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Enikova Valentina Fyodorovna, State educational institution «Gymnasium № 1 of town Slutsk», Slutsk Belarus, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



The purpose of the article consists in a dynamics study of meteorological elements of February in the town of Slutsk of the Minsk region of the Republic of Belarus. The hypothesis of the research was based on the assumption that if in recent years in Belarus, as well as in the world in general, warming of climate is observed, then it has to affect characteristics of weather in our town.

On the basis of the database of a meteorological station Slutsk, archives of the State Institution "Republican Hydrometeorological Center", the information resource POGODA.BY and materials of the website gismeteo.ru the basic meteorological elements of February for 1998 - 2018 and changes of these indexes are analysed.

As a result it was revealed that there were deviations from the climatic indicators, the characteristic of our region. Average daytime temperature of February for the last 20 years is 0.5 °C higher than the mean long-term values and, since 2013, it has positive values from 0 °C to 2.7 °C. The direction of wind was replaced from the western directions with southern which brings to our country warmer air from the Mediterranean and the region of the Black Sea that leads to warming of climate.

The scientific novelty consists in a research of regional meteorological characteristics.

The practical value of article is that this material can be used when studying the unit "Weather and Climate" in the 6th class as the subject on studying of geography of the area is included into the school program, and materials on it are absent in the textbook. Materials of the work can be used also in out-of-class work with pupils and also will be useful to all who are interested in study of local lore.

Keywords: meteorological elements, regional features of weather, climate change.


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