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Beydik O.O. The necropolis of the Saint-mikele (Venice) and slovyano-italian cultural connections

The representation of the Slavic component of recreational and tourist resources of the island-necropolis of San Michele (Venice) in the context of Slavic-Italian cultural and historical ties is expanded.

Keywords: biosocial homogeneous resources, necropolis, the functions of islands, cultural ties, poetry.

Smyrnov S.G. National historical and architectural preserve «Kamianets-Podilski»: old Roman roots

Represented logistical (commercial, warehouse, transport, customs) functions of medieval city of Kamianets-Podilski – one of touristic wonders of Ukraine. Shown old Roman roots in creating and developing this one of touristic wonders of Ukraine.

Petrina N.V., Tretyak I.V. National parkas of Italy: territorial organization of network and feature of rekreation and tourism

A complex of natural and climatic features determined the formation of natural landscapes, each of which is allocated to its inherent set of components. However, active human economic activity has led to a decrease of territory, so there is a need of conservation. This article contains a brief description of national parks of the regions of Italy.

Key words: nature protected areas, national parks, recreation, tourism

Carfagna Elio Le nuove tendenze nella preparazione professionale nel settore turistico in Italia

L’evoluzione e la diversificazione della domanda turistica rendono oggi necessario personalizzare l’offerta a seconda delle esigenze del consumatore, costituendo dei modelli flessibili. Di conseguenza emerge la necessità di formare figure altamente professionali in grado di offrire progettazione e promozione del turismo non per territorio, ma per prodotti turistici.

Coendo E.R. ITALIA – UCRAINA: collaborazione nel settore turistico

Il significato del viaggiare e la sua proiezione nel mondo del lavoro Italia - Ucraina: rapporti nell'ambito del settore turistico(una riflessione).

Michelle Dufor Presentation of art-butik hotel of «Casa Illica» as a constituent of new format of organization of individual tours

Ponomarenko O.V. Forming of lingvo-regional study of jurisdiction of modern tourist as perspective direction and inseparable constituent of development of international tourism

Come risposta alla crescnte domanda del turista odierno d’essere ben informato riguardante la cultura e persino la lingua del paese scelto, l’autore di quest’articolo fa prestare attenzione alla necessità dell’insegnamento qualificato delle lingue straniere e del provvedere gli studenti con dei manuali e libri di testi adeguati, presentandone uno proprio.

As an answer to the increasing demand of a contemporary tourist to be well informed in term of culture and language before going to the chosen country, the author of the article draws attention to the necessity of the highly qualified teaching of the foreign languages and of the providing students with the appropriate manuals and text-books, presenting the own one.

Shparaga T.I., Stahurska I.O. Sphere of hospitality of Italy

The formation and state-of-the-art development of hospitality field in Italy is disclosed. The basic types and classes of hospitality enterprises are defined. The network structure for quantity and capacity of hospitality enterprises is explored. There regional differences in hospitality field of the country are investigated.

Skorchenko Y.А., Tsekhosh S.V., Tsekhosh I.V. Cultural tourism as a form of cross-border cooperation

The article discusses some trends and prospects of cultural tourism as a form of cross-border cooperation.

Key words: cultural tourism, globalization, cultural legacy, etnokul'tura, folk-lore, consuetudes.

Holodova O.O. Value aspects of communication in the field of tourism marketing

 In the article the specificity of system-axiological approach in researches of social communication is analysed, the methodological grounds of the value-oriented theory of social communication are clarified, reveals the practical significance of this theory for development of social-ethics marketing of tourism strategy is revealed.

Gutsol A.V. Timeshare as a club form of the rest possession

In this article the matter of the term “timeshare” is thrown upon light, the peculiarities of the inculcation of the timeshare system in the world practice of the club rest are analyzed.  

Key words: timeshare, apartments, hotel, property.

Novykova V.i. Kinds of tourism and its infrastructure: theoretical issues and current state in Ukraine in the context of carrying out Euro-2012

The generalization of understanding of “tourism” term has been made, the indications for tourist activity classification are considered. The using of certain kinds of recreation resources by various kinds of tourism is shown. The groups of people, which will be involved into cultural, entertaining and business tourism during Euro-2012, have been determined. Two aspects of understanding “infrastructure” term are presented and definitions of general and specific infrastructure of tourism are substantiated. The development of the mentioned kinds of infrastructure is analysed in the context of carrying out Euro-2012 in Ukraine.

Keywords: kinds of tourism, tourism infrastructure, Euro2012.

Radchenko O.M. Movement of volunteers and EURO-2012 in the context of Ukraine image

This article deals with forms and methods of volunteers-participation in international sport events, potential of volunteers movement for international image of Ukraine.

Key words: volunteers, Euro-2012, sports competitions, image of Ukraine, cross-cultural communication.

