use of recreational potential of the Pskov region. Among possible ways of the decision of problems of transition to sustainable regional development is the adequate complex assessment of recreational potential in view of many interconnected aspects, including in view of criteria of an ecological safety. The integrated multicriterial assessment of recreational potential with use of the international indicators of sustainable developments can become the effective tool of revealing strong and weaknesses, possibilities and threats of regional territorially-recreational system. In article recommendations on increase of efficiency of use of recreational potential of the Pskov region by development of ecologically-safe management and responsible ecological tourism are offered.

Keywords: recreational potential, regional sustainable development, ecologically-safe nature resources management, transboundary Pskov region.

Gorshunova E.V. Old circus showing buildings as object of historical-cultural tourism

The article contains review of circus showing buildings of old civilizations, geographical factors which influenced on their architectural kind, is represented in the article, information about geographical distribution of archaeological finds of ancient Roman showing buildings and possibility of their use in tourism.

Rzhepetska N.M. Ecotourism as the way of environmental protection

The given article is deals with ecotourism. The main components of ecotourism are considered. The condition of Nature Reserve Fund of Ukraine is analyzed. The advantages of ecotourism development are determined.

Key words: ecotourism, components of ecotourism, environment, protection areas, Nature Reserved Fund, The International Ecotourism Society.

Afanasiev O.E. Skansens of Ukraine as representant of regional types of nature-use

Understanding of museums under open-skies skansens as establishments that present the regional nature-use of Ukrainian historical ethnographic areas is grounded. Skansens as the museum establishments, wich represent traditions of ethnic nature-use, arising up during historical process of Ukrainian nation forming and development are considered . Skansens help to understand features of ukrainian mentality, including essence and objectivity of regional differences of Ukrainian ethnospace.

Key words: skansen, open-air museum, history of regional nature-use, types of nature-use.

Yakovchuk O.V. Transport support tourism in Ukraine

The problems of transportation studies for the needs of tourism in Ukraine, the proposed model for evaluating the effectiveness and attractiveness of transport-geographical position of example 20 model tourist centers of Ukraine towards Kharkov.

Key words: Transport support of tourism, tourist transport-geographical position, transport accessibility.

Kolotuha O.V. Geographical estimation of tourist-sporting routes of Ukraine

The article is sanctified to consideration of problems of geographical estimation of components of natural environment, that influence on determination of categories of complication of tourist-sporting routes. Considered tourist-sporting possibilities of Ukraine.

Boyko I.D. Detection and comparison of the Ukrainian regions having prospects as for spa tourism

The analysis of tendencies of further developement of the polyfunctional institutions for health-improving tourism of the new type, i.e. SPA, has been made. The regions of Ukraine with prospects for such development have been detected. For the said regions, the analysis has been made to estimate the facilities offerred by the hotels as well as the partial demand for such services. The prospects of development of the SPA-hotels in the leading resort regions have been defined.

Zhdanova A.M. Franchise as the tool of distribution a company in the world market (on an example of the chain of fast food restaurants «McDonald's»)

 At present time the food industry is an essential part of tourism industry. In given article has been made the attempt to analyse the organization of one of the leading restaurant chain "McDonald's". Research has shown that the "McDonald's" company is one of leaders of the multinational corporation in the franchise world market.

Karkalyova P.I. The simplification of accounting’s and taxation’s mechanisms as an instrument of attraction in country green tourism

The instruments of country green tourism’s popularization for country people and country’s producer was developed on the eve of football championship “Euro – 2012”. The example of accounting in country green tourism was made. The process of tourism player’s taxation was given in the context of new Tex cod in this article.    

Key words: country green tourism, accounting, taxation,persomal farming, football championship “Euro – 2012”.

Korotkova A.Y., Cegelnik Y.O. Development of innovative excursion round Kiev on a religious subject

Brunec B.R. Tourist infrastructure Lviv region: status and prospects development

The article analyzes the main elements of tourism infrastructure in Lviv region, including: accommodation and leisure facilities, places of recreation, transportation and road connections. Established the current state of infrastructure and suggested ways to improve.

Bordun O.Y. Strategic guidelines of the tourist market of agricultural regions of Ternopil region (for example Lanovetskogo District)

The state and prospects of the tourism market of agricultural districts of Ternopil region, including Lanivtsi district has all the characteristics of agricultural areas with little signs. The main problems that hinder its ongoing development. We consider the existing system of tourism infrastructure, highlighted the major targets of educational, recreational, rural tourism, and especially their use in tourist routes Lanovetskogo area.

Key words and concepts: tourist market area, study tourism, recreational tourism, rural tourism, ecological tourism

Zakutinska I.I. Prospectives of usage of Ivano-Frankivsk touristic potential during Euro-2012

Tourist and recreational field is a strategic direction in the development of the touristic infrastructure within the suburban zone of Ivano-Frankivsk. Activization of the development of recreational and touristic potential of the adjacent part of the Carpation region is an urgent issue in the social and economical development of Ivano-Frankivsk and its suburban zone.

