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Lybitseva O.O., Malska M.P., Zinko Y. V. Conceptual principles of geography of recreation and tourism

The 6 most common conceptions of geography of recreation and tourism were examined, which can be offered as conceptual principles of geospace organization of tourism in the tourismologi.

Smirnov I.G. Rest owning system or timeshare

Shown significanse and place in international touristic business as well as essense and pecularities of its newest divection – rest owning system or timeshare.

Kiptenko V.K. Tourism in regional policy in Ukraine

The article observes the key provisions of the state strategy of regional development related to the recreation and tourism activities in Ukraine.

Samburova E.N. Geography of China tourism

Since the initiation of the policies of reform and opening to the outside world in 1978, China's tourism has entered a stage of rapid development. Currently, China has become an important tourism destination, and ranks fourth in the number of arrivals in the world.  With the improvement of Chinese people's living standards, Chinese citizens have an increasingly strong interest in traveling abroad.  Domestic  tourism is also growing vigorously.  Tourism has become a strategic industry in China’s development. The article discusses the features of the dynamics and geography of domestic and international tourism in China, analyzes the structure of tourist flows.

Buchko G.I., Kryl G.Y. The spatial analysis of hotel and restaurant tourism infrastructure in Chernivtsi region

The spatial placement of facilities such as hotel and meals in the administrative regions of Chernivtsi region is analyzed in this article. Areas with significant and lack provision by hotels and restaurants and catering enterprises are selected. Prerequisites and reasons for placing reasonable hospitality are justified.

Lavruk M.M. Geographical typology of mountain valleys of Huzulschyna for recreational and tourist needs

Based on field research article outlines the basic types of mountain valleys of Huzulschyna and their characteristics for further analysis of the tourist and recreational potential according to various types of leisure.

Key words: mountain valley, tourist and recreational resources of valleys, types of valleys, mountain valleys tourism, Huzulschyna.

Novikova M.V., Lola Y.Y. Peculiarities of tourist enterprises' management activities

Nowadays conditions for implementation of the management process for travel companies are researched. The model of management is presented, range of competences required for an effective manager are defined.

Chlimankova M.A. Seasonal fluctuation in tourism

This article is devoted to seasonal fluctuations in world tourism. This topic is relevant at the present time, because with the development of mass tourism is increasingly manifest tendency of the uneven development of the industry, clearly manifest a cyclical wave processes in tourism. One manifestation of such processes is a social phenomenon as seasonal variations. This article reviews the basic theoretical concepts: a definition of seasonal variations, the factors which determine this kind of vibration, provides an overview of the classifications territory depending on seasonal fluctuations and, moreover, highlighted the consequences.

Рatsiuk V.S. The appeal of population of Krivoy Rog is analysed in relation to development of industrial tourism

The appeal of population of Krivoy Rog is analysed in relation to development of industrial tourism. It is found out the categories of habitants of inclined to employment by this tourist kind.

 Zacepin S.V. Social premises of the ecological tourism development in contemporary society

The article describes main social and economic premises of ecological tourism development in contemporary society. Also this article considers basic sociological concepts which help to study those premises. The definition of ecological tourism as a certain modern world practice is also given in the article.

Guraeva K.A. Actual problems of tourism development in Ukraine and the world and their solutions

In this article I have reviewed the main problems of tourism development in the world and in Ukraine and the ways to reduce their influence in tourism.

Palamaryuk M.Y. Geography of tourism and recreational potential of the Chernivtsi region

Chernivtsi region has significant tourism and recreational potential. Natural, cultural, historical and infrastructural resources, which are the basis of tourism development and impact on the territorial organization of recreational activities discussed in the article.

Yurovchik V.G. Analysis of recreation activity in Volinskiy| region

Research of development of all of directions of recreatsiya| is conducted in the Volinskiy region. Possibility of subsequent organization of recreatsiynoi| activity is investigational taking into account the use of present natural recreatsiynoi| resources. The objects of the naturally protected fund of the Volinskiy region are described. Found out directions, task in relation to a guard, use and development of PZF of the Volinskoy region.

Keywords: recreatsiya |, rest, naturally protected fund, sanatorium, tourism.