Logvin M.M., Shukanov P.V.Sakral landscapes of Ukraine as object of tourism

Sakral landscapes as sainted inheritance are examined in the article. It is underlined that sacred objects always played an important role in stored spiritual traditions of our people. They and now must be a foothold in becoming of the Ukrainian state. Accented, that these territories can become the inalienable constituent of foreign tourism. It is marked that complete overcoming of economic crisis it is impossible at the terms of crisis spiritual.

Kochetkova I.V. Social and functional classification of recreational landscapes

Proposes a definition of recreational and landscape approaches to their classification.

Key words: recreational landscapes, anthropogenic landscape, recreational cyclic

Pidliseckay I.O. System of symbols of objects of historical and cultural heritage for tourist maps

The article and summarized the various classifications of objects of historical and cultural heritage. A scheme of historical and cultural heritage with a detailed representation of immovable monuments: archaeological, historical, architectural and town planning, monumental arts, science and technology, as objects of tourism. The author has developed a system of symbols of these objects for tourist maps.

Keywords: historical-cultural heritage, the classification of cultural heritage objects, the system of symbols.

Zacepin S.V. The issues of the local tourism development of the example of Samara region

This article shows main problems of the local tourism development in Russia and principal perspectives of the local tourism in Samara region. Different categories of local tourism problems are studied. The article also provides a vision of local tourism as a basis of economic improvement.

Poplavskay I.V. Public policy in the hotel area on the eve of EURO-2012 ПрослухатиСловник - Переглянути докладний словник

The questions of state on the hotel industry of Ukraine in connection with the UEFA European Football Championship in 2012

Key words: EURO 2012, public policy, investment, hotelПрослухати

Читати фонетично


Словник - Переглянути докладний словник

 Pacyuk V.S. Industrial objects as tourist destination in the context of EURO-2012 in Ukraine

The necessity of diversification of tourist suggestion of Ukraine opens up in the context of leadthrough of EURO-2012 by becoming of alternative tourist kinds, one of which is industrial tourism. Generalized experience of becoming of this tourist direction on Ukraine, the list of industrial enterprises ! interesting for visitors is given.

Key words: industrial tourism, industrial objects EURO-2012.

Vladimirova E.M. EURO 2012: the step towards business travel development in Ukraine

The present features of business travel in Ukraine, specificity of its organization as a certain kind of tourism are analyzed. Some ways of problems’ solution on the basis of using Euro’s 2012 infrastructure, the hotel, material and technical foundation are suggested.

Key words: business travel, Euro 2012, infrastructure, hotel basis.

Topicha O.Y. Regional problems of Euro 2012

This article presents the problems related with regional problems of preparing for the finals of the European Football Championships in sport, transport and tourist infrastructure. Outher, also, reviews for their solving.

Keywords: Euro 2012, regional issues, infrastructure.

Rastvorova M.O., Macyuk O.V. Zaporozhye region: analysis and proposal of alternative tourism as new areas of regional development and in the context of having “Evro-2012”

In the article currently existing in the region alternative types of tourism (ecological, ethnic, historical and cognitive) are and new alternative types of tourism (military, historical, horse, sailing history, etc.) are suggested, that allows suggest new directions for regional development including in the context of the football championship Euro-2012.

Keywords: touristic and recreational potention of the region, alternative tourism, “Evro-2012”.

Zasedka I.V. Opportunities for development of cycling tourism in the context of Euro 2012

The main features of cycling tourism are examined, thoughts regarding the necessity to develop this type of recreation especially befor Euro 2012 are given, the main problems faced by Ukraine are analyzed , the examples of possible bicycle routes for Euro 2012 are shown.

Keywords: cycling tourism, bicycle routes, tourist infrastructure, Euro 2012.

Rudaya M.A. EURO-2012 as the perspective of ukranian touristical image improving

The article studies the concept of tourism image, considers the touristic image of Ukraine today and the perspectives for its improving in the context of Euro 2012.

Keywords: tourist image, tourism potential, Euro-2012

Marunich K.O. The main directions in development of Ukraine's transport infrastructure in terms of preparation for EURO-2012

In this article the current state and key priorities in development of transport infrastructure of Ukraine by main modes are considered in terms of preparation for football championship EURO-2012.

Key words: transport infrastructure, key priorities in development,  EURO-2012.

Zatochna Y.V. Future directions of tourism development in Chile

The tourist potential of Chile and developing on its basis types of tourism are analyzed in the article. The priorities for tourist development in Chile are highlighted. The perspectives of tourist cooperation between Ukraine and Chile are outlined.

Key words: tourist market, recreational resources, tourist activities, scientific tourism, cultural tourism, sports tourism, skiing resort, tourism cooperation.

Dmitrieva K.E. Scientific bases of the territorial organization of restaurant facilities in market conditions

Scientific bases of the territorial organization of restaurant facilities are analyzed. Special attention is paid to the specific rules for enterprises in market conditions.

