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Smirnov I.G. Customs logistics of tourists in conduction of EURO-2012 in Ukraine

The article’s subject is on the crossroad of two modern directions of logistical theory and practice – customs logistics and travel logistics. Shown Ukraine’s customs rules for tourists, especially their luggage, currency, domestic and wild animals. Laid ant logistical basis for creation of quick and effective customs control system in Ukraine considering big touristic and freight flows through her boundaries, which is a high necessity in conditions of preparation and conduction of EURO-2012 in Ukraine and Poland.

Kolotucha O.V. Segmentation of social tourism in Ukraine

The article is devoted the questions of segmentation and classification of social tourism in Ukraine.

Novykova V.I. The components of main kinds of transport as infrastructure of recreation: the essence of the concept, structure, classification

In the paper transport is considered as infrastructure of recreation activity. For each of main kinds of transport (motor transport, rail transport, water transport, air transport) its components (transportation facilities, communication lines, transport infrastructure) are analysed from positions of definition the essence of the concepts, the structure and classification.

Antonenko V.S., Poloviy A.M. Estimation of the recreation resources and comfort weather conditions of Kuyalnyk astuary

The quantitative evaluation of recreational resources Kuyalnik estuary, assessed the degree of discomfort for the tourists by the degree of adverse effects of meteorological factors on the thermal regime of person.The results of investigations allow to appropriate better the meteorological information for assessing climatic conditions and resources of groundwater in general, including recreational, development of systems for monitoring climate landscapes at the regional level.

Beydik O.O., Rak L.K. Ecological safety of Primorskiy recreation and tourist complex of Ukraine

The concept of ecological safety of recreational complexes level increase directions were systematized, the cartographic model of point scoring of ecological factors balance of regional recreation and tourist complexes development was proposed.

Radchenko O.M. Ecological aspect in foreign tourism of Sovjet republic of Ukraine in 1960-80

This article considers historical development of ecological aspect in foreign tourism of Sovjet republic of Ukraine.

Novosad N.O. Progress of hotel infrastructure of entrance tourism

Рассмотрены тенденции развития гостиничной инфраструктуры (мировой, европейский, национальный уровень) въездного туризма, проанализировано размещение въездных туристов в Украине.

Redko T.V. Information-territorial projection of tourist attractiveness of Ukrainian regions

The article examines the role of information factor in mechanism of tourist motivation. The author reveals the essence of information as a form of tourist-recreational resources and tourist activity environment. Also it is studied the impact of information - territorial projection on the formation of imagery about the tourist attractiveness of regions of Ukraine

Syrovets S.Y. Teritorial organization of tourism in Capital region

Basic positions of forming of tourism in Capitl region were analysed. Strategic aims, tasks and basic constituents of tourism in Capitl region were explored.

Zaleshchik V.V. Complex valuation of recreation potential on example of Luhansk region

Complex valuation of recreation-tourist resources of Luhansk region is represented.

Moklicya Y.V. Tourist information center as a tool for local tourism development

The article explores conditions and factors of tourist development of the Lutsk city and determined positive economical, political, social and technical factors, which have an influence on development of tourist branch. Also article presents the elements of tourist attractiveness in Lutsk.

Kay words: tourist resources, tourist product, tourist service.

Tertichna Y.V. Development of tourism in the countries of Central Europe

Thе article analyzed tourism development in Central Europe.

Moskalenko M.A. Tourism image of Ukraine

The tourist image of Ukraine is viewed as one of the priority method in the development of tourist business. The main research areas of brand development of the country are viewed. Understanding and attitude towards Ukraine by the world community is analyzed. Author is offering key elements of making-up the tourist image and development of it.

Verkhoturova O.A. Analysis of the tourism product range Khmelnitsky region on the Internet  

The article analyzes the range of tourism product, Khmelnytsky region on the Internet.

Dmitruk O.Y., Bulgakova Y.S. Ecotour «By colorful streets of autumn»

In the article the content of heath-related and recreation activity in the National botanical garden of M.M. Grishko of NAS of Ukraine were analysed. The project of the ecotour «By colorful streets of autumn».

Dmitruk O.Y., Fedorova K.V. Ecotour «Sorceries of Golosyiv»

In the article the content of heath-related and recreation activity in the Golosyiv’s forest were analysed. The project of the ecotour «Sorceries of Golosyiv».

Dmitruk O.Y., Korchuk O.S. Ecotour «Charmed autumn» of park-sight of landscaping ART «Nivki»

In the article the content of heath-related and recreation activity in park-sight of landscaping art “Nivki were analysed. The project of the ecotour «Charmed autumn».

Dmitruk O.Y., Kozub A.E. Cognizing the world, you cognize itself

In the article the content of heath-related and recreation activity in the Holosyivo forest were analysed. The project of the ecological-sacred tour «Cognizing the world, you cognize itself».

Dmitruk O.Y., Maksimenko D.L. Ecotour«Feofaniya ways»

Rekreation potential of of park-sight landscaping art of «Feofaniya» were considered. An ecological path the way of which engulfs both religious part of park and it natural complexes were developed.

Dmitruk O.Y., Morosova L.V. Ecotour «With nature» National natural park «Golosiivskiy» as the final stage of social and psychological playing training «School of Queen»

In the article the content of heath-related and recreation activity in national natural park “Golosiivskiy” were studied. The project path of health for beginner and persons with low level of physical training were proposed.

Dmitruk O.Y., Znayda V.V. Ecotour «In unison with nature» in the park «Druzhby narodiv»

In the article the content of heath-related and recreation activity in the the park ‘’ Druzhby narodiv» were analysed. The project of the ecotour ‘’In unison with nature ” were proposed.


