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Palchuk Mariia Viktorivna, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine, e-mail: marialookhere@gmail.com



Objectives. To identify the space-time dynamics of a network of trade-entertainment centers in Kyiv and to characterize their functions as urban public spaces.

Methods. General scientific methods and techniques were applied: comparison, generalization, systematization, analysis, synthesis. The results of author research of trade-entertainment centers in Kiev were used. The results of the analysis are presented in cartographic form.

Results. The author has investigated 90 objects. Various combinations of a typical trading function with cultural-entertaining, business and residential are revealed. The evaluation of possible scenarios for the development of trade-entertainment centers as urban public spaces is shown.

Scientific novelty. For the first time, a comprehensive analysis of the space-time dynamics of the network of trade-entertainment centers in Kiev is presented and their functions as urban public spaces are presented.

The practical significance. The results of the research are the basis for further scientific research on the transformation of the city public spaces. The analysis of functions of trade-entertainment centers as urban public spaces allows us to identify the shifts in the relationship between society and space.

Keywords: public spaces, trade- entertainment centers, space-time dynamic.


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