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Oliynyk Y. Issues of professional training in tourism

Issues of professional training in tourism and the role of classic university education in this process are considered.

Smyrnov I. Tourismology and international tourist business: spheres of interconnection

Shown tourismology and international tourist business spheres of interconnection.

Lubitseva O. Geography of Tourism: once more on the research subject

Essence of geographic studies in tourism considering the changes of its social functions is specified.

Beidyk O. Strategical directions of development of national tourism

It was observed the main directions of tourism and recreation development in Ukraine and recreational resource potential of it’s regions.

Babaritska V. Geographic information support for national tourist product

It is revealed the essence, clarified the content patterns and stipulated tasks of the strategic geo-information system of the national tourist product elaboration

Dacenko L., Ostrouh V. Developing maps for tourism purposes on the basis of new computer technologies

Modern cartographical products for needs of tourism are considered, influence of computer cartography on drawing up and preparation for the edition of tourist cards and atlases is opened.

Mezentsev K., Gontarzhevska L., National factors of Ukrainian tourism enterprises’ international competitiveness

There are interpreted the M. Porter’s model of competitive advantages for estimate of national factors of Ukrainian tourist enterprises competitiveness at the foreign markets.

Smyrnov I. Logistical strategies of tourism sustainable development in regional dimension

Shown essence of logistical approach to sustainable tourism development in region, country using «Pull – system» and Just In Time principle. Theoretical work – outs nave expanyles tran Ukrainian tourism practice.

Matviyenko V., Matviyenko N. Features of insurance in tourist branch

The insurances is brave for the tourist enterprises and feature of some kinds of insurance is brave of the tourists are considered.

Malynovska О., Ivanova Y. Geography of child tourism

The article is devoted to the phenomenon of child tourism. Focusing on its development, social role, forms and distinguishing features as well as its spatial dimension at national and international levels.

Pavlov S., Galaschuk V. The geospatial organization of the sex-tourism in the world

It is revealed the problem of scientific study of geospatial distribution of sex-tourism and his infrastructure with the purpose of the use of results of research in scientific-cognitive and practical purposes.

Lubitseva O., Shparaga T. Regional development of museum activities in Ukraine

The peculiarities of current museum activities in Ukraine are discovered. The structure of museum institutions is analyzed. The Ukrainian regions with different supply of museum services are defined. The directions of optimization of museum institute’s regional development in Ukraine are proposed.

 Baranova L. Tourism and recreation as a part of Kyiv oblast’s economic complex: current state, potential and prospects

In the article the modern stage, possibilities, tendencies and perspectives of the tourist-recreational sphere of Kyivan region are presented.

Lubitseva O., Romanchuk S. Around Kyiv’s sacral suburbs (excursion materials on the South-West suburb: Golosiyevo)

Description is given to the Golosiyevo Wood, Kitayevo, Golosiyevo, and Feophania wastelands treated as excursion and demonstration sites and pilgrimage destinations.

Vynnychenko I., Muzyka I. Village green tourism in the Ternopil area: a condition and prospects

Consisting and prospects of development of rural green tourism is analysed of the Ternopil'skiy area.

Yatsenko B. Contemporary research problems in Regional Geography

The article analyses the contemporary theoretical research problems in Regional Geography.

Stafiychuk V., Dranik D., Rymarenko M., Shepetukha O. The history of Regional Geography studies at geographic department of Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University (1960-2005)

The article explores the main geographic periodicals (Ukrainian Geographical Journal, Economic and Social Geography, Kyiv University Scientific Journal. Geography series) and describes the directives of Regional studies in Kyiv University.

Bilyovska V. M. Porter’s concept of national competitive advantages

Goshovskiy M. «Crane wedge» paradigm

Klyui A. A product life-cycle theory

Kravchenko T., Samuel P. Huntington «The Clash of Civilizations»

Lysyuk Т. Principles of countries with transitional economies liberalization in the WTO

Poklyatskiy S. Regional policy and Francois Perroux’s Growth Pole Theory

Sydoruk V. Civilization theory by Arnold J. Toynbee

Tyschenko А. Outward economy of South-Western Asia

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