Key words: restaurant facilities, rational organization, market economy.

Madenko A.V. Cossack routes as part of a positive tourist image of Ukraine

The article analyzes the prospects of attracting tourist sites Cossack Age to the representative tourist routes in the context of preparation and holding of Euro - 2012. Characteristic of the tourist routes associated with the Cossacks in Ukraine.

Key words: preparation and holding of Euro – 2012, prospects of attracting tourist sites Cossack era, Cossacks - Ukraine as a tourist brand, creating a positive image of Ukraine, Cossack routes, Level of infrastructure

Tertychna Y.V. Sacred architecture of Ukraine as object of tourism

The article analised sacred architecture of Ukraine for tourism development.

Petrovskay K.V. Rekreation and tourism for people with the limited physical possibilities

Article describes the results of experience gained in the direction of entertainment and recreational tourism disabled in Ukraine. This article is one of the first steps in researching this important area.

Keywords:tourism, recreation, rehabilitation.


Vishnevska O.O., Parfinenko A.Y.,Sidorov V.I. Problems of preparation of educational literature are from tourist country study

The article analyzes the problems of educational literature from the tourist regional geography. Insufficient emphasis on the mind of publications from the tourist regional geography in the development of theoretical exposition component of discipline. Focused on the justification of the structure and content of the textbook from the tourist regional geography.

Malyarchuk P.M., Dunaevska O.F., Kozlovskiy, Svitelskiy M.M. Preparation of bachelors after program «ecological tourism» in Zhitomir national agroekological university

The article deal with the system for preparation of bachelors in meagures of program «Ecological tourism» of direction «Ecology, guard of environment and balanced natureusing». The program of preparation, study-metodical, extra-auditoria work, is presented on an ecological faculty, the prospects of collaboration with public organizations and preparation of environmentalists are outlined.

Keywords: ecological tourism, bachelor, ecological faculty.

Stafiuchuk V.I., Malinovska O.Y. Essence and role professionally oriented (excursion) practices in preparation of managers of tourism

There is determined the role and essence of excursion practice within professional training education of tourism managers.

Motuzenko O.O. Role of project activity in preparation of specialists in industry of tourism with deep knowledge of Italian (on an example international educationally cultural to the project of «Italiamo»)

The article reviews the basic organizational principles and structure of international educational and cultural project "Italiamo" as a means of promoting training of specialists in tourism in-depth knowledge of Italian language.

Holodova O.O. Communication competence – is a basis of professionalism for a specialist in the field of tourism marketing

In the article the relationship between the criteria of professionalism and competence communications of specialist in the field of tourism marketing is grounded. The socio-psychological aspects of individual marketing communication strategy are analysed. The communication competence of operator of the personal sale is considered as a system of unity of four factors: communication skills, creativity, responsibility, initiative.

Gapchenko O.I. Geospatial features of information and communication technology

The article discusses the basic global geospatial patterns of ICT; it analyzes the calculation of the level of ICT development in the countries and based on it world-system separation into center, half-periphery and periphery.

Key words: Information Communication Technology, ICT Development, Index, center, half-periphery, periphery.


Voronin I.M., Voronin I.I. Informatization as a factor of modern society

The article analyzes the process of informatization as the main factor of development of modern society.ПрослушатьНа латинице

Smyrnov I.G. Custom control of international turists is in the countries of European Union

Shown peqularities of border and customs requirements to international tourists as well as specialities of customs control procedure in the countries of European Union.

Smal V.V. Tertiarisation of Ukraine economy: comparison with European Union countries

Tertiarisation of economy is an important feature of the postindustrial development. The paper presents results of the research devoted to determining the level of development of Ukraine tertiary sector in comparison with European Union countries. The most problem spheres of service sector activity are revealed. Some considerations concerning the further service sector development are presented.

Key Words: Ukraine, tertiarisation, European Union, service sector, postindustrial economy.

Savchuk I.G. Utilisation of geo-economical effects in research the export orientated economy of country

It is present author’s formulations of principal geo-economical effect’s end is present the question of yours present of map in context by economical-geographical research the export orientated economy of country.

Key’s words: world-economy; geo-economical effects; economical framework, export orientated economy of country.

Lusak K.O. Transnational crime as destructive mehatrend under globalization

In the article the features of tendencies of transformations, related to the international organized crime as the socio-political phenomenon in the conditions of modern globalization are analysed.

Key words: transformation, globalization, transnational organized crime.

Gucol A.A. The development of transport infrastructure as a precondition of the logistic complex forming in China

The article is devoted to the problem of the development of the logistic complex in China. Special attention is paid to the potential of transport network and its peculiarities. Chinese participation in multinational projects concerning the building of Euro-Asian highways are also described.