Lyashuk N.N. Modern territorial organization of enterprises of hotel economy of the Volyn region

Modern territorial organization of enterprises of hotel economy of the Volyn region. The modern state of hotel economy of the Volyn region is analysed. Agglomeration of industries and level of development of enterprises of hotel economy is explored by the calculation of index of agglomeration of industries and index of localization.

Keywords. Enterprises of hotel economy, index of agglomeration of industries, index of localization.


Savchuk I.G. Teoretical aspects for the geographycal research by international passenger ferry road communication

Present the principal positions of the theoretical approach’s for research the international passenger ferry road communication. Demonstrated the concep’s of geoeconomical effects creacting by the it. Present the essence of theoretical model of “star of Legran”.

Rettinger R., Staszak P. Availability of communication ways of Cambodia - index which predetermines development of tourism

Wonderful complex of archeological park temples Buddhist Angkor, traditional architecture Khmer Phnom Penh and coast of Thai Bay, they are values which decide about Cambodia attractiveness. The growth number of arrivals to the country is noticed year by year. It’s important that the main touristic movement is concentrated around Angkor and Phnom Penh. In both cases the main elements of communication infrastructure are modern airports. The other parts of the country are less developed, simply they are not used for touristic needs. The airport of 130 thousand people town of Siem Reap has assumed most passengers in the country since 2006.

Vorflik G.S. Geopolitical aspects of Kurdish conflict

The paper deals with the Kurdish problem. Geopolitical aspects of the ethnic conflict in the region are considered. Consequences of independent Kurdistan formation and methods of improving of geoconflictological situation in Middle East are studied.

Nishemenko V.I. Geopolitical consequences of Kosovo independence in the geographical aspect

The influence of a new independent state - Kosovo on the geopolitical situation in the world, and countries belonging to certain geographic regions.

Durda A.O. State neutrality as an alternative to the foreign policy course of Ukraine in modern times: pros and cons

In the article there are considered advantages and disadvantages of the concept of state neutrality as an alternative to foreign development of Ukraine on the example of Switzerland. The author discovered distinctive features of the functioning of the Swiss model of neutrality nowadays. There is traced the basic range of problems, which must be solved in case of proclamation the state neutrality of Ukraine. On the basis of the conditions necessary to proclaim Ukraine a neutral state, is elaborated the package of rules that should ensure international security on the territory of the “grey zone” and the effective implementation of the strategies of foreign policy of different that already are neutral or want to proclaim neutrality, to which Ukraine belongs


Goryacko M.D. Multiplicative effects of major investment projects at regional socio-economic environment (on the example of the Russian Far East)

This article presents the main directions of the impact of major investment projects for the city of Vladivostok for the APEC 2012 on the socio-economic environment. The characteristic of modern investment processes of Vladivostok and estimation of their conditionality is presented by realization of the investment project. Provides a qualitative assessment of the socio-economic impact of the project on the development of the city.

Afanasiev O.E. History of regional nature-use as a factor of tourist attractiveness of Dnipropetrovsk region

Grounded understanding of the history of regional nature-use as a substantive basis for the development of integrated tourist and excursion routes through the territory of Dnipropetrovsk region. Types of nature-use, that historically formed and evolved in the region, leaving a considerable historical and cultural heritage. On the background of low and unregulated tourism development in the region and of the lack of tourist routes, offered three new complex routes – «Meet the Pavlograd miner», «Scythian pectoral: Golden Ring of the Dnieper», «Three rivers – the same fate: the wonderful world of Protovchanschina».

Key words: regional tourism, history of regional nature-use, types of nature-use in Dnipropetrovsk region, tourist and excursion routes on the history of nature-use.

Smirnov I.G. The logistical aspects of Ukraine touristic wanders: medieval city of Kamianets-Podilski

Represented logistical (commercial, warehouse, transport, customs) functions of medieval city of Kamianets-Podilski – one of touristic wonders of Ukraine. The article brings its part to interpretation of development of transport and commercial logistics in Ukraine in historical aspect (on the example of medieval city – fortress of Kamianets), as well as to research of logistical aspects of Ukraine touristic wanders – in travel logistics contents which is one of the newest scientific and practical directions.

