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Smirnov I.G. Theoretical and mathematical basis of «Bull Whip Effect» and actions on it’s limitation, case «Barilla SpA»

Represented theoretical and mathematical basis of «Bull Whip Effect», connected with information flows in logistical chain and actions on it’s limitation. Shown case «Barilla SpA» - the biggest pasta producer in Europe.

Nagorna M.M. The logistical conception just-in-time (jit): modern understanding

In the article it was studied the logistic conception just-in-time, and it effectiveness in automobile industry. The considered and analyzed its basic lines. It was learned that the company which consistently introduces a similar principle, can bring to naught warehouse stocks.

Kiptenko V.K. Globalization level typology

The approaches to globalization of social development are studied with further high, middle, lower- middle and low globalization level typology.

Kotsan N.N. Investigation of Custom Activity in the Countrystudy Science

Studies custom activity in the higher education establishments of Ukraine are analyzed. Further directions of scientific investigation of the custom activity in a country are suggested.

Stashuk Y.V. Interstate boundary contradictions as an object of area studies

The article deals with the origin of the concept known as interstate border contradiction, its forms and kinds. Their influence on the relations between the countries of the world are analysed. Factors of the present border conflicts and peculiarities of space manifestation of interstate disputes are scrutinized in the article.

Prosvirina E.O. Ukrainian – Chinese cooperation in the development of a transport corridor Europe - Caucasus – Asia

The article discusses the importance of the development of international transport corridors for country development in general. Considered program of the development of a transport corridor – TRACECA (Europe - Caucasus - Asia)

Bilous A.V. Role of media in the regional geographical studies

The article "Role of media in the regional geographical studies" examines connection between media and regional geographical studies and the role of mass media as a source of information and knowledge.

Gapchenko O.I. Modern trends of incipience of the information society (European Union as an example)

The article studies the main trends of the information society development in European Union. It explores the conditions of development and utilization of the Information Communication Technologies. The article analyzes the main point of the information politics of EU; rating of Digital Opportunity Index in the region; reveals rate of the transit from industrial to information society and it`s differentiation influenced the EU`s information politics.

Lusiyk X.S. Information readiness of ukraine: global and regional dimension

Trends of the modern information-communication technology development in the world are analysed and classification under index of the IDI is presented. Also the development of the information society in Ukraine is explored in regional, within CIS (for IDI), and in the world framework of networked readiness index. The main problems of modern stage of the information society development are sorted out.

Shevcova A.O. Inflience of informational resourсes became on appearing world cities

Development of services sector and new types of informational resourсes became the basis of appearing of “global” or world cities. World cities today are centers of production and spreading of information, the major centers of mass communication and international information traffi .

Chipko T.M. The XXI century megalopolis's development problems and their projection for ukrainian cities trough illegal immigration

The demographic and social-economical problems of world megalopolisies through the prism of the V World cities's forum are considered and their projection for the Ukrainian cities trough illegal immigration.

Adamovich Z.M. Influence of internal migration of rural population on demographic and ekistics development of China

The investigation of the influence of internal migration flows of rural population of China on sex and age composition of the population, demographic and economic potential of society, the state of the labor market and the processes of population reproduction.

Sergienko O.P. The characteristic of human development potential of contemporary civilizations

The article contains comparative characteristic of contemporary civilizations by the level of HDI. It observes the dynamic of social development of civilizations at the end of XX to the beginning of XXI centuries and produces possible causes of this process.

Rudneva M.G. Clusters as an object of international (regional) study

The article identified the group of clusters on the basis of territorial division. The attempt to define their belonging to a particular level of international (regional) study’s objects.

Poklyatskiy S.A. Research problems of Ukrainian large cities as basic elements of the main frame

The article deals with the socio-geographical aspects of the theory of growth poles and the сoncept of global cities in the study of large cities in the Ukraine. Suggestions about the need to share the classical-cultural studies and theories of world economic development and socio-geographical knowledge about the development of the population and the formation conditions of the life in Ukraine.


