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Lubitseva O.O. Historical essay of development of regional researches on the geographical faculty of the Taras Shevchenko national university of Kyiv

Information about development of regionalh researches on a geographical faculty were given. Consiration scientific heritage professors G.Kryivchenko, V.Yurcivsky, B. Yatsenko & lecturers K.Pyartly, F. Machihin.

Yacenko B.P. Creation of department of countrystudies and tourism

Balabanov G.V. The actual problems of countrystudies development in contemporary Ukraine

The present work highlights theoretical views of countrystudies as an intersubject area of scientific researches. This article also defines the key features of countrystudies development trends and problems in contemporary Ukraine and characterizes the state of this course specialists training in higher education.

Mozgoviy A.A. The place of country studies in well-grounded training of geographical and non-geographical speciality students

The methods of well-grounded training of geographical and non-geographical speciality students on the foundations of the course "Country studies", the formation of skills and abilities of using geographical information for the comparative evaluation of definite of territorial potential and units.

Koroma N.S. History of researches of regional geography in Germany. Modern state   

This work examines and analyses history of researches of Regional Geography in Germany as an important instrument for establishment of past, modern and future principles of geographical searches.

Vinnichenko I.I. Ukrainians in the post-soviet countries: to the self-identification question

Attempt to characterise the conditions influencing self-identification of Ukrainians, the post-Soviet countries living in territory is carried out.

Oreshenko A.V. specialists for creating 3d cartographic models: categories "A" and "B"

There is a classification of specialists using their specialty. The important worker's abilities for orders receiving and its successful execution are described. The demands for work organization in cartographic enterprises are stated.


Riccio E.f. Geography and logistics in International Trade: Modern Understanding

Knish M.M. Problems of regional lidership of Brasil

Factors of formation of regional lidership of Brasil are regarded. Positive and negative issues and also weakness in formation of Latin-Americen pole of world, and Brasil inspiration to provide the access to global regulation are enlighted.

Doroshko M.S.About influence of geopolitical environment on foreign policy of a state (post-Soviet countries as an example)

Examining the circumstances of dissolution of the Soviet Union, the author of the article proves that despite common historical past, the post-Soviet geopolitical area is not homogenous and the foreign policy orientation of the new independent states is multidirectional.

Rutiskiy M.Y., Zinko Y.V. International experience of organization of rural tourism

Modern tendencies and going are described near organization of rural tourism in a number of the developed countries of the world. General lines and dynamics of development of rural tourism are selected in the world.

Braychevskyy Y.S. Factor analysis analysis in geography of external trade

The article demonstrates how factor analysis can be used for investigation of spatial regularities of a country’s external trade specialization (on the case of Ukraine)

Kurulenko S.S. Achievments and prospects for Latin American Integration Association

Represented the role of the Latin American Integration Association in regional integration, namely increasing intraregional trade volumes, forming sub-regional integration groupings, expansion of the treaty base and overall cooperation among countries in various fields. Also identified basic factors, which influence on organization, and its development prospects.

Gucol A.A. Globalization VS regionalization in Asian-Pacific Region

The article contains characteristic of processes of regional integration in Asian-Pacific region. It gives the description of the most powerful regional association. It reveals the problem of the contradiction of development of the regionalization and globalization.

Sasko N.V. South-Eastern Europe and commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) in the world investment environment

The article studies the role and place of South-Eastern Europe and countries of CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) in the global investment environment. The research reveals the share of this region in total world foreign direct investments (FDI), the number of cross-border mergers and acquisition (M&As) and the spatial patterns of FDI in the region.

Kruk M.Y. Vectors of foreign investments of United Kingdom

In this article the main directions of foreign investments of the United Kingdom are examined. In particular, their spatial structure was analised, as well as industrial in the context of British TNCs.

Mykhailenko T. I. Regulation of grain production market of USA and EU countries

In the article the main approaches in public regulation of grain production market of USA and EU countries are reviewed.The role of public regulation and the main directions of stable development of grain complex of Ukraine are characterized.

Shilkina A.O. Free e conomic zones United Arab Emirates and their advantages for foreign companies

General description of economic clearzones of the United Arab Emirates is conducted in this article, and also basic advantages are certain for companies which are here registered.


Oliynuk Y.B. Stepanenko A.V. Methodological principles and functions of regionalstudy

Methodological principles of regionalstudy and function were examined. It is selected among basic principles of regionalstudy: khorologichniy, ecological, to the complexity, system, humanism. It is rotined that krainoznavstvo executes the followings functions: gnosiological, aksiologichnu and informative.

Yacenko B.P. Problems of scientific researches of geographical countrystudies (beginning of XXI century)

Kriganivskiy V.P. Regional preparation of specialist in international law

Kiptenko V.K. Theoretical and methodological fundamentals of tourism regional studies

The various approaches are studied to define the theoretical and methodological fundamentals of Tourism Regional Studies.

Maslyak P.O. The five principles of Maslyak

The article contain five basic principles study of countries for inceptive of XXI century.

Smal I.V., Baranovskiy M.O.   A country tourism environment as the subject of research of tourism regional geography

The statement about necessity of expansion of subject research framework of tourism regional geography is argued in the paper..The tourism environment of a country or historic-geographical region is considered as the object for study in tourism regional geography.

Bezugliy V.V. Transnationalization the modern economy European Union

The basic features of process of transnacionalizacii are considered, what be going on in the economic complex of countries EU. Basic tendencies and prospects of development of TNC are exposed in European Union.

Smirnov I.G. Modern condition of logistics services’ market in NAFTA countries

The article contains characteristics of development and modern condition of logistics services’ market in NAFTA countries, including its main components (transport and varehousihg sectors) and logistics development in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

Ishuk S.I., Gladkiy O.V. Classification of the world industrial agglomerations

The general approaches to classification of world industrial agglomerations are disclosed. The classification of world industrial-agglomeration formations based on both functional-structural as well as territorial-structural features is proposed.

Smal V.V. The main factors of structural changes in developed countries economy

The main factors, which impact on a country employment and industrial structure, are examined in the paper. The findings of the statistical analysis are used to demonstrate how demand structure changes and differences in sectors productivity growth rate have an effect on employment structure.

Fedchuk A.P. Formation of Ukrainian-centric approach in complex-geographical Antarctic research

Based on problem approach it is described the main directions of complex-geographical research like as geopolitical, resort-assessed, economic- and social-geographic, regional sustainable development. It is showed that applied importance of suggested Ukrainian-centric approach is to substantiation study provided a broad scale management of multiple-use activities in the area of Ukrainian scientific interests in the Antarctic.

Rimarenko M.O. Problems of definition and calculation of political globalization

The article is focused on the problem of definition and calculation of political globalization as a part of global transformations. The author contemplated main approaches to the definition of this process and offered a method for calculation of political globalization.