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Sokolova О.V. Modern features of tourism market development

Voronin I.M., Voronina G.B. Globalization: tourism aspect

The article is devoted to main forming of the globalization’s process in the tourism. It’s the hotel network & the circuitry, the global union & the strategically alliance, adoption of the new information’s & telecommunication’s technology

Smal I.V. Industrial heritage tourism as a postindustrial transformation product

The basic tendencies and main features of international tourism development on the world and regional scale are indicated and analyzed in the paper.

Zinko Y.V., Ivanyk M.B., Shevchuk O.M. European experience of geotourism development

Conceptual and notional aspect of geotourism are discussed, which is considered to be a specific educational (cognitive) form of tourism based on geological heritage. The analysis is presented regarding the nature protection and organizational prerequisites of geotourism development in a number of European countries (Great Britain, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland). European initiative are presented concerning the formation of a network of geoparks that play geotourism, geoconservation and educational-demonstrative role. Scientific and methodological foundations as well as the applied measures of the development of geotourism in Ukraine are presented.

Malinovska О.Y. The gender aspect of tourism

There were looked out the influence of gender aspect on the tourism. It was analyzed the historical aspect of women influence on tourism, special features of women participation in formal and informal sphere of tourism and specifics of women as customers of tourist services.

Samolenko І. S. Sex tourism in the world

It was discribed the subject of the sex tourism in the world. There was defined the kinds of the sex tourism and dissemination of this phenomenon. There were analyzed demand and supply factors of sex tourism.

Macyuik О.V. A dynamics of development of tourism in the countries of South-east Asia on the example of Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore

The article emphasizes the dynamics of development of tourism in the countries of South-East Asia on the example of Malaysia, Tailand and Singapore.

Novosad N.О. Human-geographic factors of incoming tourism development in Ukraine

The external and internal social-geographical factors of development of entrance tourism of Ukraine are considered. Basic pre-conditions of development of entrance tourism are analysed.

Melnichuk A.L., Bodina A.O. Preconditions of Ukrainian-Polish transboundary tourism cluster formation

In this article notions of «transboundary clusters», «transboundary region» are defined. Preconditions of Ukrainian-Polish transboundary touristic cluster formation are marked out. Main problems of transboundary clusters development in Ukraine are indicated.

Beyidik O.O., Goncharuk A.O. Development of cultural and entertainment tourism in Ukraine (on an example of festival tourism)

Development of the cultural- entertaining tourism in Ukraine was described (on an example of festival tourism). The model of the festival’s thematic structure and skeleton map of specific and regional structure of ukrainian festival tourism was proposed. Also the prospects of its development were outlined.

Xovalko A.B. Spatial differentiation underground territorial systems in Podolie for the purposes of tourism recreation

Considered naturally caused addiction, leading to separation of cave systems skirts on structural and functional components of a system specified type. Displaying means forming the basis for the implementation of structural and integral evaluation due caves.

 Strigevska T.S. The existing conditions for sustainable tourism development in Kirovohradskiyi region

Analyzed the existing conditions for sustainable tourism development in Kirovohradskiyi region through development of hotel and restaurant and transport facilities, the proposed projects to increase tourists in the region, the way out the Kirovohradskiyi region from the state of depression through the development of tourism.


Pendereckiy O.V. Conceptual informative cadastre system of industrial tourism sites

The informative cadastre systems of foreign countries and the normative base of Ukraine are described in relation to the creation of the informative cadastre system of industrial tourism.

Yacenko B.P. International tourism in the structure of economy of historical city (example of Kioto)

Stafiychuk V.I., Tomashuk D.O. Description of resort districts of Spain

In the article the author’s view of Spain’s holiday regionalization is outlined and characteristic of marked regions is given.

Verkhoturova O.A. Aspects of development of tourist-recreation complex in Spain

The features and aspects of tourist-recreation complex in Spain is analyzed. Investigated the history of Spain Resort. The estimation of seaside resorts and spa existing infrastructure.

Shilkina А.О. Educational tourism in Australia

This paper highlights a general characteristic of education system in Australia, and identified opportunities offered to foreign students.

Nevinchana O.V. Description of historic and cultural tourism resources of Japan

The influence objects and phenomena of anthropogenic (socio-economic, socio-historical) origin, involved in the field of recreation and tourism is analyzed in the article. As a subject of research come forward historic-cultural tourist resources. It touches attractive tourist areas first of all, acquaintance with a historic-cultural legacy and efficiency analysis the objects of cultural heritage up-to-date.This research is displayed on the example of Japan,which tourist characteristic is added.