Key words: tourism, suburban zone; recreational occupation; infrastructure.

Trocenko O.V. Problems and perspectives of rural tourism in Dnipropetrovsk area

The problems of rural tourism development in Dnipropetrovsk area are researched. The ways of solution this problems are proposed. Perspectives of rural tourism in Dnipropetrovsk area as important way of sustainable development are definitude.

Kashinska O.E. The innovation are an essential condition of development of tourism in Luhansk region

This article gives a definition of innovation and innovation in tourism, considerers the possible innovations in tourism in Luhansk region.

The key words: the innovation, the innovation in tourism.


Hanmagomedov H.L., Izieva I.A., Gebekova A.N. Toponymy scientists of geographical names, its polistrukturnost, and as geography-historical-linguistic science-led geography

Toponymy scientists of geographical names, its polistrukturnost, and as geography-historical-linguistic science-led geography

We consider the ratio of toponymy in geography, history and linguistics, polistrukturnost, the classification of place names and directions in an integrated manner.

Slivka R.R. Buffer position of Ukraine: similarity and conflict of Great Powers interests in Centeral and East Europe

In the XXI-st century beginning signs of a buffer politiko-geographical position are inherent in Ukraine. Buffer position of the state is concept which is insufficiently developed in the Ukrainian political geography. In article definitions of concepts existing in the scientific literature «the buffer state», «a buffer zone» are resulted. It is considered positive and negative consequences of such position for Ukraine.

Smirnov I.G. Baltic-Black Sea logistical integration system and Ukraine’s participation directions

Shown the main causes and components of the Baltic-Black Sea transport and logistics integration and directions of Ukraine’s participation in this process. Key words: Baltic-Black Sea logistical integration system, projects TEN-T, TEDIM projects, Ukraine’s participation directions.

Kal’ko A.D. Adjusting of relations of using the bowels of the earth and of conduct with mineral raw material in the leading raw material countries of the world                                            

In the articles subject of analysis economic, geographical and mountain aspects of adjusting of relations are in the process of using the bowels of the earth of leading raw material countries of the world.

Key words: minerals, rent, lease, bowels of the earth, licensed systems.

Dacenko L.M. Cartographic providing of school course is «Geography of the world culture»

Yurchenko O.E. The methodological instruments of tourism study

In this article methods of tourism study from level definition of specialization of a region in tourism, features of placement of tourists and tourism centers, calculation of simple indexes, characterizing tourism activity, to revelation of integral, complex and potential assessment of level of tourism development are examined.

Borisyuk O.A. Socio-geographic expedition in determining the levels of development of regional air transport systems

Revealed the need to develop depth and methodological foundations of the socio-geographic evaluation of the levels of development of regional air transport systems. Proposed algorithm and performance studies of such systems.Key words: regional air transport system, the level of the index level of development.

Volovik V.M. Forming of Polish cultural landscapes small towns Podillya

The article discusses features of the structure of Polish cultural landscapes small towns Podillya. Selected general regularities of the formation of goods, fortifications and industrial landscapes and their ethno-cultural characteristics and economic characteristics.

Keywords: Culture, Ethnic culture, camp, cultural landscape, the Poles.

Gavrelenko O.P. Regional ekogeography and geographical environment optimization

Different definitions of geoecology and ecogeography content essence are considered and also modern perception of the «incorporated» geography idea by different researchers. Confluence of ecology and geography takes a place within the framework of ecogeography, when tasks of the natural environment ecological optimization decide on landscape science theoretical basis. Landscape science, armed ecological approach, has most prospects of geographical environment optimization general principles development, and also concrete measures in decision of these tasks.

Patrykats D.I. The River Poltva in Lviv: problems, solutions and future prospects

The article deals with the history and descriptions of the river Poltva in Lviv. The ecological problems of the river, the ways to overcoming them and future prospects are analyzed and illustrated.

Key words: ecology, environmental issues, revitalization, environmental protection, natural resources, sustainable using of natural resources.

Kirilyuk O.V., Kirilyuk S.M. Ecological and hydromorphological evaluation of Gukiv’s river basin for sustainable development

An algorithm of ecological and hydromorphological evaluation of small river’s basin for sustainable development is elaborated. The map of zoning Gukivs river basin is built with this algorithm.

Gromyk O.M. Heavy metals in limnosystems of West Polesie (for example water zone of radioactive contamination of the Volyn region)

Heavy metals in limnosystems of West Polesie (for example water zone of radioactive contamination of the Volyn region).

Found features of distribution of heavy metals in waters within the zone of radioactive contamination of the Volyn region. Excess of maximum permissible concentrations of heavy metals in Links limnosystem.

Keywords: limnosystems, heavy metals, the maximum permissible concentration, radiological analysis, ponds, geosciences, radioactive contamination.