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UDC 338. 483                                                  https://doi.org/10.17721/2308-135X.2020.59.64-69

Masliak Petro Oleksiyovych,

Doctor of Geography Sciences, Professor Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine,

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Goal. To consider the role of geographical methods in the study of localization of places in the last century there were great fateful battles. Carry out a comparative analysis of the two probable sites of the Battle of the Blue Waters by the methods of geographical science. .

The research methodology consists in using a system of complex methods of geographical science for preliminary search of places of great battles of the past and their possible adaptation to the methods of historical and military sciences. An attempt is made to adopt a group of geographical research method to the needs of archaeological science. The following research methods were used: analysis, synthesis, induction, deduction, comparison, systematization, abstraction, etc.

Results. The analysis is carried out by the method of excluding two probable locations of the battle of the Blue Waters. Geographical arguments are presented that refute the current official opinion about where this battle took place. This study gives archaeologists the location of the area where they can conduct excavations, since the official version did not give them food to obtain the relevant artifacts. A scientific and methodological background has been created for the use of the toponymic research method in archeology and military science/ The importance of hydrological and economic-geographical factors in the scientific search of districts is emphasized as in the past there were great fateful battles. A specific territory of Vinnytsia region near the village of Ulaniv on the Snyvoda River, which is a left tributary of the Southern Bug River, has been proposed for archaeological excavations.

Scientific novelty. For the first time in the domestic tourist and geographical literature the comparative analysis of two probable places of battle at Blue Waters by methods of geographical science is executed. The principles of using the methods of geographical science in exploratory research of historians, archeologist, local historians etc. of the places of great battles, which took place many centuries ago and which were not precisely localized in the written sources of the hast , are offered.

Practical significance lies in establishing the historical truth, providing archaeologists with a specific area for excavations, creating an appropriate methodology of geographical science with its further use by the historical and military science. The concept of landscape-favorable conditions for historical battles, the importance of which has deepened in the past for the victory of one or another side, has been proposed. The results of this study will also be of interest of geographical, historical, tourism specialties and specializations.

Key words: location of historical events, space and time, tourist attraction, landscape psychology.


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