Nyanko V.R. Tallinn as cultural capital of Europe

The tourist potential of Tallinn and developing on its basis cultural tourism are analyzed in the article. The priorities for tourist development in Tallinn are highlighted. The perspectives of tourist cooperation between Ukraine and Estonia are outlined.

Key words: tourist potential, recreational resources, tourist activities, cultural capital, cultural tourism, cultural events, tourism cooperation.

Sasko N.V. National competitiveness of Ukraine: geographical aspect

The article studies the main factors of national competitiveness of Ukraine through the prism of regional, civilization and world-system approaches. This research was based on the analysis of The Global Competitiveness Report.

Keywords: national competitiveness, regional approach, the approach of civilization, the world-system approach

Shapoval B.O., Avramenko Y.Y. The socioeconomic effect of Czech external economic complexes transformation on the way of European integration

The main aspects of Czech external economic complexes transformation have been detected and analysed.

Keywords: transformation, external economic complex, integration, investments, the external commodity trade.

Gegedyush A. A., Gritsak Y.S. Preconditions and current state of external economic complex of Hungary

This research reveals the preconditions and current state of external economic complex of Hungary. It also shows a tendency of development and future prospects of external economic complex of Hungary.

Keywords: external economic complex, geographical structure of trade, commodity structure of trade, investments, foreign tourism.

 Sergieynko O.P. Gulf Cooperation countries: civilizational features of social environment

Article examines contemporary social conditions in Gulf Cooperation countries. It reveals the main problems in the social environment functioning and development caused by Islam impact.

Key words: Gulf Cooperation countries, social environment, Islam impact.

Avramenko Y.Y., Shapoval B.O. Strengths and weaknesses of the Ukraine’s accedence to the WTO

This research reveals the main strengths and weaknesses of the Ukraine’s accedence to the World trade organization (WTO). It is also shows the tendency and prospects of cooperation between Ukraine and WTO in the future.

Keywords: World trade organization, export, globalization, trade restrictions, protectionism, capital flow.


Parfinenko A.Y. Tourist image as source of competitive edges of regional development

The article highlights the role and importance of tourism image among the competitive advantages of the region. Reveals its ability to act as a regional resource that affects the competitiveness of the territory. The basic methodological principles of regional tourist image.

Kal’ko A.D. Tourist infrastructure as constituent of economic security on the example of the Rivnenska area

The parameters of the use of tourist infrastructure are analysed as component economic security of the state on the example of the Rivnenska area.

Key words: tourism, tourist infrastructure, tourist activity, economic security.

Melnyk L.V., Petrenko O.Yu. Social and geographical analysis of formation and development of grain market in Ukraine

An human-geographical analysis of a Grain market analysis of the impact of various factors on the formation and development of the Grain Market in Ukraine, the place of Ukraine in world grain trade.

Keywords: market, food grain market, Grainproducing subcomplex.

Bondarec D.S. Water rekreation landscapes of the Zaporozhia region

Information about the current state of water recreational landscapes Zaporozhye region reviewed and summarized. Current problems of prospects for more efficient use resources of water recreational area landscapes identified.

Key words: aquatic recreational landscapes, natural resource potential, environmental management.

Kulik K.V. Features of the regional structure of Ukrainian insurance market

The analysis of the division of Ukrainian insurance market into regions is made. The features of regional structure of Ukrainian insurance market are detected.

Key words: insurance market, structure, region

Feduk O.M. The development of industrial geography at the second part of XX – the beginning of xxi century in Ukraine

The peculiarities of Ukrainian investigations of industrial geography at the second part of XX – the beginning of XXI century are disclosed. The general scientific and scientific-methodical works deals with industrial production branches as well as with industrial territorial organization         are explored.

Key words: industry, industrial complex, socio-geographical investigations, territorial organization, territorial structure.

Patrikac D.I. The Problems of recreational and transport systems of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea

The article deals with recreational and transport systems of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, their present situation. The territorial structure of recreational facilities and transport system of the republic is analyzed. The main problems of recreational and transport sector and opportunities to overcome them are determined.

Key words: Recreational system, recreational facility, recreational effect, transport, transport system.

Chernenko A.S. Ozone depletion: natural or anthropogenic process?

This article examines major ozone depletion hypothesis, both natural and man-made. Describes the mechanism of action of the considered hypotheses and arguments which speak in favor of each. An author expresses an assumption about falsity of the popular views, that human factor is the main in the process of ozone depletion.

Chilko L.V. Sustainable development of human settlements in the context of Ukraine's cities

This article researches the ways and patterns of implementation of the sustainable development standards in Ukraine’s cities. Describes the mechanism of creating concepts which may be used by the local self-government bodies of Ukraine for ecologization and also as capacity enhancement factors for local selfgovernment.

Key words: sustainable development,city, Ukraine, implementation.