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Reviewing of articles submitted to the scientific journal "Geography and Tourism" is done in a double-blind way (the authors of the article are unknown persons of the reviewers, and the reviewers are unknown persons of the authors of the articles being reviewed).
Submitted submissions are reviewed by at least two independent reviewers who are not employees of the authors' institution. As a rule, one reviewer is an employee of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, while another must be an employee of another institution. The review shall be in writing and give a clear conclusion as to whether the article may be published in the journal Geography and Tourism.
The reviewer's questionnaire is published on the website of the scientific journal "Geography and Tourism".

It is the ethical obligation of the reviewer to inform the editorial board of the conflict of interest in a timely manner.

Terms of reviewing an article depend on its content, scope, subject matter. The editorial board does not limit the reviewers in time (up to 2 months after the article was submitted to the reviewer).
The reviewer fills in the questionnaire, assessing the following: relevance of the article to the topics of the journal; matching the title, annotation, keywords, UDC code of the article content; the presence of elements of scientific novelty; the adequacy and sufficiency of the methods used; compliance of the article structure with the requirements for materials published in professional publications; the degree of disclosure of the main results of the study in the English abstract of the article; compliance of the text of the article and the sources used with the requirements of the journal; the volume of the article; quantity and quality of illustrative materials (drawings, tables, etc.); scientific language of the author; general literacy of teaching material.

The reviewer can add an extended comment, in particular, describe in more detail the above aspects and provide possible recommendations on directions and ways of refining the article, the use of certain scientific methods or techniques, sources of information, etc.

Download the reviewer form in .docx format.