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UDC 911.372.4

Pankov Sergey Viktorovich,

Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Associate Professor

Tambov state University named after G.R. Derzhavin, Tambov, Russia, е-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




Purpose. Analysis of problems associated with the use of rural settlements in the tourist and recreational activities of the region. The range of issues on the integration of rural areas into the regional tourism industry is outlined.

Method. Spatial planning programmes often do not take into account the specifics of individual settlements, preserving the regional characteristics of a particular village and its surroundings using methods of both reconstruction and new construction, taking into account the local style, conditions and lifestyle of the population.

Results. Rural settlement network is formed and developed not by itself, but in close relationship and interdependence with the functions of their territory. Taking into account regional features and relations of the functioning of the natural and increases the reliability of planning and forecasting development of rural communities, strengthens the validity of the perspective ways of their improvement in the context of the regional strategy for the implementation of tourism and recreational activities.

Scientific novelty. Formation in the Tambov region of a competitive tourist and recreational industry as one of the leading, priority sectors of the economy, ensuring the demand of consumers (both Russian and foreign) to meet their own needs in the field of tourism and recreational services.

Practical significance. Attracting investors and the General public through the enhancement of cultural heritage, which will make a significant contribution to the economic development and strengthening of the regional identity of the Tambov region. Great importance should be attached to marketing and advertising activities, promotion of the Tambov region as a tourist and recreational region on the all-Russian and world market of this type of service.

Keywords: regional strategy, tourism and recreational activities, countryside, cultural landscapes.


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