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Barladin O.V., Busol I.V. The cartographical and geoinformational providing of preparing to Euro-2012 of Joint-stock company «Institute of Advanced Technologies»

The article is dedicated a grounding of the high-quality cartographical and geoinformational providing of preparing and conducting of international forums based on new cartographical products of Joint-stock company «Institute of Advanced Technologies», prepared to Euro-2012. The features of these products (thematic information, conventional signs, language and other instruments for showing information) are analyzed depending on cartographical object, task and format of edition using geoinformational system of Kyiv and Kyiv region.

Alibekov L.A., Alibekova S.L. The rekreation potential and prospects of development of tourism in mountain region

Kazantseva O.I. Tourism as the factor of the sustainable development of the national economy

The questions of the impact of tourism on the sustainable development of the national economy are considered. The strategic directions for the formation of the tourist complex and the possibility of improving its functioning are discussed.

Smirnof I.G. The exhibition marketing in tourism: theoretical principles and practical measuringю

Shown essence and main components of new direction in tourism marketing – exhibitional marketing in tourism. Represented international and Ukrainian experience in the sphere of exhibitional marketing in tourism, especially with the results of the 16 International Travel Market «Ukraine-2009»

Rospopova V.V. Features insurance in tourism

Koroma N.S. International tourism and his role is in world economy

The features of development of international tourism and his role are analysed in the processes of globalization and regionalization.

Glybovets’ V.L. Employment of population on tourist market of Ukraine: factors of influence, issues of day and prospects of development

This article is devoted to connection of skilled shots employment in tourist services with development of tourist business. In it statistic information and experience of other countries are indicated. The perspectives of tourist development’s in Ukraine on nearest future with taking into account it’s modern condition is described.

Bugriy O.V. Nekropolnyis tourism and its targets in Ukraine

Medyanuk A.M. The social and economic pre-reuisite and possibilities development of children’s sanitary health-resorts establishments in Transcarpathian

Zakutynska I.I. Prospects of the development of touristic infrastructurwithin suburban zone in Ivano-Frankivsk

Nosovska T.L. Integration of aviation transport of Ukraine in a world transport system, as factor of development of tourism

Bozhuk T.I. Classification of religious tourism

Kulic V.V. Cultural  tourism and it's ekzistenciyna essence


Smirnov Y.B. Importance of modern river navigational charts for water tourism

Kiptenko V.K., Prichodko A.I. Geospace aspects of forming of network tourist informative centers

Smirnof I.G. About an attractiveness and logistics' recreation and tourist objects and resources (in the context of logistic model of steady development of tourism)

Syrovets S.Y. Teoretiko-methodological principles rekreation and tourist districting

Polevaya M.V. Development of jurisdictions during professional preparation of specialists of tourist industry

Poplavska I.V. Basic lines of method publicly geographical research of hotel economy

Makarov B.A., Syrovets A.Y. Geography of motokross in Ukraine

Volkova A.G.,  Sichuk D.G. Geography of mountain-skier tourism


Gorbunov R.V., Parubets O.V., Polyakova L.G., Osipov N.N. The analysis of the meteorological indicators course of Evpatoriya city

Kravchinskiy R.L. Ecological criteria of recreation potential the surface water of the Ingulets river basin

Orexova N.A. Hypoxia and anoxia in bottom sediments of the Crimean peninsula

Eprintsev S.A. The usage of GIS-technology for study of geoecological aspects of urban territory pollution (on sample of Voronezh city)

Oreshchenko A.V. organization of 3d realistic cartografic models production

Kholoshin| I.|V. Role of geoinformative | technologies| at the study of geografical disciplines | in higher pedagogical educational establishments in Ukraine

Fedchuk A.P. Politiko-geographical precedents of agreement about Antarctic region

Pilipenko I.O. Geospatial delimitations and measurements society-geographical periphery on regional level

Smal V.V. The role of service sector in postindustrial society: organization of economic cooperation and development case study