Smal V.V. The main patterns of postindustrial development of European Union countries: methodology and results of the research

The paper presents results of the research devoted to determining the level and character of European Union countries postindustrial development. Twenty nine indicators were involved for the postindustrial development integral coefficient calculation and cluster analysis. The results provide the base for identifying the main patterns of postindustrial development in Europe.

Beyidick O.O. Greshnyakova T.V. India in the BRIC group: touristic demension

The dynamics of international tourist arrivals and tourism receipts of the BRIC countries is analyzed. India's position in this geopolitical and economic alliance and the dynamics of its tourism development for the years 1995-2009 is revealed.

Keywords:  international tourist arrivals, BRIC countries, recreational and tourist resources, megaspecificity.

Sasko N.V. Clusters of competitivenes of countries

The article analyses and reveals clusters of industries, which have competitive advantages on the grounds of M.Porter’s theory of the Determinants of National Competitive Advantage and Forbes2000 .

Gapchenko O.I. The phenomenon of digital inequality in modern society

The article analyzes the phenomenon of the international digital divide as couse-sequence effect of the information society; considered the basic indicators of the digital divide and the necessity of solving this problem.

Sergienko O.P. Influence of «Islamic Factor» on economic development of Gulf countrie

The article observes the main aspects of religious factor impact on economic development of the members of Gulf Cooperation. It analyses efficiency of their economic policy and determines the role of Middle East in Global Economy.

Lisyk X.S. Ecological Platform of The Modern World System Development

The author researches topicality of a new ecological platform development and the transformations necessity in all spheres. Also the most important problems, which complicate new changes, are sorted out. The author offers some ways of their solving.

Gucol A.A. The features of the regional policy of China

The article contains characteristic of development of the regions and the individual districts of China. It reveals the main goals and the features of the regional policy of China. It gives the description of the mechanism of the regional problems.

Fedorchuk I.V. System of rational management of fuel resources of Norway

The article analyses system of rational management of fuel resources on instance of Norway and reveals the main approaches of rational management in this country.


Zima O.G., Cavun S.V., Pidgayno V.O. The national market of air traffic in terms of integration process to Common Aviation Area                                                                          

Strategic development project within joint work with European Union was defined for Ukraine. Inspite of availability of powerful potential, beneficial geographical location Ukraine has a lot of problems which are necessary to solve. At first the transport infrastructure has to be reformed as one of the main communications links with the rest of counties.

Logvin M.M. Demographic processes as reflections spiritually morale of population

In the article the analysis of reasons of death rate of population is examined in Ukraine. Marked on the role of spiritual and morally emotional factors in demographic processes, in particular, to the death rate and morbidity of population. Intercommunication of spiritual confusions is underlined: murders, suicides, criminality and demographic processes.

Levicka O.L., Zapotockiy S.P. Regional programing as an effective element of management by the regional development

The essence and mechanism of realization of the regional programs of social-economic development is described. Efficiency of their application is considered in the transformation conditions of market development and the basic problems of realization of the main programs of the regional development are determined on practice.

Tonkonog O.O. Estimation of export potential of grains in Ukraine

Export potential of corn industry of Ukraine is appraised in the article. World market of grain and a dynamics between a production and consumption of grain in the world is researched. The dynamics of export is reflected.

Bogomolov V.I.Influence of the Pridniprovskaya railway is on an environment

In this article influence of railway transport is probed on an environment on the example of the Pridniprovskaya railway. The general tendency of influence of railway was analysed on an environment, and also, separately, there was the rotined dynamics of contamination of atmosphere on six railways, certain conclusions are conducted. An ecological situation was in a complete measure described on the Pridniprovskiy ferrous road, and basic elementi-zabrudniki.


Kal’ko A.D. Structural classification of areas of bowels of the earth is after the depth of the earth's crust. State and prospects

The analysis of the entrails parts which given to use for geological researching, for mined minerals and other purposes were conducted. Spatial allocation of the entrails parts relatively for sedimentary, granite and basalt ground layers in a range of a sole classification characteristic was suggested.      

Key words: bowels of the earth, granite layer, basaltic layer, sinking layer, crystalline shield, using the bowels of the earth, spatial belonging.

Gromyk O. M. Radioactive Pollution of Volyn Oblast soils

Complex analysis of pollution of soils 137Cs and  90Sr on the territory of Volyn Oblast within Manevychi, Kamin-Kashyrs’k and Liubeshiv administrative regions has been carried out. The optimisation important ways and methods of radionuclide migration reduction into plants have been defined.

Key-words: radionuclide, organic and mineral fertilizers, radioactive pollution.

Kravchinskiy R.L. Features of anthropogenic influence on superficial water of the Ingulets river basin

In this article are discussed the basic aspects of anthropogenic influence on superficial waters of the Ingulets river basin. It is investigated the change of hydrography picture of the river basin, a particular branch structure of waterusers , influence the economic activity on hydrological and hydrochemical mode of the river.

Golyk O.V., Moyseyenko L.V. CMIP, REMO and CRU data verification of surface air temperature during 1850-2000 years

Results of annual surface air temperature modeling analysis are adduced using СМІР, CRU, and REMO. 150years’ age progress of air temperature is analyzed and two-years, 4-5, 7-8 and 15 years cycles are established. Gradual rise in temperature and regional component impact on the results of the simulation are shown.

Dibrova I.O. Leading of landscape practicies with students-geografies of Kiev national university Tarasa Shevchenko

This issue opens main points of practical part of Landscape (at the example of Geografical faculty Kiev National university Tarasa Shevchenko)