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Lisovskiy S.A. Tourism as a factor ensuring balanced development of regions of Ukraine

The problems of transition of Ukraine to the balanced development are analysed. Resources and possibilities of the balanced development providing of regions of country are explored. The role of tourism in the practical providing of the balanced development of regions is definit .

Balabanov G.V. Gilberg T.G. Balansed regional development and tourism

The essence of the category “balanced regional development” concerning to modern Ukraine is expanded. The necessity of progressive changes of the economy structure of the state regions is emphasized. The role of tourism as a regional development factor is examined.

Smirnov I.G. Strategic logistic management in international tourism in the context of its sustainable development

Represented essence, role and functions of logistical management in international tourism as factor of sustainable tourism. Worked out original methodic of optimal touristic loading calculation with examples of sea-rest tourism and cognitive tourism in big city. Proposed organizational scheme of strategic logistical management in international tourism on the basic of logistical auditing algorithm of tourism sustainability level in country or region.

Smal V.V. Industrial heritage tourism as a postindustrial transformation product

The essence of industrial heritage tourism and preconditions of its formation which are connected with the postindustrial transformation are revealed in the paper. The world experience of industrial heritage tourism development is analyzed. The possibilities for the development of this form of tourism in Ukraine are examined.

Bozhuk T.I. Research on religious sites for the purposes of tourism

It was the algoritm of religious objects' research for the needs of excursion-tourist activitiest. It was characterize the content and technology of realizing the tasks on every stage of religious objects' research.

Shparaga Т.І., Lomachuk I.V. Fortress complexes of Ukraine as an oject of tourism activity

The essence and types of fortress complexes are defined. The distribution, safety, problems as well as capabilities of Ukrainian fortress complexes usage in tourism industry are analysed.

Didenko D.V., Larikova S.S. Research on interpretation of «territory tourist attractiveness» concept

The approaches of scientists concerning interpretation of the term ‘attractiveness’ were examined and her forms were researched. According to the results of realized analysis, the definition ‘tourist attractiveness of territory’ was given.

Mityuk O.A., Prixodko A.I. Geomarketing as a tool for regional sustainable development

The concurrence between the regions of Ukraine and maintenance of sustainable development conception in a process of regionalization are examined in this article. The conceptions of geomarketing complex are suggested.

Brunets B.R. Structural construction of tourist infrastructure

In articles structural construction of a tourist infrastructure proceeding from techniques of studying and technology of an estimation of tourist resources is carried out. It is established interrelation between tourist resources and infrastructural compound which enable to provide constant development.

Koroma N.S. Problems of sustainable tourism development in the Black sea region. Lessons of Baltika

The problems of sustainable development of tourism are considered and analysed on the example of the Black Sea region of Ukraine. Experience of collaboration of countries of region of the Baltic sea is studied.

Ilyin L.V., Kalinowski D.I., Ilyina O.V. Recreational evaluation of Ukrainian Polissya reservoirs natural potential        

Ukrainian Polissya reservoirs as objects of recreation activities are considered, the comprehensive valuation of water suitability for recreational and tourist use based on the target (general, special, individual, specific) criteria and indicators set is given.

Czapliński Paweł mgr Kibycz Anna Aktywność spoleczności lokalnych w animacji i promocji dziedzictwa kulturowego kaszub

In regions with strongly pronounced cultural originality, such as Kashubs, perspective the development direction is ethnotourism. In article is investigated cultural heritage of Kashubs, animation and promotion by a local community of an ethnotourist product for the purpose of development ethnotourism on territory edges.

Sviridova N.D., Negoda G.A. Research on the state and prospects of development of regional tourism in the Lugansk area

The important task of economy of region is creation of effective productively - economic complex which would have potential of development of tourist industry. The Luhansk area the row of measures, sent to activation of tourist activity is offered to .

Pestushko V.Y., Chubuk Y.P. Chernobyl atomic electric power plant as a tourist destination

The dynamics and structure of tourist flows to Chernobyl Atomic Electric Power Station are shown which is considered as one of the most important objects of "gloomy" tourism.

Kozlovska O.S. Features and prospects of development of tourism to Chornobyl zone

The features and rationale for future tourism development in the Chornobyl zone are analyzed. An assessment of existing tourism infrastructure is carried out. Various organizational aspects are exposed. An attractive tourist sites zone are defined. The dynamic of prices for tours is analyzed.

Bezpalko Y.V. The problems and opportunities of the Crimean resort industry nowadays

Observed the problem of preserving the unique nature in Crimea and the problem concerning the priority of Crimean resort industry development. Worked out the future strategy for Crimean region. Highlighted the meaning of the deconcentration and diversification in Crimean resort industry. Defined the problems and opportunities in Crimea that haven`t been used before, outlined the development prospects of the peninsula as the main resort region of Ukraine.