Sudoran N.I. The factors of tourism formation in Transcarpathian and Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg bordering regions

The paper deals with the factors of tourism formation in Transcarpathian and Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg bordering regions, comparative characteristics of the prerequisites and contemporary situation in them. Main problems and perspectives of tourism development, close cooperation measurements for getting better positions in tourism of Eastern Europe countries.

Baranova I.I. Hotel chains in the tourism industry of Turkey

The structure of hotel сhains of Turkey is analysed in the article. There are four geographical regions marked out in which hotel chains are presented – Central Anatolia Region, Marmara region, Aegean Region, Mediterranean Region. Determine the importance of hotel chains in theliving institution structure of Turkey.

Cruk M.Y. Intercultural communications of Ukraine and Great Britain as the basis for development of tourist connections

This article discusses the features of intercultural contacts of Ukraine and Great Britain in the context of bilateral economic, social and cultural relations.

Vunnichenko I.I. Ukrainians are in the post-Soviet territories: research actuality

The article is devoted to one of the less researched topics of Ukrainoznavstvo – Ukrainian ethnos on the territory of former Soviet Union. Author emphasized necessity of creation of detailed research of “East Diaspora theme” which could clear up problems of the Ukrainians living on the post-Soviet territories and possibility of their overcoming.


Oliynik Y.B. Basic directions of modification of professional preparation of specialists of tourist industry of higher qualification

Lybitseva О.О. Problems of professional education in tourism

Directions of improvement of industry standard of higher education in tourism at “bachelor” qualification level are examined and directions of master's degree preparation in accordance with the orientation of a higher educational institution are offered.

Antonenko V.S., Polevay V.S. Specificities of foreign professional training systems in tourism industry

Particularities of foreign systems of specialist training for the tourist industry hawe been analyzed. Marked the advantages and disadvantages of swiss and american systems of tourist industry specialist training .

Melnik S.V., Gayevska N.S. Contemporary position staff provision in tourism industry

Romarenko O.V. Higher education optimization in "The organization of excursion services" discipline

On the basis of discipline "the Organization of excursion services" is offered optimization of process of educational and educational work that will assist development in students of pedagogical thinking, formation of system of special knowledge and abilities for their embodiment in tourist firms.


Shandor F.F. Brand of territory, as an innovative factor of regional development of tourism industry

Brand in terms of strategy - a means of relationship between the organization and its target groups, aimed at removing a priori existing conflict. There fore, formation of a new geotourism-brend Carpathians which combines mountain system in eastern Central Europe: Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia and Austria, will help create a new image of the Carpathians and implementation of programs aimed at increasing investment activities, including build confidence to domestic producers and create programs to attract tourists to the most profitable tourist areas.

Kiptenko V.K. The components of Ukrainian tourism competitiveness

The components of Ukrainian tourism competitiveness are analyzed to provide the grounds for strategy decisions of state policy and public administration of sustainable tourism development in the country.

Gotunyan V.S., Tomshenko O.V., Semenenko A.V. Touristic gis/web-sites

The article examines the possibilities of the use of Web/GIS/RS technologies in travel-recreational business on the basis of GIS/Internet technologies. The application of GIS-technologies in Ukrainian tourist business is described on the example of geoinformational web-site “Touristic Zhytomyrshchyna”. It also provides the classification of touristic attractions.

Oreshenko A.V. data sources for three-dimensional realistic cartographic models

There are described the main information sources for 3D cartographic models in the article. The organizations saving the topographic materials are counted. The attention is attended to data receiving for producing of textures. There are given the sources of free information too.

Smurnov I.G. Logistic in restaurant business as a component of logistic of tourism

Shown scientific – theoretical basis and practical problems of logistics in restaurant business with using of integrative approach. It’s new scientific – practical direction, which is almost unknown in literature and to restaurant industry’s managers in Ukraine. Represented international achievements in sphere of the restaurant logistics on example of “McDonald’s Ukraine Ltd.”

Bilous А.V. Role of media in shaping the image of tourist destination

The article «Role of media in shaping the image of tourist destination» explores the process of forming the image of tourist destination by analyzing positive and negative media influences on this process.

Lochmatov A.S. Information support of activity of the tourist enterprises with internet marketing use

The summary: the maintenance of information support of activity of the tourist enterprises with use of specific properties of Internet marketing is considered, possible approaches of their effective application are defined.

Patsuik V.S. Features of creation of industrial tourist routes

The concept of industrially-tourist route is exposed. It is investigational features and stages of their creation. Classifications of industrially-tourist routes are offered on different signs.

Suzon О.О. The innovative museum establishments in the world and in Ukraine

The features of innovative museum establishments are considered in the world and in Ukraine such as virtual museums, ecomuseums, museums of transnational cultures and national minorities, museums of modern art and others.