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Requirements to articles, which are submitted PDF Print E-mail

All submitted manuscripts must be original work that is not submitted for publication elsewhere.

The manuscript is submitted to the Editorial Office to the electronic mail address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Volume of the manuscript (WITH METADATA), submitted to the Editorial Office, should be 6-12 pages or more (including title, abstract, formulas, tables, figures, and list of references, Arial font, font size - 14, line spacing – 1,5).

The contents of scientific articles should fit into the following structure:

abstract – brief information on the article;

introduction – statement of the scientific problem, its relevance and association with state scientific and applied programs, significance of its solution;

basic research efforts and publications – analytical review of recent research efforts and publications on the problem, identification of issues NOT solved previously;

objective – description of the main idea of the publication, its difference from and contribution to known approaches, statement of new facts, patterns, relationships;

description of research – main body of the article to state basic aspects of the research, experimental program and procedure, experimental results and their justification, established relationships, analysis of results, personal contribution of the author;

conclusions – basic findings and recommendations, their significance for theory and practice, prospects for further research;

references – a list of literature sources referred to in the article; a reference should include the author and title of the article, place of its publication (city and publisher for a book and digest or journal for an article, its number or issue), publication date, number of pages in the book or pages of the article.

Submittals that do not meet the above requirements are not considered by the editors.