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UDC 378.1:615.825                                                             https://doi.org/10.17721/2308-135X.2019.53.59-63

Bielousova Natalyа Vladimirovna,

Candidate of Geographical Sciences, Associate Professor National aviation University of Kyiv, Ukraine,

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Goal. Consider the theoretical and methodological features of the development and implementation of inclusive rehabilitation and social tourism in Ukraine, with an emphasis on scientific approaches and research methods of inclusive tourism within the framework of social geography.

Methodology. Analytical, statistical, graphic, systemic and comparative geographical methods were used.

Approbation. The main conceptual issues of the scientific and theoretical basis of research activities in the direction of inclusive tourism were investigated both by domestic students (L. Barmashina, N. Belousova, S. Derevyanko, O. Zayarnuk, L. Naumenko and others) and by foreign scientists (A. Bavelsky , A. Dyskin, S. Makhov, A. Sesolkin, E. Sigida, D. Chepik) and have been tested in the previous works of the author of this article.

Scientific novelty. Using the experience of foreign countries, where inclusive tourism has been widely developed and has a high efficiency of implementation, we propose priority steps for the development of inclusive social and rehabilitation tourism in Ukraine in the form of scientific approaches as components of the theoretical and methodological base of the study.

Practical significance. The article raises controversial issues related to the scientific and theoretical basis, in the form of scientific approaches to socio-geographical research of inclusive tourism in Ukraine. The main subjects of rehabilitation processes in the development of inclusive tourism are people with disabilities, as representatives of the most vulnerable inclusive category. The materials of the publication can be used in further scientific research on this topic, in the process of work of departments and specialized institutions that provide rehabilitation services for people with disabilities, and also relate to the tourism sector.

Key words: scientific approach, inclusive tourism, socio-geographical research, types of rehabilitation.


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