Pavlenko T.M. Estimation of aesthetical beauty of Poltava region territory for recreational and touristic purposes

The aesthetical beauty of landscapes in Poltavska oblast is estimated (in terms of their potential for tourism and recreation). The methodological footing of estimation is developed. It is proposed to estimate aesthetical beauty using the following indices: horizontal and vertical partition of relief, and landscape diversity (Shennon's entropy is used as an index).

Doan P.V. Impact of event tourism on region development

In this article is analyzed the impact of event tourism on region development, here is researched world experience of organization of new events and here is formulated the concept of the event tourism development in Ukraine.

Vergun L.I. Rural tourism in Ukraine

The phenomen of rural tourism in Ukraine is considered here as one of the ways to increase the life level and profits of rural population. The concept of "rural tourism", the history of nucleation and its evolution in Ukraine as well as prospects of its further development have been presented.

Chernenko A.P. Current state of sporting tourism development in Ukraine. Problems and prospects


Malska M.P., Antoniuk N.V. Ways of improving state regulation of tourism services development

Models of state regulation of the tourism industry that are realized in European countries are presented. The problems are analyzed regarding the development of tourism industry in Ukraine as well as the role of national governmental bodies in solving them. The most effective mechanism of state regulation of tourism industry in Ukraine is presented.

Kiptenko V.K. Product of the tour territory

The conceptual and terminological essence of the products of the tour territory is considered and determined the role of certain basic and integral products for the spatial management of tour territories.

Fedchuk A.P. Tourist process management in remote extreme regions (the case of Antarctic tourism)

Based on “whole systems” approach it is identified the main elements of tourist process in remote extreme regions: motivated tourists, tourist industries, generating regions, transit regions, and destination regions. An Antarctic tourism case study shows ways of application for each element the main existing management tools such as EIA, environmental monitoring, and management plans within zoning system.

Ruitinskiy M.Y. System of rekreation motives of modern man as motive force of development of global tourism industry

The plural of recreation man’s motives and its influence on market of leisure and recreation services is analyzed. The main principles of recreation sphere development are characterized. The tendencies of tourism industry development are proved from market’s reaction on recreation motives and needs of modern man.

Kozlovskiy E.V. The ways of increasing investment projects management efficiency in the tourist centres of Ukraine

In this article an attempt to consider the problem of increasing the efficiency of investment management in tourist branch at a local level is carried out. The special attention is allocated to development the concept of investment projects management in the Ukrainian tourist centres, which defines opportunities, directions and ways of regulation the investments on the basis of the analysis of world experience. Key words: tourism, tourist policy, investment project, budget of development, local authorities.

Udovichenko V.V., Maksimenko D.S. the elements of a complex of marketing communications in system of popularization of fortified structures

The elements of a complex of marketing communications in system of popularization of fortified structures are formulated and considered in this article. Approaches to the solution of questions of popularization of the last are offered.

Chubarova E.E. Generalization of the government programs for development of tourism in Crimea prior to “EURO 2012”

Although, Autonomous Republic of Crimea will not take part in realization of soccer matches in "Euro 2012", which will be held in Ukraine, it remains one of the basic directions for a tourists’ visiting. Therefore it is very important to research the measures, which was marked in the government programs to "Euro 2012" and in other programs which has a relation to development of tourism in a region and in Aautonomous in particular.

Demyanenko Y.S. Problems and ways of improving excursion activities preparation and quality control systems in Ukraine

Management of excursion activity in Ukraine requires a system of measures for improving and streamlining. This article aims to analyze the current state of training and control of quality excursion activities and to propose ways to improve it.

Kalabuchova A.A. An acceptance and realization of administrative decisions in management of tourist enterprise

The informative providing of process of acceptance and realization of administrative decisions is examined in the management of tourist enterprise. The list of informative sources which are used by a leader is given. The given suggestions are on perfection of the informative providing.


Smirnov I.G. Hotel industry in Ukraine during the preparation for Euro-2012 Championship

Represented problems and perspectives of Ukraine’s hotel industry development considering its preparations to European soccer championship “EURO – 2012”. Shown hotel industry’s essence and peculiarities. Analyzed modern condition of hotel industry in Ukraine.

Glibova Y.V. Analysis of state and prospects of hotel development in Kharkiv in during the preparation for Euro-2012

The finals of the UEFA Euro 2012 by UEFA requirements provides qualitative and quantitative preparation of hotel infrastructure as one of the following three important components of sports and transportation.

Kashuba S.G. The offer of a tourist product of Ukraine

The offer of a tourist product of Ukraine on an example of offers of travel agency «Dva chemodana» on internal and entrance tourism, feature and prospects of relations «tour operator – a travel agent – the tourist» in the course of sale of a tourist's product of Ukraine is considered.

Kiptenko V.K., Volosevich A.V. Ukraine tour product supply on the internet

The analysis of Ukraine tour product on the Internet is provided/