Stupina O.G. Application of the destination management concept for tourism planning and development in border regions

In the article is stated and proved necessity of development and providing alternative and competitive prospects of tourist products

Uliganets S.I., Strugun O.G. Suggestions for development of tourist activity in order to providing EURO -2012 in Kiev

The article contains an analysis of the destination management concept. Its application for tourism planning and development in border regions of EU countries is examined.

Vergun L.I. Present-day status and future outlook of tourist industry in Ukraine regions

Present-day status of tourist industry in Ukrainian regions and future outlook of its development were considered. Elaboration of regional special complex programs of tourism development is an important tool of influence on the regional tourist industry. Recommendations of rational application of Ukrainian natural-reserved territories and enhancement of the strategic plan development of tourism in Ukraine were proposed.

Rydneva M.G. Functional structure of Crimea’s wineries cluster socio -geographic aspects

The article describes the main elements of the functional structure of a wine cluster. Based on their comparison with similar structures of agro-industrial complexes, it proved the effectiveness of cluster development model for the Crimean wine-making industry.

Bachinska O.V. The oretical and methodical bases of ekonomic and geographical research of Starokostyantynivskiy region

At this article work were studied, analysed and mastered publical and territorial problems of complex of administrative district. It was done the research of local communities population and production, their combination and interaction. It makes it possible to identify types of local communities of population and types communities of production, elements and interaction territorial structures, of population and production mastered vital activity of population.


Dacenko L.M., Pidlisecka I.O. Analysis of foreign tourist maps

The article is an analysis of foreign tourist maps of different regions. Given an overall assessment of the characteristics of tourist maps.

Beba N.V. Cartographic products are on service of tourists

The basic features of creation and using the most widespread among tourists types of cartographic products (review and rout maps, plans of settlements) are considered. Systematic approach, as basis of creation the cartographic products of recreational activity, is analyzed. Gradation of mapping levels for tourist’s cartographic products is offered.

Vlasenko M.M. The analysis of aspects of the information technology globalization in Latin America

In the paper were analyzed the main aspects of the information technology globalization, such as network readiness index, level of quantity of Internet users and phenomena, which represents the result of influence of globalization to the social environment, like digital divide, and censorship.  

Keywords: information technology globalization, network readiness index, index on censorship, digital divide, digital inequality.


Cherney E.I., Oliynik Y.B., Kal’ko A.D. Structurally geographical analysis of modern methodologies of boundary territories

Connection of hydrocarbon geological structures is analysed with planetary processes and space phenomena.

Key words: gashydrates beds, subhydrates, containing breeds, cracks, shelf, mountain breeds.

Penderetskyy O.V. Environmental assessment method of soil using Fuzzy-tech

The method of estimation of ecological condition of the soil based on fuzzy-theory for the measured values of concentrations of heavy metals. The method was tested on the actual material.

Key words: ecological conditions, pollution, methods, standards, fuzzy-theory, soil, assessment scale, concentration, background.

Snutko V.A., Shurokova V.A., Nizovcev V.A., Frolova N.L. Hydrological and landscape situation Baltic slope Tikhvinskaia water system (Northem European Russia)

In 2010, the Leningrad region were carried out of complex historical and scientific expedition "Natural and artificial waterways of northern Russia XVII-XIX centuries." organized by the Institute of History of Science and Technology, RAS. S.I. Vavilova RAN. The main purpose of the expedition was to conduct historical research, hydrological and landscape studies Tikhvinskaia sluice water system. Previously on archival and published sources has been studied the history of water communications Petrine era years 1695-1725. Directly on the ground to detect changes in the environment after the construction of the system, studied the dynamics of natural processes.ПрослушатьНа латинице


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Yavkin V.G., Yasenchyk V.I., Melnuchyk A.Y. Features of land price offers recreational Dniester reservoir

The paper especially given the spread of price proposals in areas pryakvatorialnyh Dniester reservoir. This enables you to expect the spatial distribution of recreational value of coastal areas. An appeal of outdoor signs in locations coast.

Slomiska L.S. Stakeholders of natural resource management of Vinnytska oblast: specific and some results of research

Roles and interests of stakeholders in existing system of natural resource management on regional level are considered. Representatives of local communities and state authorities, responsible for management of natural resources are considered as key stakeholders. Using the result of questionnaires and step-by-step stakeholder power analysis problems of natural resource management are highlighted from different points of view.