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UDC 379.85; 338.482.22                                         https://doi.org/10.17721/2308-135X.2020.58.25-29

Ahmadov Rashad Azerbaijan Tourism and Management University, Baku, Azerbaijan


Purpose: The main goal of the article is to identify the prospects for the improvement of health tourism, which is a priority field of tourism in Azerbaijan, and the application of unique treatment opportunities in Naftalan.

The main methodological basis of the article is the existing theories and new approaches in health tourism. Health is a theoretical-methodology from tourism to medical, spa-health, thermal and third age group, as an alternative service area for disabled people . In addition, the TDRC model was studied in assessing the competitiveness of the destination in terms of economic, social and physical benefits.

Result: The socio-economic efects of the improvement of Naftalan treatment and health destination, the role of organisation of employment of the population, the conducting the international certification to boost the attractiveness were mentioned. The marketing strategy of the destination was analyzed, the directions of social media marketing were indicated, the arrangement of manufacture and sale of cosmetic products belonging to the Naftalan brand were investigated. At the same time, the preparation, marketing and sales opportunities of short, medium and long-term packages belonging to the Naftalan destination were analyzed.

In order to increase the competitiveness of Naftalan as a health tourism destination, it is essential to gain international certificates, the city should be a member of the International SPA and the European Association of Thermal Cities.

Scientific innovation: For the first time, the article evaluates the competitiveness of Naftalan, the international certification of medical services, and analyzes the main attractive advantages. At the same time, the preparation of short, medium and long-term tourism packages, the organization of leisure services are among the scientific innovations of the article.

Keywords: health-treatment tourism, sanatorium, branding, Naftalan, destination, balneological resource, profitability, attractiveness, infrastructure, hospitality, investment, SPA, leisure time, economic growth, marketing.


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