Lubitseva O.O. Tourist krainoznavstvo:funkcii, maintenance, task

In a raising plan the questions of public functions of tourist regionalstudy, his place, in the system of regional knowledge and maintenance as a constituent of geographical and tourist education were examined.

Parfinenko A.Y. Tourist regional geography

The article is devoted to the problems of disciplinary design of tourist regional geography. The emergence of tourist-cultural knowledge and features of its institutionalization are studied. The focus is given to the epistemological problem of the nature of tourist geography.

Rutinskiy M.Y. Geography of Tourism in the Structure of Geographical Science: its Gnosiological Essence and Main Interdisciplinary Trends of Development

The author proposed to scientific discussion the questions about modern development level of Geography of Tourism, its object and subject, the connections with other sciences and vital trends of subject’s differentiation.

Kyzuk S.P., Kyzuk P.S., Shevchuk A.V. Information and virtual information tourism resources

The article “Information and virtual information Tourism resources” by S. Kuzyk, P. Kuzyk and A. Shevchuk explores the place of tourist information in the information space worldwide, defines the term “information”. The issues of “information tourism resources and virtual information tourism resources” are substantiabed.

Voronin A.B., Voronin I.N. Cluster approach in the modern model of development of tourism

The article is devoted to forming of tourist clusters. A cluster is regarded as system, creating the special innovative environment|Wednesday| which encourages enhancing competition and development of region.

Pestushko V.Y. Demographic prerequisites of international tourism development in the countries of different types

The article is devoted to the research of demographical process influence to travel markets of the countries distinguishing in socio-ecomomic development level. The main demographical tendency is described and its role in the changes of travel markets of developed and developing countries is analysed. The feasible prospects of further international tourism development in the countries of different types are outlined.

Dmitruk O.Y., Uliganez S.I., Strigun O.G. The aspects of development of business travel

In this article is disclosed the concept of business tourism as a tool for attracting business travelers, its impact on tourism in general and the prospects for its further development.

Shchuka G.P. Tourist characteristics of Italy

The influence of the country geographic position, climate and natural conditions, level of the economical development, politic situation in the country for the tourist branch country development is analyzed in the article. This influence is displayed on the example of Italy, which tourist characteristic is added.

Bozhuk T.I. Systematizing Orthodox regious atractions. The case of Italy

The criteria are defined for the selection of religious Christian objects that are representative for tourism needs. The list is provided containing objects that form sacral-touristic attractiveness of Italy.

Shapoval B.O. Recreational-touristic conditions of Czech Republic nowadays

The main factors of the development and recreational-touristic conditions of Czech Republic nowadays were observed.

Login M.M. Influence of spiritually religious factors is on development of society (on the example of Ukraine and LIBYA)

The general and excellent lines of socio-economic and demographic development of Ukraine and Libya are examined in the article. Marked on the role of spiritually religious and морально-етичних factors in alteration of the state.

Choiński A. Zagospodarowanie turystyczne w świetle przygotowań do EURO 2012

Novosad N.O. Regional aspects of analys turists attracts of region

The analysis of tourist rekreacionnykh regions of entrance tourism is given in Ukraine. The basic centers of entrance tourism are certain. Vysletleny basic turistsko-rekreacionnye objects of Kiev and regional centers of entrance tourism of Ukraine.

Ilyin L.V., Lyashuk N.N. History aspects of becoming and development of hotel-restaurant economy of the Volin region

The history aspects of becoming and development of hotel and restaurant establishments of the Volin region are analysed on different history stages. Pre-conditions of origin of new types of establishments of placing and feed are exposed.

Kulakov V.V. The tourist resources of the Southern Mykolayiv region

The article discovers humanistic-landscape approach to the usage of humanistic resource potential of landscapes in recreation activities. The author also introduces the framework of networks of alternative tourist routs in the region.

Buchko G.I. Ethnotourist investigation of Bukovina

Ethnotourist resources of Bukovina as constituent of Ethnographic tourism are observed. Material and spiritual culture of Bukovinians in context of Ethnotourism are analysed.

Pendereckiy O.V. Spice of tourism

History of becoming of salt mines of Ukraine and possibility of the use of them is analysed in tourist industry.